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Rings of Horizon

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#1 Rings of Horizon on 2012-01-06, 06:00


Rings of Horizon
Set in the year 300XX, new armors, weapons, vehicles were produced.
The god of Summoning, Zenitate, died later that year after a war with the "NOTUS" troops. He battled the Lord of Cunning of Darkness IV A.K.A. Cunn, who leads the NOTUS. The city's massive shield has been disabled by that year.
Reporting from all worlds, this report spreads and spreads. Now the factories of the center "CC" had been destroyed entirely, which there will be no more special equipment and special drinks, such as Elixirs. Still, armors remain in "their clenched fists", the armory and a legendary Temple that will soon be "the".

"This is the future, but legend will come back in this one."

The Ring of Force
It can make the wearer to have the ability "Telekinesis" and choking enemies.

The Ring of Strength
It grants the wearer to have Super Strength and to fly.

The Ring of Nature
It gives the wearer to summon trees, summon a healing log, grow trees with force and to make earthquake. Also to summon any animals, even in mythology and legends.

The Ring of Thunder
It grants the wearer to make lightning bolts, control weather, make thunderclouds and making a storm.

The Ring of Fear
It can make the wearer to have no nightmares and make people's nightmares. It also can give the wearer abilities to appear in people's dreams, ruining it, also making people afraid and make people hearing voice in their head via the Ring.

The Ring of Darkness
It grants the wearer to make a darkball, violet/blue fire, cursing things and to seal any sealing objects.

The Ring of Aqua
Also known as the Ring of Water, this ring gives the wearer power to make tsunami if fully powered, also to give the wearer to summon water, gives the wearer ability to pour cold/hot water (what the wearer chooses)in cups from the wearer's hand.

The Ring of Flames
Also known as the Ring of Fire, this ring gives the wearer ability to make fire and to burn things.

The Ring of Creation
A powerful ring, this ring makes the wearer to have the ability to create things by force with materials. It also can make things be destroyed.

The Ring of the Moon
A powerful ring, this ring makes the wearer to have the ability to make the moon shine, being bright, also blinding nearby enemies.
Chapter 1: A Quick Start
"What shall I do now?" A prison guard speaks.
"Take Night to jail.. I am finished testing him." A mysterious, armored lord of darkness said.

The left-hand of the dark lord, Night, was putten to jail. The prison guard had a ring, which is called the Ring of Strength.

But a ring fell next to the left-hand of the dark lord, also known as Night, wears it and Night got the Ring of Force.
The prison guard then was hungry. He goes out and, Night, forced the door to open even when it was locked.

"I can't believe it.. I'm free!" Night said. He rushed to his fortress.
But.. Night stopped in a point at the road near the fortress. Then he sits on a bench.
After a few moments, the prison guard returned to Night's jail room. The prison guard saw the prisoner escaped. The prison guard goes out and finds for Night.
Using his ring of Strength, he tracks him easily. His speed is a help.
Finally, the prison guard founds Night.

"Ha, now I found you, you will go back to jail!" The prison guard said.
Night crossed his eyes angry and choked the guard. The guard vanished in darkness. A ring fell.
Night wears the ring and he got few muscles. Night goes inside his fortress...
A companion was waiting. He was one of Night's, but his companion was a villain, but Night turned into a Hero because for his master putting him into jail.

"I'll give you a paper.. there is monsters.. wearing the Rings." Night said.
His companion reads the paper. He goes out to find the monsters. But he stopped. Night then goes out and punches his companion in the stomach. His companion (enemy) disappeared and another ring fells.
"Very interesting... I've got the Ring of Nature for now.." Night grinned. Still a hero, he pretends to be still like a villain. He goes back inside.

But some creature appears in the sky. It has two tentacles with the 2 rings, Ring of Fear and Ring of Darkness, wore on.

"Who's this creature?" Night said as the creature from the sky appeared on his rings as a hologram.
"I must get that creature before it goes to it's home!" Night shouted. Night goes out and jumped high through buildings roofs. He finally found the creature, wandering now in the ground.
Night jumped down and encounters the creature. The creature walked straight to him.
"Get out my way." The creature spoke.
"No, I will fight you, because you had the rings. Give them to me." Night said.
"Ring collectors are not villains! You only need 2! Tell your master!" The creature said a note that is true.
"I am a hero, I will get all of it to pass these levels. I will slash you with my sword." Night said. Night pushed the creature through a structure and the room became dark. The creature can't see anything, before the creature used Dark Super Vision, Night slashed the creature 10x and ends slashing with an cross slash.
The creature disappears and two rings fell. Night wore it and tests it.
"I know, I need power.. to become a Hero and fulfill my dreams. I should go to the next level as well." Night said and he goes back to his base quickly, by teleporting.


#2 Re: Rings of Horizon on 2012-01-06, 20:48

good story, it had a lot of depth parts in it. can't wait to read more of it.

#3 Re: Rings of Horizon on 2012-01-07, 18:20

Chapter 1: A Quick Start
Enter Fortress!

A thunder bird strikes in the sky. It has the Ring of Thunder.

"Yes, finally... new enemy, huh? This will be a great time." Night said. He charges his power and rushed to the Dead City.
In the Dead City, many buildings, houses and factories were crushed.. meaning that the city was ruined.. because of the previous war.

Night lighted a torch.
"Show yourself, bird." Night said.
The thunder bird flied down, fast as lightning. The thunderbird then opens it's beak, about to speak.
"Screech! Who, are, you?! Screech!" The thunderbird screeched.
"Someday you'll know." Night answered.
Night charged his powers. He charged his Ki and knocked the thunderbird with a hyper heavy column.

There, Between the death of the thunderbird and the battle of a mysterious lord, a battle with two well-known titans, Aquaos and Firaos, vs. Night.

Night planned a strategy for this battle.
"Now this is great.. great, than i ever i-imagined!" Night said as he thumps the desk.
"More strategy.. it is awesome, master." One of Night's soon-to-be royal warlord said.

The two embarked on a new mission. They found the two-sided fortress.
Two elemental spirits encountered the two.
"What should we do?" ??? said.
"Step 2, get it?" Night said.
Night and his new companion did an ability that gets spirits go away.
After a few hours, they got to the 2nd floor. The stairs were really long.

#4 Re: Rings of Horizon on 2012-01-19, 01:36

Chapter 2: Deep Defeat
Mirror and Miserable Unities

The upper floor was revealed to be a mirror room. In this floor, there are raining shards, who can make copies of people who crossed this room in the past and present.

Night and his companion continues walking. A shard falls near Night.
"Well, this is it I suppose-eth. The weirdest thing is only that.. wait! Don't touch the shards!" Night said. "Anybody there?" The companion said.
A copy of Cunn appeared behind Night. It was about to stop Night, but the companion teleported behind the copy and punches it.

The copy didn't even have a scratch. It attacked the two.
"Ergh! Stop holding me!" Night said as the copy jumps on Night's back.

"Cunn, stop attacking, we need to talk, master!" Night said at the copy.
"..." The copy jumps off Night and shouts.
"This is it." Night said and punched the copy's stomach with his two hands. The armor broke and the mirror spirit goes back into the shard. Then it broke.

"Maybe we must break all the shards." The companion said.
"Great idea, then. But let's escape if all of this shards break down!" Night replied. Night summoned Solari, the Dragon, to fight with them.
Solari, Toketsu!" Night shouted.
Solari charged a infinite ki in his hands then swallows the ki, touching it's heart and Solari breathes a circular blue fire with lightning.
"Great, Solari, now let's go before this floor goes in ruins!" Night said. They hurried to the stairs and finally, they got into the 3rd floor. The 5th floor is near.

"A few more rings to get my original form back. I will do this to prove myself." Night said.
Later.. they enter a very short hallway with stairs. They saw a door up there.
Night and his companion goes upstairs and statues of guards are there near the door. They moved.
"Halt." The statues said.

"Night is the name." Night replied.
"Please try to open the door to let you free and go through the upper floor, or be eliminated." One of the statues spoke.

To Be Continued

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