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Suspicions of 3-D charecters (Possible Spoilers)

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After watching the Jump Festa trailer again, I'm thinking. Will Roxas, Namine, and Xion make cameos? When did Mickey, Sora and Riku fight Master Xenahort? That was Aqua, Terra, and Ven. And what ifthe hooded man is the journal from re:coded, or better yet, a different Riku? And what about the BBS trio? Why weren't they shown in the pre-rendering? And what about Kairi? And will Vanitas beat Riku up? And where's the other orgXIII members? Hmm...best to wait till 03-31-2012 and find out! (note: I wait until the game releases in japan, then spoil myself. Beats waiting to long and forgetting.)

I think the "second Riku" we saw was the Riku from Jiminy's Journal. They are in worlds of sleep, so maybe the whole journal is slepping because it's been saved from the bugs.

As for Sora, Riku and the king fighting MX, it may just be foreshadowing what could happen at the end of the game or in a future title (KHIII?). I mean, they all fought Ansem SoD and Xemnas, who as a whole make up Xehanort/Terranort and at the heart of Terranort is MX.

Kairi wasn't shown because this entry is all about Sora and Riku taking the Mark of Mastery exam, so what's the point?

Anything could happen when it comes to Vanitas, but I think Sora may be the only one to see him because of Ven's heart.

The Sora and Riku vs Master Xehanort fight was just for kicks.

This trailer is for Kingdom Hearts 3D. So TAV and Kairi aren't included.

I would hope so because it would put a dent in the new saga series.

@Sora wrote:I would hope so because it would put a dent in the new saga series.

How so? by just making a cameo appearance? that's so far fetch.

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