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Trials of Demons

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#1 Trials of Demons on 2012-01-03, 15:28

The Couple walked alone through the dark city that night. Hand in hand, they chatted, and gushed over the play they had just seen. They were engaged and they both shared a passionate love that nothing could have extinguished, not even death.

As they passed an alley, a gun clicked in the dark, and a man's voice commanded the couple into the alleyway. Afraid, they obeyed and were lead into a deserted warehouse.

“This is how it's going to go down.” said the thief calmly. “You're going to give me your money, or I'll bust a cap in yo ass!”

The man spread his arms in front of his lover. “Fine take my damn money, but don't lay a finger on her!” he threw his wallet on the ground and stayed in front of his beloved.

The thief picked up the money, and a smug grin spread across his face, clearly he was pleased with himself. “Now then...GO TO HELL!” he yelled firring the gun into the man's heart.

“DAVID!” screamed the woman. The man once named David fell to his knees and collapsed, dead before he hit the ground. His eyes were pale and lifeless as they reflected light from the moon, which shone through a window.

“Hehe, now that he's out of the way, let's have some fun!” evil burned in the murderer's eyes as he gave into his lust. He approached the woman, intending to commit a sin far worse than what he had done so far.

But before he could lay a single finger on her. A bright flame engulfed the body of the man named David, and a mighty voice pierced the air.

“I TOLD YOU NOT TO TOUCH HER!” it roared. David rose, his body still covered in the blaze. “I won't let you harm Jessabell!” the flame died out, and David walked up to the man, hatred filled his heart. David had seen into the man's soul, and knew what he had intended, this brought forth a rage so powerful nothing could stop it.

David grabbed the man by the throat. “Wh-what are you?” he asked, fear behind every word.

“I am he who was once called David.” Said the man who should have been dead. “But you may call me Void.” The thief screamed. But this didn't stop Void.

“You have been Judged!” roared Void. “Now experience Hell for YOURSELF!” Void tightened his grip on his murderer's neck, and a burst of Hellfire erupted from the thief's body, when it dissolved, nothing was left of the man, not even ash.

Then Void turned to Jessabell, and his face showed signs of immense sorrow.

“D-David?” she squeaked, tears streaming down her face.

“Jessabell... I'm sorry, I'm not longer the David you fell in love with. To save you I had to contract with Satan, Now I am cursed to wander this earth, sacrificing souls of evil men to the devil himself.”

“No! I don't want that for you! Why would you...” she stopped unable to finish her sentence out of pure grief.

“Jessabell, we can no longer be a couple. But my sacrifice was worth it because I did it to save you. If you wish to make it up to me, then go on and live a long happy life. Do this as a dying man's last wish.” With that Void turned his back on Jessabell, and with a flash of brief hellfire, She was alone in the warehouse.

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#2 Re: Trials of Demons on 2012-01-03, 17:43

A settle mental beginning, my kind of taste. ;o;

"I'm sorry, I'm not longer the David you fell in love with". Beautiful :LUV U:

#3 Re: Trials of Demons on 2012-01-03, 19:02

So you're going to write more? This post made me interested about this.

What I would like though, is that you would make the beginning a little longer, you jump too early to the action. Even though that sometimes long intros are boring, this one could use one. It's easy to read, but you should check your spelling, like you wrote "ally way" that should be "alleyway", "firring" that should be "firing". Only minor errors, but it would be much more enjoyable to read the text when it wouldn't have too many mistakes.

Anyway, nice beginning for the story. I'll be waiting for more. :3

#4 Re: Trials of Demons on 2012-01-03, 20:37

I plan to write more. and the next edition will be the same scene told through a different perspective. explaining what happened to David when he died. To be honest this scene isn't very important to the overall story, just an explanation of how David/Void died and about the contract to Satan. new part will most likely be up tomorrow.


#5 Entry #2 on 2012-01-03, 22:52

Entry #2: David in the afterlife.

-A backstep in time, as seen through the eyes of David, before Death claimed him-

David stepped in front of Jessabell, hoping to protect her from the mugger who threatened them. He had never been this scared before in his life, looking down the barrel of the gun scared him deeply, the impenetrable darkness and the bullet with his name on it.

He threw his wallet on the ground in the hopes that the thief would see this offering as enough and let them go on their merry way, never bothering them again. However David never anticipated that the thief would kill him anyway.

As the bullet pierced his heart, the last image he saw was Jessabell’s grief stricken face, then the darkness swallowed him.

Alone, and dead David couldn’t even weep for the loss of his beloved. For you see, the dead cannot cry. Then a bright, white light shone onto David and a voice spoke to him, it was gentle and calming, it wanted to make David forget about his pain.

“Worry not, little one. For your journey is over. Lay your weary head to rest, and forget your troubles.” It said.

“But… Jessabell…” pleaded David, she was still in danger, how could he forget? Then a second light appeared to David. This one was crimson, and far more sinister, but the way it talked pleased David as well.

“There is a way to save her, boy.” The second light said to him. “Just sign a contract with me, and you can protect her.”

“Begone Satan!” commanded the first voice, angered by the second’s presence. “Don’t spit your lies here!”

“NO! Let him speak!” pleaded David, if there was a way to save Jessabell he would do it, he could still sense her sorrow. David was sure that if the light had a face it would have grinned, the thought frightened David as well.

“Become my servant, and sacrifice the souls of wicked men to me, Satan, and I will grant you the power to save her, as well as your life. There is another condition though. You cannot be the same man you were, you must break all ties to the old David, and become The Endless Void.”

David thought, the idea of being the devil’s bounty hunter didn’t appeal to him, and the idea of leaving Jessabell after he saved her was even worse. But David still loved Jessabell, and he could never rest in peace if he did nothing to protect her.

“Satan, I will sign your contract, I will become The Void.” He said.

Then the first voice spoke again. “David, know this, if you sign to Satan, you can never cross the threshold into Paradise, you will be damned from that point on.” then it disappeared.

“You have agreed then?” asked the second voice.

“Yes.” Replied David.

“Then make contact with the Hellfire,” said the voice, as it did, there came forth a tongue of flame, both sinister and comforting to look at. David reached out his hand, and touched the flames with his index finger. It was then that David ceased to be. He was now Void. A portal to Life opened before him, he saw now what had happened in the time he had died, only a mere half a minute had passed for what had been much longer for David.

“I TOLD YOU NOT TO TOUCH HER!” he roared as he jumped through the portal.


#6 Entry #3 on 2012-01-05, 09:43

Entry #3: The Endless Void

The city was dreary, rain falling from the gloomy clouds above. Evil thrived in the dark, but so did the Void. It was night, so many businesses were closed, but lights still glimmered in the city. At the top of the tallest building Void stood and waited for the evil to call out to him.

Then he sensed it, a man, had just murdered his wife in a crime of passion, This was something he had planned, something for him to use to claim life insurance and then run off with some whore. Void became angered and traveled on the Hellfire to the man's location.

The Hellfire was truly a remarkable thing. It gave Void the power to be wherever he wanted to be in an instant. It was also the source of his demonic powers.

In a flash Void was there at the scene, but the killer was not in the room with the victim anymore.

The woman hung from the ceiling, a typed suicide note next to her body. If Void didn't know any better he would have sworn she had killed herself. Disgusting. Even though Void was now a demon he hated evil, and got a sick form of pleasure when he extinguished it.

Void took a moment and said a prayer for the dead woman, he sensed she had not been evil, but rather faithful to her wicked husband. This made Void's need to destroy the man even greater.

Void traveled through the house, taking but a few seconds to gaze upon the pictures from a happier time. They seemed like such a close couple, it was a wonder how the man could have done such a heinous crime. Void came to a door, and from the other side he could hear the man practicing what he would say to 911, about how he had found her hanging there.

Void became shadow, and traveled into the room from beneath the door. Then he materialized in front of the man, who cried out in terror at the sight of the demon.

“What the hell! Who are you? How did you get here?” he asked.

“I am Void, the demon lord who commands the Hellfire. I am also your death.” said Void in a calm voice.

“W-what?” the man stammered. “Demon lord?”

“Correct, It is my duty to crush the souls of men who are permanently stained by evil. They are sacrificed to Satan and punished for their crimes. And you...you have been judged!” Void raised his hands, and a tongue of Hellfire enveloped the man. He cried out but Void showed him now mercy. In a matter of seconds the deed was done and the murderous husband was no more. Void left the room, and spotted a nice looking, black trench-coat on on a coat hanger. Void looked down at his own garments, which were the same as when he died in them. A pair of jeans, a button down shirt, casually worn with the sleeves rolled up. This look wasn't intimidating and for someone in his line of work that was no good. Void grabbed the trench-coat and put it over his clothes. Looking in a mirror he decided he looked much better, and disappeared once again with the use of the hellfire.

Void returned to the building top he had been to previously. He had been a demon for little more than a few weeks now, but he was still among the most powerful beings in the universe, all thanks to the Hellfire.

Even still, he hated cases like this, they forced him to remember the past life, when he was still known as David. The thought of David ever causing harm to Jessabell was unthinkable, so much so that he was reminded of why he signed the contract in the first place. It sickened Void to think of men who couldn't feel the same way about their significant others the way he thought of his Jessabell.

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