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ayo .

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#1 ayo . on 2012-01-02, 18:12

Gosh, it's been such a long time since I made a thread like this.

Anyways, hello everybody, I'm Cameron, a new Super Moderator and a newbie on the forums. I got an invitation to join, and I couldn't resist, since most of the forums I've been hanging out for the last couple of months have been either dying or the people have changed too drastically for my tastes.

So a few boring facts of myself;

- I'm Finnish (you know, the place between Russia and Sweden, cold as hell and we've got reindeers and stuff).
- My music taste is almost everything that sounds good. A few years back though, I only listened to some metal bands, but I've grown out of that trend. Most likely my favorite artists and bands are Soweto Kinch, Nightwish, Rammstein, Rage Against the Machine, Lady Gaga and some others. I recently found Jedi Mind Tricks, and been listening some of their albums for the past few months.
- Unlike most of my friends, I don't really enjoy drinking alcohol. Sometimes though. n.n
- I smoke. *begone ye devil!*

And things like that. By what I have seen so far, I'm liking this forum. Hopefully you'll accept me to the family, lol.

#2 Re: ayo . on 2012-01-02, 18:16

wassup and welcome to the forums. take good care of us. and you have alot of info there buddy. haa

#3 Re: ayo . on 2012-01-02, 18:18

gfx team
Welcome welcome. Everyone is please to see you here. 👏

#4 Re: ayo . on 2012-01-02, 18:24

Welcome to the forums. Cool bio see you around.

#5 Re: ayo . on 2012-01-02, 18:25

L'arc en ciel
Hey! I believe I've seen you lurking ;o Glad you're apart of the team! and none of those characteristics are boring, lol.

You can call me L'arc en ciel, Namine, or Nami- whatever suits your fancy. Hope to see ya around~ ^^

#6 Re: ayo . on 2012-01-02, 18:30

Site Staff
lucky. anyways hey there im moogle12 you know how it goes etc all of that enjoy your stay

#7 Re: ayo . on 2012-01-03, 00:58

hey man, how are you? welcome enjoy.

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