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Sora becomes a heartless

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#1 Sora becomes a heartless on 2012-01-15, 18:00

WHAT IF.....i was wondering this the other day. what if when vens heart leaves sora and goes back to ven and for whatever reason whenever it happens sora becomes a heartless again, and roxas spawns again....what would he look like? would he look like ven again or like sora? i dont see how he would look like ven again because sora doesnt have vens heart insixde him anymore so there would be no reason for him to spawn looking like ven so its in that that i think if this would happen roxas would spawn looking like sora like every other nobody spawns looking like there "someones". obviously he wouldnt be able to dul wield anymore. would do you think?

#2 Re: Sora becomes a heartless on 2012-01-15, 20:42

If so, Roxas would possibly or possibly not look like Ventua.

It depends on if Ven would still be connected to Sora.


#3 Re: Sora becomes a heartless on 2012-01-15, 21:02

That wouldn't be possible. There would have to be an extra heart roaming around without a body. If Ven's heart didn't enter his own body when it leaves Sora's body then it might make a Heartless. Though I don't think it could make a Nobody since there'd be no physical body for a Nobody to spawn from...then again, that happened with Namine. >> Anyways, with the way you suggested, there'd be no creation of a Nobody or Heartless.


#4 Re: Sora becomes a heartless on 2012-01-18, 11:44

You think maybe Roxas could have been in some other type of predicament if it happened otherwise?

#5 Re: Sora becomes a heartless on 2012-01-19, 19:29

I doubt it.

#6 Re: Sora becomes a heartless on 2012-01-31, 14:29

Site Staff
His heart is not going to leave sora as long as ven is sleep. Theory doesn't make sense.

#7 Re: Sora becomes a heartless on 2012-05-08, 11:43

@xion, wrote:His heart is not going to leave sora as long as ven is sleep. Theory doesn't make sense.
I know but I'm just saying do you think it's possible for him to turn into one? or perhaps not exist anymore since ven does need to wake up and he needs his heart that is inside of sora to become whole again.

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