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My new Fanfiction

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#1 My new Fanfiction on 2011-12-06, 16:44

Narora Senoku
Being away has granted me a little bit more time in my life, and i was able to crank out SEVEN new Fanfiction (At least).

I feel Like i should provide this community with it, and so this post will contain a preview, and a link to the story! And if i can't fit it in one, I'll do more! Starting Now~!

_________________________Radiata Kitsune_________________________________

A/n: Well everyone, this is yet another story that popped into my head over the... weeks... maybe?

Anyway, here are some things you may want to know:

Naruto doesn't know what his parents are like, but he does know their names, and what they are. His mother was a dragon (I won't say which, you should be able to figure it out from his hair ;) )) and his father was a knight. Thus, he has powers that no human should have.

Naruto's abilities will be based off of Kurosaki Ichigo's Getsuga Tenshou ability, The energy is tainted, thus his personality will be very OOC.

As time goes on, Naruto will gain new abilities with his Copy of Getsuga Tenshou resembling a dragon (i.e. Black Wings made of the energy, tail(s), etc...)

Naruto will have an unique ability from his father's side of the family to see the energy that Fairy creature's use.

And that's all I got.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, Radiata Stories, Bleach, or any other anime/music that may appear in this story. However, I do own any and all OCs and the techniques I have created in this work of Fiction.




Powerful Being Talking

'Powerful Being Thinking'

Technique Being Used”/'Technique Being Used'

Radiata Kitsune
Chapter 1: Half-Dragon...?

A blond haired man let out a fierce roar as he fought against the chains holding his body to the wall in a crucified like position. His arms were spread out on either side of him, bound with a chain on each wrist, and a chain wrapped around the length of his arms that had two ends attaching to a wall. His feet were below him straight, making him look like he was imitating a T, they also had chains of the same type and in the same positions as his arms. His head had a piece of paper attached to his forehead.

As the man began to call on a black and red energy, the paper tag sparked and began to shock him, making him let out a scream of pain that echoed throughout the dungeon he was currently in. He calmed down after the shock ended and hung there helplessly, panting hard.

“Done yet?” A gruff voice cut through the silence like a knife, It's owner was a large, bald man. His clothing was mostly blue and he had a beard-mustache combo. He looked bored as he held a large chained mace in his right hand, it's spiked ball laying on the ground.

The Blond man moved his head up so his piercing blue/black slit eyes were glaring at the man. “U-Urusai... Teme... (Shut up... Bastard...)” The man said in a slightly horse voice. He didn't flinch when an arrow landed near his head. He glanced up at the many Light guardsmen standing on a large balcony with Crossbow's aimed at him. The man looked down at the floor, seeing as he was about 20 feet in the air.

“So... Whadda ya want now... Bald-ass?” He asked, using his ever so cute nickname for one of his best buddies.

The man below growled, “That's Dynas to you, Namikaze.” The bald man, Dynas, growled out, pointing at the gold haired man.

The gold haired man made an annoyed sound. “And that's Naruto, to you Bald-ass.” Naruto said, his blue/black eyes glinting angerly.

The man Dynas growled again and tapped his foot on the ground three times.

Naruto suddenly started to scream in pain again as the tag shocked him once more. He glared at the man through the pain, like it was nothing... Then again he was here for a good two months, and this happened at least 2 times a day, so he was probably used to it by now.

'We'll have to up the setting...' Dynas thought calmly. He was about to continue interrogation, when the doors to the large dungeon opened. He let out a gasp as he, along with every other guard in the room bowed, Naruto just spit in the mans direction.

The man walking in had blond hair and looked very royal, if his clothing was anything to go by. He turned to Dynas as he spoke.

“Lord Larks, sir, may I ask why you are here, in the presence of this thing?” He asked, still bowed down.

Larks turned away from his General, and walked up to the 16 year old suspended in the air with a murderous look on his face.

“Namikaze Naruto.” He spoke, Naruto up above did nothing but continue to glare harshly. “After a long discussion with the King, we have come to a decision about you.” He motioned to a random guard next to him with a scroll in hand. The guard stepped up and began to read.

“Namikaze Naruto. By decision of the King and Lord Larks, you have been granted freedom under the following conditions:”

“First: Once freed, you will be instated as a Radiata Knight, and take normal missions as assigned to you.”

“Second: Once freed, you will be watched by a guard or guards at all times, and are required to report into Lord Larks every day to give a report on your actions.”

“Third... You will be placed on a team with three others until you reach Captain rank... or your team is disbanded.” The guard closed the scroll, bowed to Larks, and walked back beside Dynas.

Naruto's face showed confusion. 'Free me...' “Why?” He asked them.

“You are very powerful.” Larks stated, gaining his attention, “Two months ago, you appeared in Radiata with a strange energy, and were accused of being a Hybrid, Half-Human and Half-Fairy. This is a very unique case, and has never been seen before. The fight to apprehend you had many casualties, numbering well above 40 guards. You were holding your own until Captain Ganz Rothschild, Captain Cross Ward, and General Dynas teamed up to bring you down.”

“Not only this,” He continued, “You show a unique power never seen before, along with your eyes' power.” He finished. “It was either this, or you are killed and your eyes are taken to be used by Radiata.”

Naruto growled at his last statement, then turned quiet. Thinking it over.

On one hand, he could be free and gain the trust of these people, eventually gaining his full freedom. He could then do whatever he wished. Leave, Stay... On the other hand. If he didn't, he wouldn't see the light of day again, partly because he would be dead, and partly because he'd have no eyes anymore.

He sighed, seeing no way out of it...

“Fine... Now get me out of here...” He stated, calmly, but his voice held a hint of despair.

Larks smiled, happy to not have the death of a strong willed warrior on his shoulders. He made a motion to the guard and Dynas, who then ran to two chains hanging from the roof, and began to pull on them.

Naruto lowed to the ground, when his feet touched, he did nothing but held his arms at his side. Dynas and the Guard came up and took the chains off, but did not remove the tag on his forehead, then proceeded to place new cuffs on his wrists.

Each then grabbed his shoulders and walked him out of the large cell. Larks followed soon after...

A/n: Well I guess there must be some people out there who want this, so I've decided to grant your wish ^^ Enjoy. Also, I apologize for any misspelling. Open Office is now only correcting part of my documents from spelling errors. I have yet to figure out why... damn thing.

NOTE: I will be using ideas from the Game as well as the OVA. I have not played the Game much, so don't kill me if I get something wrong.

NOTE(2): I will be making up a fake addiction. To what, well, some of you might know from my other stories ^^ if not, well you shall see. The only hint you get, is: Hemophiliation (Hemo-phil-e-a-tion).





“You want me to what now?” A blond haired man asked as he turned from his locker to someone else. He was dressed in the normal school uniform for males, but he had somehow gotten away without wearing his Tie or buttoning up the last one on the top of his shirt. His face was tanned, with three little whisker-mark like scars on his face, and bright blue eyes.

The one he answered was a smaller girl. She wasn't much smaller than him. She was dressed normally in the School uniform for females. Her hair was black and looked to be jutting out on either side of her head in small pony tails. She had a slightly pail complexion and blue eyes, the same as the other boys.

“I-I want you to go to the festival with me, Naruto.” She repeated. Naruto thought it over. On one hand, he could go with the girl he'd known for most of his life, or, he could refuse and have thousands of other girls ask him and he wouldn't even know them...

Hell Mato's friend Yomi had been giving him those looks. He repressed a shiver and nodded, even if her head was looking at her shoes. “Ok, sure.” He stated, her head flew up and looked at him with eyes full of disbelief.

“I'll pick you up around... 7?” He asked. Mato nodded blankly. Naruto turned to leave with a smile to his next class...

.::Later 4pm::.

Naruto yelled out as he plunged his nodachi into the body of the strange square alian in front of him. This was the first one today, which was qutie surprising. He sighed, and hefted it over his shoulder as he watched it explode.

He looked about the same as any other day, but now, over his shoulders was a long black cloak with a star on the back, it just hung on his shoulders, he didn't even put his arms through the sleaves. His eye was the most of all the changes... and weirdest...

It was spewing blue flames. He relaxed and the flame vanished. He turned his head as he heard a type of static through the air. “You're late.” He called.

Mato stepped out of the shadow of a tree, wearing the same cloak as him, but she had a different appearance. Her hair was now much longer and came down the sides of her head in two pony tails, her armes were through the cloak's sleaves, and her eyes had strange rings surrounding the iris.

...She also woar nothing but a Bikini top and biker shorts that seemed a size to small, along with knee high boots.

Naruto gulped and pushed certain... thoughts... from his head.

She walked up to him and glared. “Maybe if you'd wait to fight them, I would be able to help you.” She stated, eye twitching. She always had a different personality when she turned into the self-proclaimed 'Black Rock Shooter'. She had actually tried to give him a name when he entered his Other's state, and only came up with 'Black Ace Slicer', but he quickly shot it down, saying: “I don't need a name like that. They don't even know we exist, so why do we need them?” She didn't answer and had continued rambling on about possible names. He just ignored her and walked away.

“If I did that, then a lot of people would die, Hun... and besides, you're just angry that you gave me your powers, and now I'm stronger than you with them.” He said. Then he turned around as he heard a matalic Clump. It was the same Alian from before... just bigger...

He sighed. “Guess you got your wish, 'Rock'” He laughed lightly. “We should finish this fast...”

Black Rock Shooter took a stance, “Why's that?” Naruto grinned as his blue flame activated, his eye covered in it. “For our 'Date' tonight.” He would have laughed outloud if he turned to see her with a huge blush on her red face.

As he jumped forward to attack it, he began to think back on how he had gianed his powers...


Naruto panted as he ran home, red faced and tired. “Damn it, Kaa-san's gonna kill me if I'm late again!!” He about yelled as he ran. He was late at school helping Mato and Yomi set up some kind of party for their individual Clubs. Kami knows why...

He rounded a corner and paused in fright. There in front of him was a strange, humanoid creature. It was colored green, and had tenticals for arms. And it was moving right toward him. He gulped, and put his bag down, not one to run away from a fight.

Alright, you want some? Come and get it!!” He yelled as he took a fighting stance. His father had tought him some fighting, but not all. The beast charged him and he had no time to react as it swated him away down the path.

He tried to stop, and was able to put his feet and hands on the ground to stop himself. He looked up at the creature, a red mark on his face. “Strong... aren't ya...” He panted, stopping himself like that really took a lot out of him...

The Alian charged again, and grasped him by the throat, lifing him into the air and choaking him to death. He pulled and pulled, unable to rip the tentical from his throat. Failling to even make it twitch a bit...

There was a sudden hail of bullets, and a figure appeared, shrowed in shadow. Naruto fell to the ground, the Alian's hand having been shot off. He got a good look at it... It was michanical?

The arm had wires sticking out of it, and now that he could feel it without dieing, it did feel like metal skin...

The shrowed figure let loose another hail of bullets, raining down on the Alian before him. Dust was thrown up as the figure landed in front of him and turned around...

He blinked. “Mato?”, true to his word, Mato stood there in front of him, but she looked... different...
____________________________________The Other Flame Haze______________________________________

A/N: Yes I'm back, with yet another annoying thought that wouldn't go away (though it could be a good annoyance...)

Yes, I'm making a Naruto x Shakugan no Shana crossover.

Well... there's not much to say after that... so I guess I'll just get on with the story, ne?




Jutsu/Spell/Powerful Being talking (ex. Alastor, Kyuubi, Marchosias, etc.)

The Other Flame Haze

Chapter 1: It all Began with...

It was morning.

Tuesday to be exact. Tuesday morning. It seemed like any old day. The sun was up, burning brightly on the earth. The birds were singing in the trees and on house roofs, and Sakura peddles were drifting to the ground, and were displayed beautifully on their trees. But this day was not as normal as it seamed, because today, Sakai Yuji found out a horrible secret about himself, and the world.

But, I'm getting ahead of myself, excuse my rambling, but perhaps... I'll just tell you from the beginning...

.::Sakai Home – 8:00 AM::.

“I'm Leaving!” one Sakai Yuji yelled as he walked out the door, closing it to soon to hear his mother reply.

Yuji wasn't like most boys his age. Hell, if you told him that, he might laugh and say you were completely wrong. But, then again, he wouldn't know what you were talking about.

Yuji was normal in appearance. He stood at a height of 5'7”, and was currently on his way to his first day of High School. Dressed in his Black suit, and holding his case in his right hand, you would almost mistake him for having a job at a bank or such. His hair was black, dark black. His eyes, a light blue (little hard to tell, correct me if I'm wrong please.) He didn't have a muscular build, but neither was he scrawny. Sort of an athletic build, but leaning more on a scrawny side. A little exercise could do him some good.

He was smart. Very smart. He was known for finding himself in tough situations and finding a way out that seemed to stupid to work. But that was pretty much where it ended. Even if he was smart, he was still denser than a damn brick. You literally had to walk up to the dude to tell him something so he would understand, that is, if it wasn't anything that wasn't written in any book. Example? Crushes. Only a few girls had a crush on him at school, hell maybe more, and the guy doesn't know it. To dense to even notice the blushes or the sputtering.

Back on to the story though.

For a few years, he had only had a few friends. When he moved to Maskai city, he made a lot more, some were still with him even now when he had first met them. He was on his way to meet two of them now. The first, being Ike Hayato, one of his best friends from middle school. The second...

“OI YUJI!!!” A loud voice yelled at the boy as he walked down the street. Yuji blinked, who could have been talking to him, and turned only to let out a light sigh.

Running up to him was his long time friend, Namikaze Naruto. This was his second friend. He had met him when he had just moved to Maskai city, they were both ten at the time. Yuji went to the playground, and had found no one to play with, seeing as he was shy when he first came. He didn't know anybody. Naruto was the one to see him and invite him to play a game they called 'Ninja'.

The object of the game was to hid and/or run without being caught and 'killed' by the enemy. It was kind of like a game of tag. Yuji proved to be good at the game, having caught Naruto himself 4 times out of the 8 they played. He could tell from the other kid's, and Naruto's, cheers that it must have been pretty good.

They had made fast friend, and he was introduced to the others he played with. Though they all had moved away sometime at the beginning of middle school, they didn't stay out of touch.

The first was Nara Shikamaru. A lazy, black haired, cloud loving boy that liked nothing better than to kick back all day and watch the clouds, if only to escape his mother's wrath.

The second was Akamichi Choji. A 'big boned', peaceful guy. He had met Shikamaru when they were 7, and had been the best of friends ever sense. Most of the time when Shikamaru would watch the clouds, Choji would join him and they'd both talk about what had happened, told jokes, and snacked on Choji's chips.

The third was Inuzuka Kiba. A hyperactive, energetic boy only surpassed by Naruto's own hyperactivity. He and Naruto had met when Naruto found Kiba's lost puppy, Akamaru, and they had both gotten into a fight over how Kiba thought Naruto was going to steal him. They'd somehow gotten some respect between them over the years and became friends.

For a wile, it had just been them five, causing havoc, getting in trouble, and doing kid like things. Then tragedy struck.

Naruto's parents, Namikaze Minato, and Uzumaki Kushina, had a horrible car accident and had died in the hospital. Naruto locked himself in his room for two days, never coming out except to use the bathroom or eat. It was only when his four friends had climbed up his house wall and got through his window could they talk him into leaving. He reluctantly agreed and was taken in by a friend of the family, Umino Iruka. After a few years, Naruto was himself again. No longer was he depressed over his parents death, but now wished them happiness up in heaven.

Soon, Naruto had grown to the point where he wanted to strike out on his own. Iruka had argued back greatly, but in the end, Naruto had won. He now lived by himself in an apartment not to far from Iruka's place, and relatively close to Yuji's.

As they reached middle school, They started to see less of their friends, only Naruto and Yuji actually keeping in touch the most. Then it came the day when their friends all started to move away from Maskai city. First it was Shikamaru and Choji, both their fathers had gotten transferred out of the city and they soon moved to the United States. Kiba left half a year after them, his dad having gotten a new job in France, where they now lived in.

So now, it was just Yuji and Naruto. Of course, the five friends e-mailed, called, or wrote whenever they could, but it just wasn't the same.

“Yuji” Naruto's voice snapped Yuji out of his thoughts as they started to walk down the street again.

Naruto was about 5'9. He had bright blond hair that hung down into his face and almost reached his shoulders. He wore the same outfit as Yuji, but opted to keep the jacket of the suit open, exposing the white undershirt. He held his case over his right shoulder with his right arm as he walked down the street. His Sapphire eyes caught the attention of almost everyone when they looked, but mostly the female population.

“H-hai?” Yuji asked, still startled by the sudden call of his name.

Naruto grinned. “How was yer summer? I'd have joined you, but Iruka wanted me to join him on a trip to the beach.”

Iruka had suddenly come over to Naruto's place and knocked rather loudly on the door a few weeks after school had ended and dragged Naruto off on a two and a half month vacation to the beach. It was present, but he still wished he could have spent it in Maskai city.

Yuji shrugged his shoulders. “The same as ever. Sitting around, looking for a summer job, trying to cause trouble, the works.”

Naruto chuckled lightly as they came to the school's gates..

“Oii!” Called a voice at the other end of the school gates. A boy with light brown hair, light blue, almost gray eyes with glasses fitted under them, and a school suit ran up to them.

Naruto grinned again, and waved. “Yo, Ike!” Yuji just decided to wave at him. He gave them a small smile. “Being with you two doesn't make me feel like I'm at high school, it lacks in freshness.”

Naruto made a pout. “Ne, ne, don't make it my fault... blame it on Yuji.” he gave a toothy smile and earned a light punch to the shoulder for it, he made a mock hurt face and rubbed it. “Damn Yuji, you look scrawny, but you sure do pack a punch.”

Yuji made a face and turned to Ike to continue the conversation from before. “Don't blame it on us, you should have gone to a higher level school.”

Ike looked ahead and stuck his chin in the air. “Well, closer schools are easier to commute to.”

Yuji sighed. “What makes it worse is that you could chosen here for that reason.”

Ike brought his chin down. “I barely made it in.”

Yuji laughed. “Whatever you say, you're the type who gets what he wants.” He retaliated as all three walked through the doors into the school.

“I might just be lucky. It can also be said that you're shrewd.”

Yuji smiled lightly. “you think?” He asked as he replaced his shoes with his white ones. As he closed his locker, he looked over to see two boys with dark hair. The taller one closed his locker and smiled lightly. “ 'ey” then turned and walked off with his partner.

Yuji stood for a second, before smiling. “Morning!”

The taller boy's partner turned to him with a bored look. “I can hear you.” then walked around the corner. Yuji heard Naruto cough and say 'ass' between them. Yuji sent him a look and turned back to his locker.

“He's hard to talk to...” He made an obvious statement. As Ike talked about the one named Satou, Naruto quickly pulled a pendent from his shirt and looked at it.

He sighed quietly, and spoke just above a whisper. “Kyuubi. You awake?” he tapped the gem and it instantly lit up with crimson flames, and a voice rang out, but only loud enough for him to hear.

Ya brat, I can never get any sleep with you around.” Naruto gave a glare and flicked it, Kyuubi, and making it yelp from the jolt.

He smirked. “No need to be an ass, Mr. Crimson Lord.”

Kyuubi grumbled something before speaking again. “Well, what do you want brat?

He looked out the door and just spotted a mop of black hair belonging to a small girl before she vanished.

“That flame haze has been fallowing me for the last few days.”

Kyuubi let out a quiet 'ahh' in understanding. “She's just curious. Its not every day you find another Flame Haze in the same city as you now is it?

Naruto sighed, Kyuubi had a point. He told himself it would go away in a few days, but something told him that fate wasn't going to let it happen...

“I feel something Kyuubi, and it doesn't feel goo-”

“Naruto who are you talking to?”
____________________________________The Sharingan Fragment___________________________________

Author note: after thinking about this and having this story stuck in my head for a few days, I decided to write it (cuz it wouldn't leave me alone otherwise...) so, after a long, hard thought (about 3 seconds XD) I decided to write it.

Over my school breaks (and weekends) I've searched, and searched for the drive to continue The Fox and The Rabbit, unfortunately, my drive for it has gone, but all is not lost! I do not plan on letting it die. (now watch it do so cuz I just jinked myself... o.o)

Well, enough of my rambling. I'll get on with the story, but first, a few notes:

Note 1) Naruto will have ONE Sharingan eye in this fic. Why he only has one will be explained in the story through flashbacks as he regains his memories. It will not be fully matured at the beginning, might only have 1 or 2 Tomoe. But 3 from the start is just a bit much for me. I'm still debating about his Mangekyou Sharingan eye, but I'm not to sure, so its not 100%.

Note 2) Because of his past (part of what he can remember) he will be part Vampire. How much, I'm not sure, ¼ or ½ maybe. But it will be no smaller than ¼ for sure. Most of the weaknesses will be from Vampire Knight/Rosario + Vampire. (Water weakens him, sun annoys him, etc)

Note 3) He will be from the same clan Misuzu is from, so he will be Kusakabe Naruto (a year older than her too.) As he is part of the clan, he will wield a EIGHTH Kusakabe Sword, with the element that I have found not to have been shown (Light/Holy) The complete opposite of Douiogiri Yasutsuna, it will not take the life of the user, instead giving a faster healing rate to wounds (though Naruto probably wont need it with Kyuubi in 'em, so its like the ability will have almost no effect at all on him.)

Note 4) Kyuubi will still be inside of Naruto's soul, but Naruto wont be able to contact him (yet). Due to the memory loss, he only will know what he is, and his full name. (why its not Uzumaki/Namikaze will be explained too.)

Well I guess that should be good for the notes. And as always, I'm basing it off of the Anime (cuz I'm to lazy to read the Manga. ^^)

Well, on with the story!!

The Sharingan Fragment
Chapter 1: Meetings & Lost Memories

Satsuki Kakeru bit back a yell of fear. He couldn't scream in front of Yuka. He was suppose to be the one to protect her from these... these... Things. Yes, he decided, that's what he'd call them. At least until he knew their names. If they had names...

He almost jumped out of his skin when he was broken from this inner interrogation by one of them yelling. They had managed to surround both him and Yuka. He narrowed his one eye as he found a medal pipe on the ground, picking it up, he brandished it as if it was a sword, the 90 degree turn in it pointing downwards. As Yuka clung to him tighter, his grip on the pipe grew tighter as well.

Though he was not paying attention to what was going on around him. He was currently trying to stop his body from shaking like a leaf. One of the creatures stepped forward and let out its Cruse Ship like yell.

Kakeru-kun... Kakeru-kun!!” Yuka yelled, her last attempt to reach him by voice was yelled out at him. As the creatures started to move forward toward him, his Left eye was moving left and right, trying to watch all of them at once.

He failed to notice a masculine figure standing on a roof, a sword sheathed at his side. The figure narrowed his one visible, blood red eye and vanished all together.

A few seconds later, Said figure had cut down 2 of the Things. The let out a final roar, and burst into black smog, which soon evaporated into the air, leaving no trace of the Things left.

At the same time, a sword landed between the Silhouette and the two awe struck high school students, lightning sparking from its blade.

The figure turned his head to the left, just enough for his Red eye to watch the blade.

Kakeru hadn't seen much of him before, hell he didn't even know he was there until the two Things he had destroyed were fading away as Smog. The Silhouette was wearing a dark trench coat, one that had many pockets on it, obviously to hold items and other weapons. He had no doubt that there were more inside it as well. It seemed to keep the coat unzipped, the sleeves of the coat dangling in the wind, well if there was wind. He had bright, blond hair, with slight hints of red in it, mostly at its tips where it faded almost to a blood red. It seemed to mach his eyes. Or eye. His other one wasn't visible, so he couldn't tell if it was only his left eye that was different, much like his right eye.

The iris itself was red, a very deep, demonic red that just screamed power. Around its pupil where two, comma like marks that formed a straight line from the top left corner of the eye, to the bottom right. If Kakeru looked close enough, he could see that they would twitch and move ever so slightly every now and then. The figure dropped to the ground as another voice yelled out to them. This one feminine.

Get Down!!”

As Kakeru pulled Yuka down, He was able to notice that the Silhouette of the man before had three whisker like marks on his face. His mouth was forming a scowl that showed his canine teeth were slightly longer than a normal human's, almost like the fangs of a vampire. His right eye was a deep, sea blue, though it wasn't as menacing as his blood red one, it still showed he was not a man to be fucked with.

He was unable to watch It's eyes further as he closed them when the sword stuck in the ground suddenly exploded with electricity and blasted every one of the things around them. He, too, closed his eyes and a few seconds after he heard all the noise stop. He looked opened them again to find The man from before was on his feet, the sword he had used to attack the Things was being sheathed under his coat.

He was able to capture a gimps of it before it was concealed in the sheath. Its blade was pure black, and about 4 feet long, on it was white Kenji that spelled out 'Thy that protects the innocent, shall thrive with my power.' Its handle was snow white, wall its handle guard was a simple square.

The seconds Figure was obviously a girl. She was waring a regular school uniform that Yuka wore. the most predominant trait of her was her red hair, which Kakeru noticed was the same color as the blond's red tips, the color of a flame or blood. As she walked over and grabbed the blade stuck in the ground, Kakeru took time to observe it as well.

The blade gave off a feint blue aura. Its handle was rounded off, also blue. Its Guard was shaped like a star, and its blade was about 3-4 feet long, two inches out from the handle, it suddenly curved down, as if it was in the shape of a lightning bolt.

When the girl picked it up, she turned to the man, who was looking at the tops of buildings around them. She noticed the red tips of his hair and let her eyes narrow slightly. 'Only the Kusakabe Clan has that type of hair color, even if its dyed, it just looks to real.' Were the girls thoughts as she gripped her blade tighter, moving her wrist around to fight off this person if he was an assassin sent by the Kusakabe for her.

Who are you?” She asked, abet roughly, but as calm a voice as she could muster.

The figure turned his head, his Red left eye showing to her. Though the girl was surprised, she tried her best not to show it. He just stared for a few minutes with that ominous eye, as if memorizing her appearance. 'Or matching my appearance to a photo?' She thought to herself, trying not to show her weariness in her eyes.

The man turned around again, going back to gazing at the rooftops. Just as she was about to ask again, his voice rang through.

Kusakabe Naruto.” Were the simple two words he spoke. The girl took a stance with her swords, holding it with both hands, legs shoulder length apart, and positioning the blade in front of her, her eyes narrowed further. “Are you here to kill me?”

The man shook his head after a few seconds, he turned around half way, the left side of his body facing toward her. “No. If I was, you would already be dead, would you not?”

The girl felt a shiver go up her spine. Something in his voice just made her want to run as far away from this man as possible. Even all her highly tuned senses were screaming at her for just standing there and taking her stance. But she also felt truth in this mans words.

He turned around again after a few seconds, taking out a large, black cloth from his pocket. He placed the middle of the cloth over his left eye. And after wrapping it around three more times, it effectively hid his eye from view, he tied it in the back and let his hands drop.

He turned back around, looking at all three of them with his right eye before speaking again. “And who are you three? Its not exactly polite to ask for my name without giving yours in return.”

The girl turned red slightly from embarrassment and dropped her stance. “My name is Kusakabe Misuzu.” She turned around after the man nodded to her, She faced the only other two here as they watched from the ground.

The boy realized they were waiting for them and stood, helping the girl up as well. “I'm Satsuki Kakeru, and this is-”

I'm Minase Yuka!” The girl announced happily.
______________________________________________Kuroi Kitsune___________________________________

Yet, another story that was buzzing around in my head. I thought “why not have Naruto and Allen come to the Black Order together?” and so, this sprung into my head.

Summry: What if Cross had not one student, but two? What if the second student was Namikaze Naruto? What would happen if we threw Naruto into the story? NaruxLena.

Some Info:

1. Naruto will have two innocence, like his master. One he was born with, a parasite, and one he found and had implanted in his empty eyehole.

    2. His fighting style will be based around punches and kicks, as his parasite Innocence will increase his body's power by letting some of it's power flow through him.

On with the story!!

Disclamer: I do not own Naruto or D.Gray-Man. If I did, you'd know it. (Cuz this story wouldn't be on Fanfiction.)


“Normal Speech”


Akuma Talking/Technique

Kuro Kitsune
Chapter 1: And So It Begins...

“WHY THE HELL IS THIS PLACE ON A CLIFF?!?” Yelled the voice of an annoying blond boy. He was about 5'11, had spiky blond hair, three whisker marks on his cheeks, and one eye covered up in black cloth that had a star on it. He had on an orange tee-shirt, tan shorts that reached below his knees, fingerless gloves with metal plates on the back with the kanji for 'Copy' on them, and dark sandals on his feet. His face was twisted into a scowl as he climbed the cliff above a stormy ocean.

He moved out of the way of a rock that about fell on his face. He looked up at another boy with white hair, a red scar over his left eye, and a golden ball floating around him. He looked to be dressed in a white tee-shirt, suspenders over blue jeans, and black shoes.

“Allen, watch where your walking!” said boy, Allen, smiled nervously at the blond boy. “Sorry Naruto-nii!” Naruto 'tck'ed, not happy at the moment, when normally he was very hyper and cheerful. He quickly got tired of doing this and growled.

“Screw it.” He whispered. He let go of the cliff and fell back, but before he gained to much speed, his back glowed and out came a white wing, but only one on his right side. Despite having one wing, he flew perfectly upward, grabbing his partner, Allen, and flying the rest of the way.

“Oi! Naruto-nii! You can't do this, what if they attack us!?” Yelled Allen as they flew up, Naruto paid no attention and continued to fly.

As he reached the top, he landed at the edge of the cliff, letting Allen down first, then landing himself and letting the white wing turn to light and go back into his shoulder. Oddly enough, his clothing had no wholes in them, like the wings never existed...

“I'm gonna give them a piece of my mind.” he grumbled as he walked closer, stomping his way there with his feet wide apart and his arms spaced out like he was flexing. Allen thought it looked quite funny. Hell, even Timcanpy was laughing silently.

.::Inside the Large Black Building::.

Scientists looked through monitors at the duo walking toward the building. “Oi, Boss. We got something...” He lazily drawled out as he spun a pen around his hand.

A Man walked over with purple hair, a white trench coat, and glasses that hid his eyes with a glare from the lights. He was not alone. Behind him walked a green haired girl, dressed in a black uniform that a few others in the room were dressed in.

As she and the man walked up to the monitors, the man spoke. “What is it?” He looked at the monitors and blinked. “Kids? Aren't they a little far from home?”

Oi!! I got a bone to pick with ya!!!” The blond haired kid suddenly glared at the camera watching them and shook his fist. The man blinked. “Is he stupid or something...?”

Unknown to either of them, the green haired girl had a slight red tint. 'He's kinda cute...'


“Oi! You hear me!?” Naruto continued to yell at the camera. Allen walked up to a door with a face on it and tilted his head. “Oi! Naruto-nii! Check this out!” He called over to the boy. The boy turned to Allen and sighed, then walked up to him, the camera watching him as he went.

“The hell?” he asked no one as he looked at the face. He was about to touch it with his reached out hand when it suddenly twitched. He jumped back, a look of fear on his face. “What the hell!? It's moving.”

The face opened its eyes and stared hard at them. “Activating scan.” It's eyes glowed as it looked at Allen and Naruto. It spotted the star mark above Allen's eye and the star mark on Naruto's headband and started to scream.

“Their Akuma! The Akuma have come to the castle!!!” It screamed in fear, and closed its eyes again, returning to stone.

Naruto blinked then glared at the stone. “We aren't Akuma you dumb bastard! Name's Namikaze Naruto! Spell it with me! N-a-m-k-a-z-” He was cut off by a man jumping over the wall and aiming a sword at him. Naruto's eye flew up as his instincts took over, and jumped back. The man landed in a dust cloud.

Naruto landed with Allen in his hand, his wing out behind him as he flew in the air. “OI! The fuck buddy!? Can't ya see I was talkin'!?” He yelled. Allen by his side sighed. That was Naruto alright...

The dust cleared to show a man with black hair, a long black cloak around him, and a sword by his side.

Naruto landed on the ground, but kept his wing out, ready to fight. “You wanna fight? Fine, I'll take ya on!!” He yelled. He let go of Allen, and sprang forward at the man, engaging him in a one-sided fight. Naruto being the only one trying.

“Naruto-nii!!” Allen called, then turned to the camera. “Hay! We were sent here by my master, Cross Marian!” He called, hoping they could hear him.


The scientist turned to the Purple haired man, eyes narrow. “Komui...”

The man, Komui, turned to a random scientist and dramatically pointed. “You! Search my desk!!” The scientist dropped the mountain of papers he was holding, eyes wide. “Are you crazy!?” He turned to look at a desk full of papers that dated back three to four years ago.

The green haired girl jumped. “I'll help!” She ran over to them, with four people searching his desk.

Komui turned back to the screen, watching the fight. “...Lets see what he can do...”


Naruto jumped away from a slash from the mans sword. He was panting and down on one knee, his wings were bent, ready to take off if the need arose.

“Damn it! I'm done playing!” He reached up for his headband and gripped it tight. As he seemed to struggle to pull it off, the star mark glowed, and looked like it wanted to stay where it was.

A wind began to pick up around Naruto as he pulled it further off. “HUAAAAHHHH!!” He yelled as it started to slip.


A hand poked up from inside a pile of papers, one letter in its hand. “Found it!!” He yelled. The girl grabbed it from him and began to read aloud.

'Dear Komui,

I'm sending two brats your way. Their named Walker Allen, and Namikaze Naruto. Be sure to let them in, everything they say is true.

Cross Marian.'

The room was silent. Komui turned to the monitors and pushed a button. “Kanda! Their clean, leave them be!”
(This Story is still in the works)

A/n: Well this story is about a Roleplay site I made about a year ago (that never caught on) and I've decided to remake it into a story.

The story is about Naruto (of course) and the game they play is Kādobatoru. Which is simply translated as Card Battle. The rules of the game are explained in the story.

The game kind of fuses Yu-gi-oh and Bleach, but that's about it. The game is still in development in my mind (because the site didn't catch on for it to develop maturely) so if something changes, or something is added, then I've improved the game a bit. So also expect other anime's to appear as well.

Anyway, here we are!! Enjoy!


Chapter 1: I will be a Duelist!! Believe it!

“Today's the day!!!” A blonde boy of 14 years yelled as he jumped down the stairs of his house.

This boy was Namikaze Naruto. Son of the great duelist Namikaze Minato, the Kiiroi Senko, and his civilian mother, Namikaze Uzumaki Kushina. Naruto's father was the greatest duelist of his time, having started out as a rookie by beating the strongest duelist in his town, and doing so until he won the entire game in less than two years. He had later met Naruto's mother and from there, they had gotten married and had a child, Naruto.

5 years later, Minato suddenly vanished on his way to Shiren, the Duelist capital. He was never found and to this day, 11 years later, he remains. He is presumed dead, but his family doesn't believe that. It was actually one of Naruto's two dreams in his life.

The first was to be the best. Not the best in his town, or a city (though it might be nice), but the best in the game, like his father was. And the second, was to find his father and challenge him to a duel.

“Naruto-Chan! Quiet down.” A feminine voice called from the kitchen. Naruto held his pose for a moment, before his head drooped with a sweat drop.

“Kaa-san! You ruined my entrance!” He wined with anime tears. A woman with flame colored hair stepped out of the kitchen door, a skillet in hand. “What was that?”

Naruto began to shake and waved his hands back and forth, sweat dropped down his head. “N-nothing! Nothing at a-all!” The woman grinned, giving him an evil smile. “That's what I thought.” she then vanished behind the door again.

Naruto sighed after a second, head downcast again.

“Hon, come eat your breakfast before you leave! You still have yet to get your Beginning card.” By the time she said this, she turned around to see Naruto's plate cleaned and the door opening.

“I'm off!” He yelled from the door as he ran out. Kushina blinked a bit before she sighed, a smile on her face. “Just like his father.” She whispered as she turned around to wash the dishes. A tear streaking down her cheek...

.::Streets of Konoha::.

“Damn! I hope the card store isn't still closed!!” Naruto yelled as he sped down the sidewalk, cars honking beside him as he ran past them.

“Look out!!” He turned a corner as the voice yelled. He had time to blink in confusion as two bodies ran into him, causing them all to land on the ground.

He heard the feminine groaning and opened his eyes to see big green ones, and pink hair... Scratch that, a pair of red eyes and silver hair too...

He blinked. Once... Twice... Three times... The two girls had gotten off of him by that time and he sat up. He turned to his right and got a better look.

One girl had big green eyes and pink hair, her eyes curious. The other girl had silver eyes, and silver hair. She looked a bit taller than the other, with a small scowl on her face.

He fought back a blush as his face began to heat up. He stood and dusted himself off, then scratched the back of his head. “G-gomen. I didn't see either of you.”

The girl with pink hair smiled cutely at him, making him turn a slight red in the face. “Not a problem... er...?”

Naruto stuck his hand out. “Namikaze Naruto.” A smile married his face as his eyes closed. The girl grabbed his hand and shook it. “Akashiya Moka”

He blinked when the silver haired one walked up to him and stared right in his eyes with her crimson ones. “Eto....” He started, still blinking. The girl backed up, arms crossed under her already impressive bust, and settled for a glare.

He scratched his head and offered a smile. “um... Name's Namikaze Naruto...” He stuck his hand out, the girl huffed. Turned and gave him a side glance. “Akashiya Moka...” And walked off. He blinked at her attitude. Then he blinked again. 'Similar Names?'

The pink haired Moka sighed and gained Naruto's attention again. “Sorry about her.” She gave a small bow. “She's kind of...” She paused, not finding a word to fit the description. “...Withdrawal?” Naruto nodded slowly, accepting the word. “Your probably wondering about our names as well?”

He nodded again, either this girl was good at reading people, or this happened a lot... he was willing to bet on the latter.

“Well, our parents were a bit out of it at the time they had us. So we ended up with the same name, but they gave us nicknames to distinguish us.” She pointed at herself. “I'm Omote (Outer), and she's Ura (Inner)” Naruto nodded in understanding, parents these days weren't that responsible... some of them.

“So, where are you heading?” He asked, after a few moments of pause. Omote Moka (He had decided to call her in his head) Pointed in the direction opposite of him. “The card store. We're heading in to get our Beginning cards.” She smiled.

Naruto grinned brightly. “Me too!” He pointed at himself, ignoring the thought in the back of his head that said he was heading the wrong way to begin with...

“Well then lets go!” She said, grabbed his hand, and began to run. As she passed her sister, Ura Moka, she grabbed her hand again as they began to run. Out of the corner of his eye, he caught Ura Moka glaring at him again.

He sighed inwardly, this was going to be an interesting friendship...

.::Card Shop::.

A bell ringed as the trio walked in, the two girls before Naruto himself. Though he was slightly scared of her, he couldn't help but find himself watching Ura Moka walk in front of him. He quickly tour his eyes away from her body as he entered the store and looked at all the cards on the shelves. His eyes sparkled as he observed them all.

“What can I do for you all?” An kind voice asked from in front of them. They turned to see a man with Silver hair and kind blue eyes.

“Hai!” Omote Moka said, slightly loud, and ran up to him, Ura Moka and Naruto followed not long after. “We're here for our Beginning cards.” The bright girl cried, exited to finally begin her career of being a duelist.

The man nodded and from the counter pulled out three green cards, and handed each of them a card. He then stood back and beckoned them all to follow him.

He lead them through a door to a room that was completely black, save for the glowing pattern of kanji on the ground.

“Now” The man began. “Each of you stand in the circle in the middle of the seal.” They all obeyed and stood in the seal, in a line as it was just big enough.

“Now. The card you have will take small amounts of your DNA, or your Soul in a sense. It will form a blade that will be your Card Disk. The blade could be anything from a knife, to a large scythe. The process of this will build up your soul's energy, and when you think your body can't handle any more, then raise the card as high in the air as possible.”

The kanji on the ground began to glow and Naruto could already feel something building in his chest. He felt Omote Moka instinctively reach for his hand as she too felt the same feeling. He was too busy trying to fight off the feeling of pain as he felt the energy increase more and more by the second.

In a few minutes he felt Omote Moka raise her card in the air, he could see the beginning of tears in her eyes as pink energy enveloped her and the card. It cleared and showed her holding a regular katana, with a pink handle. Though it did look slightly larger than normal...

She was lead away by the store owner and sat her down in a chair in the room, she was panting and looked extremely tired.

He glanced at Ura Moka and saw her with her eyes closed and arms crossed, but he could tell just by her posture that she was feeling the pain, but refusing to show any emotion or indication of it.

He grit his teeth, as the pain took a jump. He felt a wind kick up as a blue aura whipped up around him, the same for Ura Moka, but hers was a deep crimson.

He felt the pain in his body jump once more and he had the last of it, and finally raised his arm, holding the card up in the air.

Then it all stopped...

The wind... the pain...it all stopped.


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Love the story, I wonder if Naruto will fill the pain again in the next chapter you make.


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Hay, thanks man, I had more, but I wasn't sure if i could post that many in one...post.


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Post another story I want to read more. How are you gonna end this?

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Destine to crave what one doesn't see
For he must allow himself to be consumed
By his own neglated thoughts

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Well, these are only Previews, if you wanna read the rest of them, just follow the links to the actual stories on Fanfiction.

And i'll post up one more, even a full chapter XD

_____________________Anime Heaven_______________________

A/N: Hello! I'm back with another story for your entertainment! There's not much to say about this one, except that a lot of anime will be crossed-over into this one story.




Powerful Being Talking/Technique being used/Gate being opened”

'Powerful Being Thinking'

'Sourusodo Speaking to Master'


.::Scene Change::.

Anime Heaven
Chapter 1: Death is only the beginning...


'It's... cold...'

In a motionless, black abyss, a figure opened his bright blue eyes drowsily. They shifted left and right, not being able to see anything but darkness.

The body attached to the eyes began to move, slowly at first. It's fingers twitching every few seconds. Eyes blinking, trying to clear away the non-existent cover over them.

The movements gradually got more powerful. Arms moving around, trying to find a stable, solid plain to touch, and found none. The hands moved up to the figure's head, feeling the facial features.

'What... What happened... The last I remember...' Sudden thoughts of a pink haired woman, a black haired man, and a silver haired teacher flew into his thoughts, along with names, places, everything... but how he ended up here...

The figure put on a curious face and looked around, and found nothing. 'What the hell...?' Having somehow learned to move, he shifted his weight and turned himself around to look behind him.


From under the cover of a black cloak, two silver eyes watched the man. The eyes narrowed in thought. 'This man... he's already gained back most of his memories...? Much faster... than the others... And he's already discovered how to move inside the Chaos...? Hmm...' The eyes suddenly vanished, and in their place was a white feather, glowing brightly in the darkness...

.::Back with the Man.::

As the man moved around, he spotted a glimmer of light and turned toward it again. It was a white feather. No bigger than a bird's.

He tilted his head to the left and began to float toward it. As he neared it, he became visible, no longer cloaked in darkness. His hair was a bright blond, as if touche by the sun. On his cheeks where three whisker marks each. He was around 5'10”, maybe 5”11”. Around his shoulders was a black cloak, with flames etched into the ends. On the back, it had kanji colored red that spelled out “Rokudaime Hokage.” that, he had on an orange suit, that had pieces of black every now and then, but it was torn open at the zipper, which had been blown off. On his forehead, there was a black headband that held his hair out of his eyes.

As he touched the feather, he felt a pulling sensation, and suddenly he was surrounded by light, the darkness was forced back until it vanished.


“So you can see it?” A voice cut him off as he spoke, echoing around him.

The orange figure started to spin around to find the voice. “What do you mean by that? Show yourself!” The answer he got was a lighthearted chuckle.

“No need to be frightened, I'm a friend... Naruto.” There was a gust of wind behind the orange man, now Naruto. Said orange loving ninja spun around to find a man standing there.

His hair was silver, along with his eyes. He had on a black cloak that went down to his ankles. Below that, was black clothing. He had a black, button up shirt. His pants weren't form fitting, but neither were they baggy.

On his left hip was a large sword, it looked about as long as Zabuza's, but not as thick.. It's handle was silver, but didn't seem to reflect any light at all. The blade, though hidden, was black. But the most thrilling feature were the wings on his back.

The wings sprouted from his shoulder blades. They glowed a bright white color, so bright, it was hard to tell where they were. They flapped slowly, as if this man was flying in the air.

“How....” Naruto began, mezmorized by the man's appearance. He shook his head, clearing it of cobwebs before speaking again, a hard look on his face. “Who are you!?” He reached down to pull out a Kunai but couldn't feel his pouch. He looked down and found it missing.

He heard a whistle and turned back to the man. The man smiled lightly, and held up his Kunai pouch. “Looking for this?”

Naruto gasped and growled. “Give that back!!” He charged at the man, and threw a right hook at his face. The man simply leaned back and dodged it.

“Now now, no need to get angry, you'll have this back when you promise not to try and kill me.” He said casually as if he did it everyday.

Naruto growled and took a deep breath. He exhaled and nodded. The silver haired man smiled warmly and tossed the pouch back to Naruto.

The boy caught it and began to check it, and found that everything was still there. He glanced at the man, then put his pouch back on behind him.

“Now, before I start talking, I'm sure you have questions that you want answered?”

Naruto nodded, he had a lot. Who wouldn't, after waking up to find themselves in this place.

The man nodded and lifted his hand to his sword. As he pulled the slightly longer blade out, he pointed it in the air. It let out a bright light, and Naruto suddenly found himself in a white room. The furniture was white, the door to his right was white, even the curtains where white. (Kingdom Hearts II: White Room...)

The silver haired man took a seat in one of the chairs at the long table, and motioned for Naruto to do the same.

The boy looked at the chair, and found that it had no traps at all. So he sat down, but did not drop his guard.

The man grinned. “Well, ask away Naruto.”

Naruto made a face, one that he had come to call his, thinking face. He looked this stranger in the eye and began to speak. “How... how do you know my name?”

The man nodded. “I've known your name for a while. For, it was your father, that told me to watch over you.”

Naruto's eyes became the size of dinner plates as he heard this. His father? Wasn't he dead? Killed by the Shinigami for sealing the Kyuubi no Kitsune into his belly?

“M-my father?”

The man nodded. “Yes, Namikaze Minato. I probably should have told you this earlier, Naruto, but.... your dead.” The man said with a sad smile on his face.

Naruto's eyes, if possible, got wider and gained a look of fear. He was dead? How? When? The last thing he remembered, was fighting Uchiha Madara. The man cast an extremely powerful lightning Jutsu and Naruto launched his Rassenshuriken, and when the attacks met, they exploded...

'Wait...' That was how... The explosion must have been powerful enough to kill Naruto. 'I.... I died...'

The man sighed and stood, he walked over to Naruto and placed a hand on his shoulder. Naruto snapped out of his thoughts and looked at the man as he smiled sadly. “Yes... you have died, fighting the man... no... the demon Uchiha Madara. But rest assured, he is dead too, and is now rotting in hell for his attempts.”

A large weight was lifted off of Naruto's shoulders as he heard this. He took a deep breath, exhaled again, and nodded.

The man sat down again and motioned for another question. Naruto, spoke right after that. “Who... Are you?” This seemed like the second or third time he asked.

The man nodded once again. “My name, is Senoku Narora. I am an angel from heaven?” The man, Narora, said.

Naruto nodded, then asked another question. “Where am I? Or better yet, where was I?”

Narora thought for a second, trying to think of how to explain it to him with out boring him to death. “Well, to start, that black place you were in is called The Chaos. It's where souls go when the body dies when there is nothing left in the dimension that the body died in to tie the soul there.”

“Where you are now, is another world, called Twilight Town, which is in a dimension separate from yours. You are in an old mansion, in a room called the White Room, obviously.” Narora answered with a smile.

“How do you know my father?”

“Well..” Began Narora. “I met him the first time when Shinigami-sama brought him to The Chaos. I was ordered to bring him to Heaven. We met, and had almost the same talk you and I have had. And just before I left him in Heaven, he asked me a favor. He said...”


A younger Narora stood in front of Namikaze Minato. Minato looked to be struggling with something.

Narora-san... will you... do me a favor?” Minato asked nervously.

Narora tilted his head to the side and nodded. Minato took a breath. “Watch over my son. Naruto is his name. Watch over him, and... make sure he's safe, please?”

Narora thought about it for a second. It would get him out of doing harder missions from Kami-sama and Shinigami-sama. He nodded at Minato. “Sure thing. I'll protect him for as long as I live.”

.::End Flashback::.

Naruto looked down at his lap and smiled. He let a few tears streak down his cheeks at the story. His father was protecting him, even in death...

He wiped the tears from his eyes and looked up at Narora again, who was waiting patently.

“What... what will happen to me?” Naruto asked the big question.

Narora smiled, as if he was waiting for him to ask it. “Well, after you have had your questions, I'll guide you to Heaven, where you will most likely meet up with others that have died in your world.”

(Music: Hikari: Orchestra version)

Naruto grinned happily, he would finally meet his parents in person. And all his diseased friends. 'Tou-san, Kaa-san, Ero-sennein...'

“Alright!! I'm ready, lets go!” Naruto jumped up from his seat and grinned.

Narora smiled and nodded. He stood and walked over to Naruto. “Alright.” He pulled his sword from his hip again and touched the air in front of them. It' rippled and with a collection of light, a door appeared. Narora walked over, gripped the handle, and pulled it open. A bright light shown and Naruto had to cover his eyes from it.

When his eyes adjusted, Narora placed a hand on his shoulder.

“Are you ready?” The Silver haired angel asked.

Naruto nodded confidently. Ready to face a new world in his afterlife.

Narora smiled and they walked through. As they went, they vanished into the light and the door closed. After the doors completely closed, it vanished and the camera moved through the windows, and turned as it flew into the clouds, looking down on the mansion....

.::Heaven – North Gate::.

Naruto opened his eyes as he felt solid ground below his feet. He glanced down to find paved road below him.

Narora smiled as he saw Naruto get used to seeing something besides white/black again.

Around both of them was a very big court yard. Behind them, the door they came through closed and vanished. On the outer edges of the yard, were large, white pillars. On the other side of the yard, where large buildings.

“This.” Narora began, catching Naruto's attention. “Is the North side of Heaven. The North, East, and South sides all have court yards like this that souls appear in when they are guided here by an angel of Mid-Captain level or higher.”

Naruto blinked. “Mid... Captain?”

Narora nodded and spoke.

“Yes. In Heaven, angels are given ranks depending on their power level, and the amount of gates they can open. I can open all 9 of the Gates, but when my base power, the power I have when not using a gate, and the power of my ninth gate are averaged, it comes out as just between Mid to High level Captain. The Angel ranks are Lieutenant, Captain, and General.”

Naruto blinked once more. “Wait wait wait... gates? Like Bushy brow's gates? The... Inner ones or something?”

Narora blinked in confusion, before he let out a noise that sounded between an 'oh' and an 'ah'. “No, not quite. While the man you speak of, Rock Lee, opened gates, they aren't similar to these gates.”

“You see, the Inner Gates are gates withing a physical body, but the gates I speak off, are gates withing the spiritual body. While the Inner Gates harm the body in exchange for power, the Angel Gates have no such drawbacks, besides becoming extremely tired after using one past your limit.”

“The gates are only opened by gaining Sourusodo (Soul Sword).” He placed a hand on his sword as an example. “This is my Sourusodo, Kyuketsuki (Vampire).”

To get one, you must awaken your Sourupawa (Soul Power)” Narora explained, taking his hand off Kyuketsuki.

Naruto nodded. “How do you do that?”

Narora grinned and bent down to Naruto's ear. “You have to experience death while dead.”

Naruto blinked. Death while Dead? The hell? After you died, you could die again?

Narora nodded, as if reading his mind. “Yes, I can tell by the look on your face. You can die after you have died once. But this time, you are reincarnated into a new body, with no memories of what has happened in your past life, or here in your afterlife.”

To die again, you must be tested by Kami-sama before even thinking about attempting it. You have to have a a determined mind, and more power than most people have. But I'm sure she'd let you do it anyway. I can feel your power, and you have much more than needed. If I was to guess, by the time the test is over and your an angel, you'd be close to High Lieutenant level.”

Naruto made a face and got big, bright eyes. “Can we go se-... wait... “She'd”?”

Narora chuckled. “Hai, Kami-sama is female. You didn't know?” He blinked, and tilted his head to the side.

Naruto shook his head. “Where I came from, Kami was a man...”

Heheheh, well your history isn't correct then.” He began to walk. Naruto fallowed. “Are we going to see Kami-sama?” he asked excitedly.

Narora nodded. “Hai, we'll go to see her right now.” Naruto let out a big grin.

.::A Few Minutes Later – Center of Heaven::.

(Music: Bleach OST 1 Track 5 )

Whoa...” Naruto said quietly as he looked around.

Heaven sure was better than he had heard. And different. Instead of walking on clouds, and gates everywhere, it was like one large city. The streets were full of carts and merchants, trying to sell whatever they could. The houses ranged from large Skyscrapers, to normal houses you might see a family of five living in, along with apartments.

The streets were filled with people and cars in some places. Naruto only knew about motorized vehicles by asking Narora when he had heard one beep at him when he stood in the road.

They eventually came to the other side of Heaven and walked through a large gate into a mansion. It was a normal Japanese style mansion with sliding doors. It's court yard was large, larger than the one Naruto had come to when Narora came with him to Heaven's North gate. It was full of angels, some training, some sparing, and others relaxing in the sun.

As he walked through the doors of the mansion, Angels saluted them as they passed by, but Naruto guessed it was for Narora. Being a Mid Captain must be a very high rank.

Ano... Narora?”

The angel glanced at Naruto to show his attention. Seeing this, Naruto continued.

You're mid Captain level right? Is that a high level?” Naruto asked out of curiousity.

Narora thought about it for a second, before answering. “A bit. Thoughs of Captain level are very power, much more so than a Lieutenant, but they aren't the strongest. Their only in the middle. The level above them, General, are much more powerful. Evne a Low level general can outclass a High Level captain completely.”

But Kami-sama isn't a General. She's what's known as a 'God level'. Only She, and her brother Shinigami-sama are at this level. High General level's pale in comparison to a God level. A God level only has to so much as flick their finger at a General to send them flying. They don't even have to touch them.”

Naruto's mouth was slightly open, and his eyes were wide at hearing this news. Even the strongest rank could be beaten without being touched? That was pretty damn powerful. “W-wow...” Narora nodded with a grunt of agreement.

He neared a door and stood straight, hand at his side. A shadow on the other side of the door showed an obviously feminine figure drinking tea.

Narora spoke, deep and clear. “Kami-sama! Senoku Narora, Mid level Captain, reporting in from a successful retrieval mission!”

The figure set the tea cup down and turned their head to the door, and spoke in a soft, but powerful voice. “Hai, you may enter, Narora-kun.”

Narora bowed and slid the door open.

Naruto blinked and blushed lightly at the sight of possible the most good looking woman he had ever seen... and she didn't look a day older than 16!

Her hair was white, and long, reaching down to her mid back. Her skin was creamy and her eyes were silver, the same as Narora's. So far, they had been the only two Naruto had seen with those eyes. She war a light blue shihakusho with no bottoms. Her figure had to be the best he had ever seen in his life, her breasts had to be at leased a c-cup, and her hips weren't to large, nor to small, and her flat stomach complimented the look.

I've told you...” She said, with a warm smile and a shake of the head with closed eyes. “You don't need to use honorifics around me.”

Gomen, Kami-chan.” Narora said with a small chuckle. He walked in and motioned Naruto to follow him. As he shut the door behind them, two mats appeared in front of where the girl, Kami, was sitting. As they sat down, Kami set her finished tea down, and the cup and plate vanished.

She eyed Naruto for a moment, before turning to Narora. “You've brought him here?”

Narora nodded. “Hai. He wishes to undergo The Test.” Kami's face registered shock, before it grew harder.

You brought him here after only a few hours to take it?” Narora nodded at her question/statement. “Hai, he shows to have large amounts of power already. When converted, I'd guess he'd be around High-Lieutenant to Low-Captain level.”

Kami's eyebrows raised slightly before turning to our Orange loving ninja. “Hmm... yes, I can feel the power. It's much like those other two that came here. Their power was rolling off of them in waves, but his is slightly weaker... But not my much...” She stated.

Narora nodded. “That, and the fact... that he already knows how he died...” Kami sent a glance at Narora as he said this, and let out a soft grunt. “Already?”

Hai.” Narora crossed his arms. “He already knew his death the second I told him he was dead.”

Naruto blinked and looked between them, and spoke for the first time. “Ano... Is that a bad thing?” He asked curiously.

Kami smiled. “No, Naruto. It's just unheard of. Not many people remember how they died right after being told their dead. It usually takes a year for that part of their memories to return. There have only been a handful that remember, Narora being one of them.”

Narora nodded at Naruto as Kami said this. “There are another two that remember as well that have shown up in the past 2 years. And they were Low-Captain level right off the bat.”

Kami nodded. “And speaking of ranks, I think its time to start the test.” She snapped her fingers and they were instantly standing in the court yard, all of the angels looked up to her, stood and bowed. Then left the yard to watch from the sidelines.

Naruto watched at the display of respect, then turned to Kami and Narora, who were standing side by side.

Ok, Naruto-kun. To start the test, you must learn how to call up the small amount of energy you already have. To do this, think of a river flowing through your whole body. And try to draw that water away from the river.”

Naruto nodded and closed his eyes in concentration.

He was standing there for the better part of 10 minutes searching, and finally he found the 'river'. He began to pull the 'water' from it and felt a gust kick up around his body.

Kami and Narora watched from a few yards away as a gust picked up around Naruto's body.

Kami then smiled. “Ok, Naruto-kun, you can stop.” Hearing her command, Naruto stopped drawing on the energy and stood there.

The angels on the sidelines were paying close attention now if they weren't before. This kid just brought out enough energy to rival a High level Lieutenant. One man with orange, spiky hair was watching intently, a large horse cleaver of a sword on his back between his folded wings.

'This guy's about as good as me.' he thought to himself.

Back with Naruto, he was still waiting for Narora and Kami to stop talking. They finally turned to him when they finished.

Now.” This time it was Narora talking. “To obtain your Sourusodo, the only way that we can recognize you as a Angel, you must force all of the energy, or 'water' in that 'river' into your hand. For mos people, it can take weeks to learn how to do this, but I'm sure you won't take to long.” Narora gave an encouraging smile to the young soul.

Naruto nodded, a determined look in his eye. He closed them, and held his hand out in front of him. The energy once again began to whip up a gust around him, and a slight pressure exerted on the yard. Those Angels of Low-Lieutenant level felt the pressure the most, while Mid to High level Lieutenants were barely feeling it at all.

The energy began to take on a silver color as it collected into a ball in Naruto's hand. He began to grasp it, and it turned into a similar length of Narora's sword.

Narora's eyes narrowed slightly. 'This pressure is similar to Kyuketsuki's own pressure. What are you drawing on, Naruto?' He thought, he glanced at Kami to see her glancing at him. He nodded, and she turned back to the scene. She sighed inwardly. 'It feels so much like Narora's Sourusodo.'

Naruto's sword began to take color as it collected completely. It started at the handle, and went to the tip.

The handle was the same color as Kyuketsuki, but it had a silver chain at the end. The sword was bright white, but the very tip of the cutting edge was dark blue, until it reached the very tip where it ended. It was only a inch or two shorter than Narora's.

Naruto opened his eyes. Though now, they weren't Blue...

They had changed to a bright silver, much like Narora's and Kami's eyes. Said Angel and God let out grunts of surprise at the scene.

Narora blinked a few times. 'Those are...Kami no Me (God Eyes)...' Narora closed his own Kami no Me and opened them again, a small amount of pride in them. 'Naruto... you continue to surprise me...'

Kami's eyes were still as wide as could be. She turned her head to Narora to find him smiling. With a confused look, she turned back to Naruto and found him admiring his sword.

But what was actually him admiring it, was him speaking to it...

.::While Narora and Kami were in Shock::.

Naruto gazed at his Sourusodo in admiration. 'So... This is my Sourusodo...'

'And this is my new master?' A voice echoed in his head.

He nearly dropped his sword and looked left and right to find the person that said that, but found no one.

'The hell was that?' He thought to himself, but it was heard by someone anyway.

'Me you dumbass!' The voice said again. Naruto blinked, and looked at his sword. 'You?' he could have sworn he could see a tick mark on the sword's hilt.

'Yes!! Who the hell else!?' The Sourusodo yelled at him.

Naruto's eyes narrowed, as he missed Narora and Kami's looks. 'You don't have to yell, Baka!!'

'Yes, I do have to yell! You wont hear me unless I do!!'

Naruto's eyes twitched darkly. 'What!! Why you-!' He was about to destroy the sword when a voice spoke.

Naruto.” Said boy looked up from his sword at Kami who was watching with an amused look on her face. “The next step, is learning the Sourusodo's name. By doing this, you will unlock your dormant powers and become a true Angel. Right now, your at in in between level to to speak.”

Naruto nodded and looked at the sword, and projected a thought to it. 'Hay, you got a name?'

'Why don't you try asking me nicely, I might tell you!' The sword said back.

Naruto's eye twitched again, but he sighed. 'Will you please, tell me your name...?'

Now he could just feel the sword smirking. 'That's better. And my name, is...'

Naruto nodded. “Kyuketsuki no Musume. (Vampire's Daughter)” Naruto suddenly began to glow brightly, and was encased in the same white energy as it formed a dome around him.

He felt his body being ripped apart, and then put back in place once again, but through out it all, he did not scream.

.::Ten Minutes Later::.

Narora watched intently as the dome began to drop, only to show... chains?

He tilted his head with a confused look and gazed. Under the dome of white, was a dome of black chains, with a pointed edge on each of them.

They slowly began to crack, and the pieces that fell of disintegrated into the air before they hit the ground. A few seconds later, it was all gone, and Naruto was visible under it.

His orange clothing was gone now. Not a speck of orange remand, save for the armor plate on his right shoulder and his pants. His upper body was dressed in a black muscle shirt. Over that was a black hoody with its hood down, flapping behind him. On the back of the hoody was a star. Naruto's once orange hair had streaks of red it it now. His lower body was covered in pants similar to Narora's but they were orange. His Sourusodo, Kyuketsuki no Musume was strapped to his left hip in a black sheath.

He opened his eyes and looked at his new appearance and smiled. “Cool!” He said, closing his silver eyes in joy.

'Indeed...' Kyuketsuki no Musume's voice echoed in agreement.

In the sidelines, the orange haired teen watched with slightly widened eyes. 'This kid...I can feel his power already. He's on par with me...'

'Mmm...' A voice grunted in the teens mind. Said teen turned his brown eyes to the sword on his back. 'What do you think of it, Zangetsu?'

The sword, Zangetsu, grunted again. 'It appears as if he had some supernatural power when he was alive as well. No one can have this much power right off of the test's third stage without that kind of background. It might be wise to befriend him, Ichigo.' Zangetsu advised it's wielder.

Back with Naruto, he was listening to Narora explain the last part of the test.

Now, Naruto, the last part of the test is bonding.”

Naruto blinked. “Bonding?”

Narora nodded. “Hai. You must learn to fight, trust, and live with your Sourusodo, for it is your partner for the rest of your afterlife.” He placed a hand on Kyuketsuki for emphasis.

Naruto nodded. “Ok, what do I have to do?”

Narora turned his head to the crowd of Angels and nodded at two people, who then walked over.

One was the orange haired man Ichigo. He walked with a stride, as if he was confident that he could take on anyone here. He had on a black Shihakusho, much like Kami, but actually wore the bottoms. His eyes were a chocolate brown color. On his back was the abnormally large Sourusodo, Zangetsu.

The other was a girl. She appeared around 14-16 years old. She wore a trench black trench coat with a star on the back, the same as Naruto's. But left the front open. Naruto would have blushed bright red and turned away if it wasn't for the fact that he was sizing up her power, for the only thing she war under the coat was a bikini top, and form fitting shorts, along with knee high boots.

Her hair was black, in two uneven twin tails. One looked slightly burnt. Her eyes were blue, with slight rings in them. On her torso, were two scars. One started just below her left breast and vanished into the bikini top, the other was on her right side, just to the right of her stomach, and vanished behind here where it continued for half an inch and ended.

As they stood next to Narora, he smiled. “You are to fight until you are bonded enough to unlock the first gate, Ichiban (The First). These two are Kurosaki Ichigo.” He pointed to the Orange haired man, who nodded at him in a greeting, “And Kuroi Mato.” (I know it wasn't stated that it was her, but it's easier to just call her by her other name than Black Rock Shooter, cuz it doesn't seem like much of a name...)

Naruto nodded, pulled Kyuketsuki no Musume from her sheath, and took a stance with her.

Mato pulled a gun from what seemed like mid air and took a ready stance, to dodge or fire at him depending on what movement's he made.

Ichigo drew Zangetsu from his back and held it in front of him.

Narora walked in between them and lifted his hand. “Ichiban is the only gate permitted to be opened in this match. The match will end when either Naruto unlocks the Ichiban, or one side cannot continue.” He explained to them all.

Mato was a Low-Captain level, and thus, had the ability to open up to Goban (The Fifth) of the gates. Ichigo was able to open Yonban (The Forth).

Match between Namikaze Naruto vs the team of Kuroi Mato and Kurosaki Ichigo, Hajime!” He quickly jumped away to let the fight start.

Ichigo started it out by charging Naruto, and swinging Zangetsu quickly at his neck.

Naruto, lifted up Kyuketsuki to block the attack, but felt the power behind the attack and grunted. Ichigo was pushing hard on him, trying to force him to one knee and make him leave an opening.

'Naruto, focus your sourupowa to your arms.' Kyuketsuki's voice echoed in his mind.

Naruto grunted and began to concentrate. He felt the energy and pulled on it, but then focused the same way he would his Chakra, and felt the energy move into his arms. He felt the weight from Ichigo's attack begin to fall and he started to push back. Eventually, they were at a stalemate.

'Damn he's strong! We are about the same level!' Ichigo thought to himself as he pushed. He caught a glimpse of something behind him and quickly jumped away. Just as he did, a large amount of bullets rained down on Naruto.

Just before the attack hit, Kyuketsuki spoke to Naruto. 'Focus your energy into the chain at the end of me, and concentrate on where you want the chains that will sprout to show!!'

Naruto did as asked, and directed the chains to appear in front of him. They appeared from the ground and behind himself and stopped the shots dead in their tracks.

Ichigo landed besides Mato and sighed. “I don't think I can fight him at this level.”

Mato glanced at him and back at the dome. Ichigo sighed. “Yeah, yeah, I know.” He walked forward and held Zangetsu in front of him, his free arm gripping his right just above his elbow.

Sourupowa about the size of Naruto's wiped up around him as Zangetsu glowed with a blue light. “Ichiban!” Ichigo yelled as the energy around Zangetsu turned into a flame and started to move down the hilt onto his arms. Soon Ichigo was engulfed in the flames. They shrunk into him as he glowed for a second, then it died down.

By that time Naruto had moved the chains and was able to see it. Just as he took a stance, Ichigo vanished from sight.

Naruto's eyes widened. 'The hell!?'

'Behind you!!!'

Naruto turned just in time to see Ichigo appear with Zangetsu raised above his head. He quickly jumped to the right as it was brought down. And made a decent sized crater where he once stood. 'Shit!!' He yelled in his head as he watched with wide eyes.

He grunted in surprise and looked behind him to see Mato with a black Katana swinging at his neck. He had enough thought to bring up a chain that stopped it, and quickly wrapped around it.

Naruto's eyes narrowed as he threw the girl at Ichigo, who was recovering from his attack on the ground. He glanced at the flying body coming at him and watched as it vanished a few seconds before it hit him.

Naruto blinked. “Nani?” Where had she gone? One second she was flying through the air, and the next, she was gone. He looked left and right, up and down, forward and back for her, but found nothing.

Kyuketsuki hmmed inside of Naruto's mind as he looked. Naruto glanced down at her. 'Got an idea?'

'Yes actually, focus your Sourupowa to your eyes, that should help a bit.' She stated.

Naruto nodded and forced the energy to his eyes. Suddenly, everything was slower, even the leaves on the trees were much slower. He glanced at Ichigo, and found him with a confused look on his face. Around him was a blue fire that just raised off his skin. He caught a glimpse of something and turned his head to find Mato running to his right.

The second he turned to her, she gained a look of shock.

On the sidelines, Narora was grinning. 'Kami no Me. The ability to speed up electrical impulses between the eyes and the brain, allowing for faster reaction time to objects. Everything becomes clearer and slower. Also allowing the ability to see Sourupowa and how it moves, allowing someone to learn to use techniques faster, but by no means copying them... those are the words Kami-chan told me when I found out I had those eyes.'

Back with Naruto, he was sending chain after chain at Mato, but not having any luck hitting her. She just jumped ahead of the attack when it came to close. Finally he got one around her leg and grinned. He swung her around a few times before throwing her to the ground.

She quickly maneuvered in the air and landed on her hand, then flipped to her feet.

Naruto grinned, and did not notice the small white glow around Kyuketsuki. He charged forward, eyes enhanced by Kami no Me, and swung Kyuketsuki at Mato's neck, only to have it blocked by Ichigo as he appeared between them with Zangetsu in a defensive position.

Naruto's eyes narrowed. He quickly sent a chain at Ichigo, who leaned one way to dodge it, still keeping hold of Naruto's Sourusodo.

Naruto jumped back away, landing about 10 yards away. As he stood, the glow around Kyuketsuki intensified into white flames.

'Naruto, take a stance, and focus as much power as you can into me!' Kyuketsuki ordered him. Naruto nodded and held Kyuketsuki out in front of him at eye level, horizontal to the ground, with the hilt facing his right, and the tip facing left. He began to pour massive amounts of Sourupowa into her, and the flame grew until it was twice the size that Ichigo had made.

It suddenly caught Naruto on fire and began to shrink into him, but unlike Ichigo, it gradually leaked off of him.

On the sidelines Narora grunted. “He somehow opened the Niban (The Second).” He vanished with a flicker as he went to stop the fight.

Naruto was holding Kyuketsuki to his side as he felt enormous power. He ran toward Ichigo, who was preparing to open his own Niban before Narora appeared and stopped Naruto's blade with his bare hand.

Naruto.” He began, Naruto looked up at him, eyes wide as the power suddenly started to drain. “You can't let your emotions control you when you use the gates. What you experienced was a power rush. So much power entered your system at once, your body couldn't handle it, so your mind told it to do whatever it could to use it up.” By now the energy was gone, and Naruto was left tired, wobbling on his feet.

You have to let it enter slowly, until your body can handle energy of that magnitude entering all at once.”

Naruto nodded and fell on his backside, Kyuketsuki no Musume still grasped into his right hand.

Ichigo sighed and let his Ichiban go. He felt the slight fatigue from using it, but ignored it and turned to Mato, who was still kneeling on the ground. “Hay.” He called, gaining her attention. “You good?”

Mato stood up and glanced at him, then began to walk away. Ichigo sighed. He hadn't had to deal with someone like her in his past life as a Shinigami, so why now? He shrugged, first time for everything...

He walked around Narora and knelt down to Naruto. “You ok man?” he asked . Naruto nodded, to tired to speak. Ichigo stood and offered his hand, Naruto grabbed it and was hoisted up to his feet again, wobbled, but held this time.

Narora nodded. “Ichigo, escort him to the Health Office please?” Ichigo nodded, gave a solute, and helped Naruto to the office....

.::To be Continued::.

A/n: Well, thats the first chapter, slightly longer than I planed, but the longer the better.

Just so your not confused, I'll clear up the gate thing...

Ichiban: Known as the first gate. It also starts the Lieutenant levels. It is the Low Lieutenant level of the gates, the weakest and thus the one with the least amount of power given to the user. Flames will originate on the Sourusodo and cover the user. Bonding rate needed: 10%.

Niban: Known as the second gate. It is also the Mid-Lieutenant level. It is stronger than the Ichiban, but not my much. Flames will once again appear on the Sourusodo, twice as big as before, and cover the user, but now the energy can be seen as small tendrils of color raising off the user. Bonding rate needed: 17%

Sanban: Known as the third gate. It is the last Lieutenant level, marking a High level Lieutenant. This gate is stronger than both the Ichiban and Niban combined. The fire no longer appears, and now large tendrils of power will come off of the user, but leave no damage to the surrounding area. Bonding rate needed: 20%

Yonban: Known as the fourth gate. It starts the Captain levels, and is the Low-Captain gate. It is the weakest of the Captain gates, but stronger than the Sanban gate by far. The large tendrils will now begin to effect the area around the user, leaving marks on the ground and trees that are hit. Bonding rate needed: 30%

Goban: Known as the fifth gate. It is the Mid-Captain level gate. It's stronger than Yonban, and thus gives much more power. At this point, pressure around the user sets in and can completely knock out anyone that is not in Sanban or higher just by standing near them for to long (about 3 minutes). The tendrils vanish, and now an aura appears around the user as they activate this gate, the same color as their Sourupowa. Bonding rate needed: 50%.

Rokuban: Known as the sixth gate. It is the last Captain level, marking a High level Captain. This gate is stronger than both Go ban and Yonban combined. Pressure can knock out anyone that is not in Yonban or higher (about 1 minute). The aura grows larger, and can begin to push smaller energies away from it as it activates. Bonding rate needed: 60%

Nanaban: Known as the seventh gate. It is the start of the General levels, and is the Low-General gate. It is the weakest of the General gates, but much, much stronger than the Rokuban. Pressure now kills anyone that is in Sanban or below (about 3 minutes), and can knock out anyone in Go or Yonban (about 30 seconds). Energy vanishes from user's body, turning them normal for a short time. It appears again as large rings floating around the user. The rings then fuse with another, secondary Sourupowa of a different color radiating from the user (i.e. White + Red = Pink, Blue + Red = Purple, etc.). The result is the user's hair and eye color changing to match the new color. Bonding rate needed: 70%.

Hatchiban: Known as the eighth gate. It is the Mid-General gate. Pressure can kill anyone in Goban or below (about 1 minute), and knock out anyone in Roku or Nanaban (About 5 seconds). The energy from before is now visible at all times as in aura around the user. Bonding rate needed: 90%

Kyuuban: Known as the ninth gate. It is the high-General gate. Pressure kills anyone in Rokuban or blow (about 30 seconds) and knocks out anyone in Nanaban (instantaneous). The energy becomes much more powerful and dense, but the aura stays about the same. Only a handful of people can reach this level of power. Bonding rate needed: 99%

Juuban: Known as the tenth gate. It is a forbidden level, exclusive only to Kami-sama and Shinigami-sama, and anyone they see fit to use it's power. The energy turns completely black, an aura can be seen around them, or not (optional to the user). The user's hair turns black, and their eyes gain the Kami no Me (Temporally). The sclera (white part) turns black, and the iris turns silver. The pupil of the eye stays normal. The user is completely on a different level. Pressure kills Hatchiban users and below, but Kyuuban seems to be able to resist the knockout effects. The only thing that can match a Juuban user is another Juuban user. And usually it results in a fight that can destroy a world or two... The last Juuban user besides Kami-sama and Shinigami-sama was over a century ago, and they have been lost after the fight between them and Shinigami-sama... Bonding rate needed... 200% or higher...if possible...

Hope that answered some of your questions guys!

Bond Rates:

Naruto/Kyuketsuki no Musume – 18%.

Mato/Kopi – 52%

Ichigo/Zangetsu – 48%

Narora/Kyuketsuki - ??? (Guessed to be at least 99%)

.::Next Time::.

Naruto meets someone from his past, is placed on a team with two other angels and a leader, and meets a dangerous stranger...

See ya's


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