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The Art of War

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#1 The Art of War on 2012-01-07, 14:48

Site Staff
The Art Of War by Sun Tzu, is basically a collection of ideas on warfare, considered to be one of the greatest pieces of work on war.

So, anyone read it?

I just aobut finished reading it a second time to make some more sense of it.

Does anyone consider the ideas in it an effective way for warfare?

AND, for anyone who HASN'T read the book, does anyone believe that a collection of warfare ideas writtencenturies ago would be effective for modern day warfare?

#2 Re: The Art of War on 2012-01-07, 14:49

Well, considering we don't use things like swords, armour, shields, cannons, etc, anymore, I don't think it would be too up to par with today's technology (bombing, guns, etc). And likewise, I don't think strategies then would be sufficient enough for today's war-methods.

Assuming it is a fairly old book (200+ years old maybe).

#3 Re: The Art of War on 2012-01-07, 16:04

*moved to Literature*

I have the book as an PDF-file, but haven't fonud any time to read it. I'm currently reading the Three Kingdoms (also a great novel series from old chinese authors), so after that, I think I'm going to read this.

#4 Re: The Art of War on 2012-01-07, 16:21

gfx team
read part of this book, and it was intriguing to say the least. Though there really is not a definitive method to warring as each situation needs it's own handling and general rules leave so much open for the person to error or succeed on their own. So, I do find the philosophical concepts and the ideas to hold fairly close to truth, but they are really nothing but a base for how you should tech your mind how to view the situation and more clearly make a decision. So no in and of itself it isn't an effective way of war, it's teachings may lead to an effective way in the wrong hands though.

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