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a new twilight?

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#1 a new twilight? on 2012-01-31, 14:24

is there a possibility that a new twilight is coming out? I heard that belle is suppose to be pregnant and someone steals her baby? o.o

#2 Re: a new twilight? on 2012-01-31, 16:18

the only new Twilight movie that is coming out is Breaking Dawn Part 2. And even though its goes against my ideals to spoil movies or books for people, Bella has her baby in Breaking Dawn Part 1 but the baby never gets kidnapped. Breaking Dawn Part 2 is the last movie in the Twilight Saga (Thank Goodness!)

#3 Re: a new twilight? on 2012-02-04, 10:20

Site Manager
The book is out, you can read that, although that goes more in depth but the movie will possibly be out by 2014

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#4 Re: a new twilight? on 2012-02-04, 10:43

I would hope to see a new twilight soon. I'm a big fan of that series.

#5 Re: a new twilight? on 2012-03-23, 09:56

Alittle late but I finally seen it at target which is the part where Belle ***** **** ** * ******. Won't spoil you guys.

#6 Re: a new twilight? on 2012-04-04, 00:13

I am actually excited, we'll probably have to wait another year or so before we see anymore fillers of the movie.

#7 Re: a new twilight? on 2012-09-23, 01:08

Lord Terra
There is one last twilight that comes out and it shows Bella having a child and somewhere between the lines her baby is kidnapped

#8 Re: a new twilight? on 2012-10-24, 01:23

Site Staff
So there is a new twilight coming out, did you guys see the trailer? Part 2 is suppost to coming out or is it out already?

#9 Re: a new twilight? on 2013-03-03, 08:44

Moogle12 wrote:So there is a new twilight coming out, did you guys see the trailer? Part 2 is suppost to coming out or is it out already?

Yes my distate for it was horrid, at the end which was getting very good I must admit, but the whole fight was (spoiler alert)

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