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Two questions. 358/2

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#1 Two questions. 358/2 on 2011-12-06, 18:41

I remember back when Chain of memories came out someone compiled all the important cut scenes into one long movie. I was wondering if there is anything similar for 358/2 days?

Also, this is the first time I've looked into KH since early this year and I wanted an update on any Axel info. He just seemed to have more story then what was shown in the games and I wanted to know if he'll be feature in BBS.


#2 Re: Two questions. 358/2 on 2011-12-06, 18:44

Narora Senoku
Well, i'll leave the first to someone else, but the second.

We all know Axel died. Dead, Zotto (made up xD), kicked the bucket. But that might not be the end of him. Rumors are going around that he is connected to Sora, just like countless other people, and in 'KH Reconnect', it is stated that he must 'Reconnect' everybody, and hinted later in Coded.

But, besides any of that, I haven't heard anything regarding Axel.


#3 Re: Two questions. 358/2 on 2011-12-06, 18:48

Site Manager
Only thing left of Axel since days was the recap of him when he was younger in BBS. But I'm pretty sure there is a video on yputube with the cutscenes and of course the ansem reports.

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