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KH3D 10th Anniversary Box details released + KH3D 3DS priced!

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As you know, Kingdom Hearts "10th Anniversary Box" that appeared not long ago on the Square Enix e-Store alongside the release of the KINGDOM HEARTS EDITION 3DS and the base release of Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance software. It has been labeled as the "KINGDOM HEARTS 10th Anniversary 3D + Days + Re:co". Thanks to aibo-san on Twitter as well as FF-Reunion for screenshotting the KH3D main Japanese site's update

- Kingdom Hearts 3D, Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days & Kingdom Hearts: Re:coded (that's right! All 3 in one pack! The latter two for Nintendo DS)

- 12 Postcards (A "visual representation of the history" of the KH series)

The KINGDOM HEARTS 10th Anniversary Box has been priced at 15000円 (approximately $$195 USD) and can be found for pre-order in the Square Enix e-Store!

Source : FF-Reunion

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Wow, that's so perfect~ :] Nice find Carey!

good news

nice update this is exciting.

Whoo-hoo, I would like to buy that box but that's way more than I could afford as a student. And I don't own the consoles to play those games anyway.

I just hope they would make a box of the classic three games for PlayStation in Europe, I would definitely buy it.

thanks for the news

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