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Riku's relationship with Xion...

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#1 Riku's relationship with Xion... on 2011-12-04, 13:39

Okay so...call me crazy for posting this but...I've got this really weird feeling and I want to know if anybody feels the same way 0_o

After viewing all the scans and trailers so far, I've noticed that (past their initial meeting) Riku and Xion appear to be relatively close. Do you think that it's her obvious similarity to Kairi that makes Riku so sympathetic towards her...or maybe it's just that she's deeply involved with Sora's memories (or something like that) and that's what he's aiming to fix?

Anyway, I really can't explain WHY, but for some reason I really really want to support a new XionxRiku pairing XD. (after all, Riku needs some love too, right?) Anyone else think that seems even relatively plausible/ agrees with me?

._.' I think it'd be cute...in a strange sort of way...

*grumbles* there is probably going to be so much RoxasxXion stuff now though...I can see it coming...

Hopefully no one forgets about Namine XD

#2 Re: Riku's relationship with Xion... on 2011-12-04, 13:41

However, though there's nothing that says Xion will even remain around after 358/2 Days, considering she's nowhere heard of in KH2, I have my doubts that Riku will have a gf out of it. Though in a way I do hope that she comes back whole or something and maybe shows up in KH3. It would be cool for Riku to get someone too since everyone knows SoraxKairi is nearly a pretty done deal.


#3 Re: Riku's relationship with Xion... on 2011-12-06, 23:50

L'arc en ciel
I agree with the fact that Riku should get a little love interest x3 However, I aint feelin Xion that much :/ For some reason I just kept getting increasingly irritated with her in 358/2 days >.> It might just be the whole stereotypical-female-who's-pretty-much-useless thing (like kairi). That was my first impression at least. I should probably replay the game to see if my opinion changes xD

Although if she did end up coming back in kh3, her character will hopefully have matured a little, or maybe just formed an interesting personality. Would she have a little spunk? xD

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