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Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance: News Scans From Pinocchio & Weekly Jump Info!

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As you know, Pinocchio is the new world that will be included in this upcoming Nintendo DS title. New sceenshots from both the Pinocchio world and “The City of Bells”, based on The Hunchback of Notre-Dame can be found in the screenshots.

Also, here's the info compiled from the weekly Jump issue:

Originally Posted by Adriasang from Square-Enix Member
The latest issues of Jump and sister publication V Jump have updates on Kingdom Hearts 3D showing two of the game's Disney worlds, Pinocchio and Hunchback of Notre Dame.

The Pinocchio world is named "Pranksters' Paradise." Set in the belly of a giant whale, this world will let Sora and friends adventure through a heart warming fairytale land consisting of circus huts and other elements in 3D. You'll encounter Pinocchio, whose nose grows when he tells a lie, just like in the original story, and Jiminy Cricket.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame world is named La Cité des Cloches. Screens show Sora in an encounter with Frollo and the city guards in the city plaza. They're apparently concerned about the appearance of demons in the city. V Jump also shows artwork for Esmeralda.

Outside of the two worlds, V Jump also shows the latest Dream Eaters, Ice Penguin, Yagiphone (Phone Goat -- it looks like a goat with giant horns) and and Hari Lion (Needle Lion -- it looks like a lion with needles on its tail and main). Ice Penguin is a foe while the latter two are allies.

All this is just a preview for what will likely be a more in-depth report in Famitsu this week, so be sure and check back around Tuesdayish for more!
Click above to enlarge the scans. Please note that these aren't from Famitsu, but from Weekly Shonen Jump.

Source: FF-Reunion; Adriasang.

Site Staff
All of the old disney characters are going to be in drop of a distance, actually pretty happen with this because i was tired of seeing torn and milan. lol

nice find xion, thanks for the news!

Lord Terra
pretty cool find xion, the new dream eaters look boos! can't wait to battle them........

So does that mean all the characters from TWEWY are going to be in here? i wonder what their role is..........

Site Manager
to help sora and riku in the quest in mark of mastery test and to destroy the dream eaters

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Well, I'm certainly more than excited for Hunchback, though I'm a little burned out of Pinocchio. So many bad memories of getting stuck in KH1. lol

I was hoping to see cars in drop of a distance at least :/ but the hunchback will do pretty good hopefully! :3

Keyblade Master Roxas
Oh dear!!! I am by far so excited, I really don't like Rikus hair...but oh well I'm excited for this game. I'm actually pre ordering it XD

^ I don't either I wonder why nomura made it that way. o.o

Keyblade Master Roxas
@Sora wrote:^ I don't either I wonder why nomura made it that way. o.o

I don't know it just looks like Noctis and Zack a little but and since his face looks long it just turns me off, and I'm tired of Pinocchio.

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