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Next Release!

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#1 Next Release! on 2011-12-08, 01:48

ok guys, random here, But i am just sitting here chatting about PS3 stuff, and it made me realise..

Is there actually going to be a PS4? if so, When???

The PS3 has been out wot, like 6 years of so (not sure exactly).
Surely its got to be time for another super console to hit the market...

2x Graphics chips, Massive amount of ram, etc etc... super console


#2 Re: Next Release! on 2011-12-08, 01:50

Not in any hurry for a next gen system, can't see one any time soon either since all systems are doing pretty well as it is.

#3 Re: Next Release! on 2011-12-08, 01:55

I have to agree with Across, here. I think all three of the current NextGen systems are still doing very well. Personally, I'm not in any rush for another system to come out.

#4 Re: Next Release! on 2011-12-08, 23:13

I don't think SONY is making a Playstation 4 anytime soon considering how many consumers didn't buy a PS3 last year and prices are really going high on gaming consoles. If SONY comes out with a ps4 most likely it'll be around $600.00 for starters.

#5 Re: Next Release! on 2011-12-11, 08:18

I doubt it, the PS3 just came out about a year ago, so for them turn around and make a ps4? SONY isn't "best seller" console of the year, it's the DSi. Comparing that to the next gen up is really pathetic. But no, I'm not looking for the ps4 anytime soon, like the others have said.

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