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Terra and Aqua......

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#1 Terra and Aqua...... on 2012-04-01, 23:34

A lot of people seem to think that they have feelings for each other. Now, I am a total Terra/Aqua shipper (They are my OTP), but to be honest, I haven't seen any real evidence.Sure, it's implied, but a lot of the hints people seem to come up with aren't strong enough evidence. Sometimes I'll see posts online where they list 'Aqua saves Terra' as proof, but let's face it, she would have done the same thing for Ven.

During Aqua's story, we see how concerned she is for Terra, which is cool, but we never really see any signs of feelings from Terra's perspective.

I kind of hope the future KH games will expand the relationship between them. Not neccesarily a romantic relationship (although that would be awesome), but I'd like to see how they acted with each other, maybe the frienship they had before Ven came along.

What do you guys think?

#2 Re: Terra and Aqua...... on 2012-04-01, 23:40

As much as I wish for Terra and Aqua's relationship to expand, I know that won't happen. Nomura doesn't want to make any pairing official because the fandom keeps inventing new ones all the time, and canonizing any pairing would alienate fans whom oppose the official couple(s). If there was any intention of having a canon couple(s) in the KH series, that idea sank faster than the Titanic long ago. u_u

#3 Re: Terra and Aqua...... on 2012-04-02, 23:28

I prefer Ventus/Aqua and I hope they expand their relationship. I think Terra & Aqua's relationship is that of Sora & Riku.


#4 Re: Terra and Aqua...... on 2012-04-04, 00:05

Relationships wouldn't be that important. But I'm sure Nomura will find a way to implement their idealism ways.

#5 Re: Terra and Aqua...... on 2012-04-05, 12:52

I see Terra and Aqua more like brother and sister. Besides the chances of it being expanded on is slim.


#6 Re: Terra and Aqua...... on 2012-04-05, 23:29

I see Terra has Aqua's lover.

#7 Re: Terra and Aqua...... on 2012-04-08, 02:30

@Trigger wrote:I see Terra has Aqua's lover.

seconded. They seem more mature and naturally well balanced together. Siblings, no. lol


#8 Re: Terra and Aqua...... on 2012-04-11, 17:58

Keyblade Master Roxas
@Trigger wrote:I see Terra has Aqua's lover.

I wish man I wish.

#9 Re: Terra and Aqua...... on 2012-05-08, 11:36

Would they even make it to a couple? I feel as though Terra is on the gay side of all this seeing as he cares more about Ventus being than Aqua rather trying to always be around him than a girl?

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