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Kingdom Hearts Fanfiction

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#1 Kingdom Hearts Fanfiction on 2011-12-06, 17:05

Narora Senoku
Narora Senoku
I need some Ideas. I've had this story to write on the Back burner for a while now, and i need some ideas.

Its a Naruto/Kingdom Hearts crossover, placing Naruto in with the Troubled Three (Terra, Ventus, and Aqua), and I've changed the worlds around to give him a different plot from the others but I just can't come up with any ideas. Writer’s Block to the max, eh? (Sidenote: the pairing is Naruto/Aqua)

Well, I'll show you how far I've gotten in this spoiler below my post. Sorry if the text on it look's funky. I'd have to go convert it all to this format on here (BBCode), and i really didn't want to, so i just activated the WYSIWYG mode, pasted it, and turned it off so it would convert for me.

Anyway, do any of you have good Ideas that I could use? Of course, I'll be sure to give credit to you all and post up the site link on the next chapter if I use anything.


Well, thanks to the new Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep game, I've decided to throw Naruto into the mix.

Summary: Takes place at beginning of game. What if Yen Sid called Master Eraqus with a request. The Request: Train a new, fourth apprentice in the ways of the Keyblade. NaruxAqua

The Worlds Naruto visits will be different from the other Three (Ven, Terra, Aqua):

Rosario Vampire (Youkai Academy)

Vampire Knight (Cross Academy)

Bleach (Soul Society)

Shakugan no Shana (Misaki City)

11eyes (Red Night)

The Future

'The Future' Is a portal that will take him about 10 years into the future, and fight along side Riku against Roxas, But will go back soon after. Worlds like Radient Garden, Keyblade Graveyard, and Yen Sid's Tower will still be there. But the other worlds will be replaced by the ones listed above.

Naruto will also have a power similar to the Zanpakuto's of Bleach. His Keyblade will advance to a second level, obtained sometime in the future of this fic.

Powers? Deciding...

Appearance? Deciding...




Powerful/Dark Being Talking”

'Powerful/Dark Being Thinking

(Japanese Translation)

The Fourth Apprentice
Chapter 1: The Rescued Child

A mob of about 30 people ran through the streets after their target, armed to the teeth with pitchforks, torches, kitchen knives... anything pointy enough to kill. They screamed bloody murder as they chased their target... an 8 year old blond boy.

The boy was running for his life. His hair was blond, but had splotches of dirt in them, and his smell hinted that he hadn't bathed in a while. His blue eyes were filled with fear and confusion. His little legs were straining themselves to their limits, having run for so long.

True, he had outran Jounin level Nin before, and this was just normal civilians, but their numbers heavily outweighed what the Jounin could pull off. He had been running now for a good hour, give or take a few minutes, and they crowed hadn't dwindled. He had glanced back once, and found that when some of the people in the crowed got too tired to chase him, others would take their place. It was like a planned out attack!

As he ran, he suddenly turned into an ally with a dead end. As he stopped at it, he turned around to find the crowed had followed him, and he was now trapped.

“Finally, we have you now Demon!” One man in the crowed yelled. “It took a long time, and a lot of Ryo, but we finally were able to trace your afternoon activities. With the hired Nin, we figured out the most possible route you would take, and tricked you into taking a wrong turn.”

The blond boy swallowed loudly and closed his eyes, awaiting the pain as one of the mobsters ran forward with a broken glass bottle.

He waited for a minute, but felt nothing. He opened his eyes again and gasped when he saw the same man frozen in front of him, unmoving. He looked behind him to see others as well.

He looked around himself, being to preoccupied with the mob to realize he was now in an abyss of darkness, and the only light came from the sky, shining on the round stained glass platform he was on.

He yelped when he heard a sound from behind him and turned to see it. He watched as three lights appeared before him, and in each light was a weapon.

The first light had a shield. It was mostly green, with a tree-circled design in its center. It looked very sturdy, like it would block anything, even the most powerful of Jutsu.

The second light, and the closest to him, held a sword. Its edge looked sharpened to the finest point that not even the best Daito he'd seen were sharpened too. It had a the same three-circled design as the shield, but it was at the junction between the blade and the hilt.

And the third light held a staff. It had a green handle that stretched out to the same length as the sword. Its top had a 3D version of the three-circles.

Power Sleeps within you...

the boy began to twist and turn, trying to find the source of the voice.

If you give it form... You will gain it's power... Choose wisely... Naruto...” The voice vanished after speaking this.

The boy turned to the lights again and walked up to the shield, having not heard his name being spoken.

The power of the guardian... Unbreakable will... A shield to repel all... Is this a power you choose...?

Naruto hesitated, then nodded. The shield vanished and the voice spoke again.

You've picked one... but yet another power sleeps within you... Give this form... and you will be unbeatable...

Naruto scratched the back of his head, then walked up to the staff.

The power of the magician... Knowledge beyond comprehension... a staff of creation and ruin... is this the power you seek...?

Naruto hesitated again. This power seemed hard to control... but he could probably handle it. He was pretty strong already. He nodded and the staff vanished. The sword vanished after as well.

You've chosen the powers of the Guardian and Magician... and given up the power of the warrior... is this the power you choose?

Naruto nodded. He suddenly heard glass breaking the looked down to see the platform he was on vanishing. He jumped, only to have it fall. He began to swim in the air comically, only to look down and fall.

He looked down and found himself floating slowly to another platform. As he landed he looked around himself again and found little black creatures standing around him. He took a step back, then gasped as his hands were covered in light. It cleared, and he was holding the shield and staff again.

Do not fret... you hold the power to become the best... hold no fear in your heart... and you will have no weakness in battle...

Naruto nodded at the voice, understanding it somehow, even if he was only 8 years old. He began to swat at the creatures, finding it relatively easy to beat them.

Those creatures are called Heartless... regular people who have lost their hearts and have had them gone astray... they only exist to make more of themselves...

Naruto nodded and watched as stairs appeared in front of him. He sighed, happy that he didn't have to fall again and began to walk up them.

As he neared the end he saw a few people appear.

One was a girl with blue hair. She looked about his age, and didn't have more than a blue tee-shirt on and white shorts. She had a bright smile on her face.

The next was a boy a year or two younger, with blond hair. His blue eyes shone the same as his own and he had on a normal white tee-shirt and brown shorts.

And the third and final boy was a year older. He looked to mature for his age as he had a slight frown on his face. He was slightly tanned, a bit like Naruto's own.

These are the people that will make a difference in your life... some more than others... though when you meet them... they may look much different... but its always good to have something to branch from...” The people vanished and Naruto was left alone on the platform again.

Now... it is time you walked through the door to your new adventure... but first, you must unlock your new powers... though they have form, they still sleep... call upon them through instinct... they shall answer the call...”

Naruto tried to understand, he really did, but the harder the thought, the harder it was...

He thought back to a few lessons he had taken from Sarutobi-jiji. Meditation calmed the mind, and a calm mind lead to a better life... or something along those lines.

So, the little 8-year old sat on the ground, hands in his crossed leg's lap, and closed his eyes in concentration. He was sitting there for a few good minutes before he felt something... He began to think it was his Chakra, but he'd called on it once before, and this felt nothing like it...

There was a flash in his hands, and it cleared to show two new weapons.

The first was a regular looking key. It's hilt was silver and its blade was golden. The teeth at the tip of the blade formed what seemed to be a crown. It had the same strange three-circled design as a key chain at the bottom. (Kingdom Hearts 2: Kingdom Key-D)

The other looked like the key to his apartment. It was long and silver as a blade with grooves cut out, resembling those of a key. It was also slightly wrapped in cloth that had a small piece dangling from it's many cut ends. Its guard was in a slight trapezoid shape with a circle like key chain. (Kingdom Hearts 2: Feinir)

He stood up after admiring them and looked back up, expecting the voice to speak again. He was not let down.

Now that your power is awakened, it is time to walk through the door...”

Naruto nodded as a door appeared across from him. He looked at the key-like weapons in his hands and watched as they vanished, and the same energy he felt with them out was also put away, but now he knew how to bring it out.

He closed his hands into fists and nodded. Then walked through the door, ready for a new life...

.::8 Years Later - Land of Departure::.

Naruto rolled in his sleep as he laid in his bed. He sat up suddenly and blinked away any sleepiness still in his system.

He got out of his bed, still in his pajamas from last night. He grabbed a pair of clothes from his closet, his tooth brush, and a towel. Then proceed to walk out the door to his room and too the bathroom.

As he neared it, he began to reach his tired hand out to the knob, and the second he touched it, a voice yelled at him.

“Namikaze Naruto!! Don't you dare turn that knob!!” The feminine voice yelled, waking Naruto up enough to make him jump away from the door. He gulped and apologized quickly, then began to fast walk toward the other bathroom.

He got in it, opened it after making sure no one was in it, and slammed the door shut, by now his face was bright red, and eyes wide.

This happened almost two or three times every week. Aqua always had the bathroom first, before all of the guys in the house. And he had learned that the hard way when he first go here a year ago.

It had started out just like today, but Aqua and Naruto didn't know the other was there, and Naruto simply walked in, somehow silent enough for him to get in, strip his clothes off, and open the shower curtain to find a naked Aqua taking a shower. They stared at each other for a few seconds, before they screamed... well Naruto screamed because she had screamed out 'HENTAIIII!!!'

Needless to say... that first week they couldn't look at each other without almost exploding from the heat in their faces... and Naruto didn't really feel like having another 'Training' session with her again... she shivered but then he had to admit... the first time was totally worth it...

He almost began to drool, but caught himself and proceeded to take his shower, after locking the door...

.::Later – Training Hall::.

Naruto let out a slight yell as he dodged Aqua's slightly more than vicious cut, and he couldn't help but notice it was slightly low...

He blocked her next strike with his Keyblade, Kingdom Key-D. As to why he wasn't using his other
Keyblade, well that had two reasons.

The first was that it was a rule they had come up with after the first fight they had. As Naruto was a rare dual wielder of the Keyblade, he was only permitted to use the second Keyblade, Feinir, when he was fighting two-on-one with Terra and Aqua fighting him. Though from time to time Ventus joined as well. Then he really had to go all out. And even when he pulled out all of his magical power to increase his abilities, he only just barely won.

When he fought with one Keyblade, it seemed to limit the amount of energy he could use at once, meeting he was only at half power with one Keyblade, and that brought him down to just above Aqua's level of magic skill, Terra's power, and greatly outweighing Ventus' speed. Naruto always seemed to have an attribute with speed and magic. Going as far as to make a technique for his speed called Shunpo (Flash Step) Which let him travel at speeds no eye could track. His magic had upgraded to the next level, as he began to learn spells like Holy, and the one spell that he had read about but never attempted to do, Ultima.

His Keyblades seemed to also have a spell integrated in them somehow, and he had dubbed the attacks Getsuga Sendou.(Deadly Moon Chain Piercer). The attack was fired from the blades as a highly compact and dense, crescent like slash of magic. Of course, at the moment the attack could only be fired a total of three times before he was completely drained of energy.

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#2 Re: Kingdom Hearts Fanfiction on 2011-12-06, 18:17

Site Manager
I took a look at your candice and I would try putting Naruto as a ploy character or rather the antagonist of the story battling TAV yo give it a better feel to the story. Or you can try and kill him off in the story if that's better for you.

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#3 Re: Kingdom Hearts Fanfiction on 2011-12-06, 18:36

Narora Senoku
Narora Senoku
That sounds like a good Idea. I havn't made him a villin yet in any of my stories. And i forgot to mension this up there (and i'll Edit for future posts people make) that the pairing is NarutoxAqua (though the villin thing still might work for that. Love Thy Enemy XD)

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