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KH: 141/4 Day's; A Xion tale

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#1 KH: 141/4 Day's; A Xion tale on 2012-01-03, 13:14

"...who are you...again...its wired...I feel like I'm forgetting something really important..."

"...maybe you'll be...better off now...Xion..."

as far as everyone knows Roxas defeated Xion and absorbed her in this realm but what about others? far in another realm it was not Roxas who was victorious in the great Organizations keybladers battle(or OKB)instead...Xion finished the fight but Roxas didn't survive. In the beginning after Xion and Roxas met in this realm it was practically love at first sight. Xion and Roxas started a Boyfriend girlfriend relationship and it was working out well. but when Xion and roxas had to fight due to Xemnas's control of her it all went down hill. Xion got mad and went against the organization with the help of The King, Riku who was still trying to get Sora's memories back and Kairi who was now interested in Riku. they were able to defeat everyone including Xemnas but due to the intense blast of Ansem/DiZ's digitize ray Xion was no longer able to give Sora's memories back to him even with Namines help. now Xion lives in Twilight Town and is best friends with Pence, Olette, Hayner, and Namine, using Oblivion to fend of any Heartless in the town and hoping to find away to bring back Roxas and give sora his memories back.

this story does fallow a different storyline due to it being in a hole other Realm and being a, so-to-speak, alternate reality. the basic RP rules apply, In this I will not be to strict on how many lines must be on the post. there will be a low tolerance on god modding. there can be drive forms and limit breaks but keep the drives to a minimum of 5. and finally we need AT LEAST the main characters for the RP to begin.

Roles to be filled-
other characters-

RP template-

Home world-
Weapon-(If a Keyblade please describe the exact type)
Limit break-
reason for traveling the worlds-

because I like this character I am going to be her

Name- Xion
Bio/History- Being one of the late organization XIII members she is always trying to protect her friends with her keyblade and the rest is up top
When traveling worlds-
Home world- The World That Never Was
Weapon(s)- Oblivion
Valor-Angel of darkness(Obliveien version ofOathkeeper) and first
Final-Oathkeeperand first Heartless-shadow hands
Powers- Darkness
Drives- Valor, Final, Heartless
Limit break- Final Burst
Armor(Optional)-Organizations downfall
reason for traveling the worlds- to give Sora his memories back, and get her boyfriend Roxas back.

#2 Re: KH: 141/4 Day's; A Xion tale on 2012-09-08, 02:51

Locking this Roleplay! If you have any questions or concerns, message me. Thanks.


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