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(Translation): Kingdom Hearts Drop of A Distance 3D Video New!

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Hello, as you know Kingdom Hearts Drop of A Distance is coming out this march of 2012! With little do or said, me and Xion, have officially translated the video for you all. It took us nearly 3 hours to do, and we hope you enjoy. But be warn it is spoiled. Also please be sure to check the main page as well. http://khsite.net

Intro: Yed Sid Speaks to Sora and Riku

Yen Sid : "Master Xehanort was a genius Keyblade Master (Darkness becomes light-), he appears in many forms and stood in the way of those who used the key blade to safeguard the light.....however, it is not over yet...... (Light will drop into Darkness)"

Following Sora and Riku first time In Transverse Town
Sora: This is....
Riku: This is....

Sora: Transverse Town?
Riku: Transverse Town?

Riku: My Clothes changed....
Sora: Huh, my clothing changed!

Sora: Rikuuu! Heey!
Riku: Sora! Where are you, Sora?!

Show a new scene from with Joshua from "The World Ends With You"

Joshua: It appears this world is just like ours, seemingly split into two parts.

New scene with Sora and Neku first time Conversing

Neku: Sakuraba Neku, that's my name.
Sora: Sakuraba.... Neku... what a cool name!
Neku: It's nothing special.

New Scene with Riku and Shiki

Shiki: You'll project little ole' me, won't you? Mr.knight?
Riku: kn-night? I'm no such thing!
Shiki: Though, I'd be in serious trouble if I returned....

New scene with Mickey and Maleficent

Mickey Maleficent! What in the world do you want?
Maleficent[/b:] You know of Xehanort, don't you?
: What do you want from him?
Maleficent: I've spoken before with him, about the seven pure lights that exist in the worlds. It's said if one possess those seven lights, then the world is yours.

Following Up with Pinocchio and Jimmy the Cricket scene

Pinocchio: Huh? Oh no, what happened to my noise!
Jimmy: You must have told a lie to make it grow like that!
Pinocchio: I didn't lie! Someone in a blackout said to play with Sora here!

Following up is Frollo Speaking to Hugo from Hunchback of Notre Dame

Frollo: You are not to leave this place. This is only safe place for you...

New scene with Sora and Mickey

Sora: This is the key blade!
Mickey: Shh, I know! You must have come from another world! In fact, I'm in this world acting as a musketeer for something too.
Sora: Is this world a time when the King doesn't know me?

New scene following Riku and Minnie
Riku: Minnie!

New scene with Rhyme from The World Ends With You

Rhyme: It doesn't bother me at all! My memories, they'll come back instantly if there's a chance!

New scene with Beat from The World Ends With You

Beat: Come on out, Dream Eaters!

Sora Speaks to Neku

Sora: Hey Neku, that's a Dream Eater right?
Neku: Ahh, yea they're helping you out too aren't they?

Dream Eater Appears before Riku, and chases after if....

Riku: I won't let you get away!

New scene where the Black Hooded Man Calls Out Sora Name!

Blackhooded man: Sora!
Neku: This isn't what we promised!
Sora: Stop! Neku!
Sora: What is this...? I feel so sleepy all of a sudden...

Sora Justs into Gameplay and Yen Sid talks

Yen Sid: In your first journey, you brought back those worlds that had been drowned in darkness, but among those some of them were not returned completely, the gate didn't reach the sleeping parts of those worlds. Consequently, even Heartless cannot trespass into them, there exists another kind of darkness in the sleeping worlds thus the majority of the Heartless in the world change. They are creatures that consume dreams, the Dream Eaters. Among the Dream Eaters there are those that plant bad dreams and thrive upon them called Nightmares. However, friendly ones know as Spirits exist as well. It is said that these two existences will guide you to the keyholes of the sleeping worlds, just like the Heartless lead you to the door to the heart of the worlds.

Cutscene Movie shows Sora fighting Xemnas, and Appearing on Destiny Island with Kairi and Riku.

Sora wakes up on a Shoreline

Sora: This place is like Yen Sid said, the world is like watching a dream that you can't wake up from..... If you don't wake up from this world, you can't return to your original one.

New Scene with Joshua & Riku conversing

Joshua: One could say it seems the same but it's a totally different world.... Get it?
Riku: Like a dream?

New clip shows Pinocchio, Sora and Jimmp Underwater
Sora: Pinocchio! Jimmy!

New Scene With mickey and the three Musketeers
Mickey: Stop right there Pete!

New Scene with Joshua and Neku conversing

Joshua: You're not giving up, are you Neku? Give up on the world, and you give up on yourself.

New Scene Riku picks up a sword and Converse with Ansem/ Xehanort Heartless

Riku: Why are you here?!

New scene with Axel conversing with Izeno and co.

Axel: What a drag. I've been looking for you. I'm the one who always get stuck doing the dirty jobs.

New Scene with Sora, Phoebus from the Notre Dame

Phoebus: Frollo and his minions are coming. You must prepare to leave at once!
Frollo: Thanks to you, Captain Phoebus.

Following up with Riku talking (The three Musketeers)
Riku: Those look like Mickey and his friends. Those guys are together no matter which world they're on, aren't they?

New scene with Pinocchio and Jimmy Conversing

Pinocchio: Goodbye Jimmy!
Jimmy: Goodbye? Use yourself as bait, is that your plan? Well there's nothing for it, I'm going too.

New Scene Mickey and the 3 Musketeers

Mickey: All for one, and one for all!

New Scene, Hugo (from Notre Dame) jumps from the building while Riku is conversing with Hugo.
Riku: People can't judge you by your appearance. I also have a friend who saw through me into my heart.

New scene Sora and Joshua from The World Ends With You converse

Sora: It's okay, my heart is always connected to Riku's, so I'm sure even your feelings are transmitted to him!

Riku comfronts Blackhooded man (who is another Riku)

Riku: Who are you?
Riku: Me?!

New Scene Xemnas converses with Sora

Xemnas: Even within a Heartless doll, a heart resides...?
Sora: Don't you all have hearts too?

New Scene with the Castle Disney, Axel appears before, the king, maleficent, and co.

Axel: My name is lea, got it memorized?

New scene Blackhooded man appears before Riku in Transverse Town and leads up to showing Sora

Riku: who... are you?
Young Xehanort: Aren't there hearts confined within you too?
Sora: You're from that time! What are you talking about?
Young Xehanort and Vanitas: Hearts other than your own!

Thank you, I hope you enjoyed it.

~KHS Staff Translator.

KHSITE Translator

All hope is lost without a litte fear
Destine to crave what one doesn't see
For he must allow himself to be consumed
By his own neglated thoughts
Wow, wonderful news carey. I'm excited to finally see what Young Xehanort said, I wonder what he meant by those words? Interesting......

:lul: yay a another translation, like sora said when I saw what xemnas said, i was shocked, because I though he was making a joke (by his expressions) but he was talking about heartless having hearts within a doll.

Lord Terra
Thanks for the translation carey, feels good to understand the video.

wonderful now we know why young xehanort appears and vanities, someone else's heart is on the line too. thnxs carey ;P

L'arc en ciel
Holy crap this just got me excited on a whole new level! love the appearances from TWEWY and bbs. Great translation you guys <33

Whoa, when I started watching the video, I wasn't expecting much, but goosebumbs and excitement overflowed through my body. This is going to be awesome! Thank you a thousand times Carey for the translation!

And besides, when the marketing really starts to concentrate on the new game, I can get the older ones with fair prices. *giggle*

Site Manager
I knew from Nomura's interview it wasn't going to be much, he didn't want to spoil anything that might have a connection with KH3. So he tried to keep it simple.

KHSITE Translator

All hope is lost without a litte fear
Destine to crave what one doesn't see
For he must allow himself to be consumed
By his own neglated thoughts
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