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Fast food restaurants that made you ill

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That's right, I'm pretty sure everyone has eaten at least once in their lives at a fast food restaurant and got either food poisoning, illness or just the wrong item!

For me, I remembered when KFC gave me the wrong food on the menu and I was sick for the whole week. Never have I eaten at KFC again. :Tears:

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Frozen custard and shakes at Sonic. I love them, but they do make me have some fairly unpleasant stomach issues. There are several foods that give me migraines as well- mainly dark/bittersweet chocolate and soy sauce. Sometimes I will have those anyway and am typically fine if I take medicine within 30 minutes of eating.

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I remembered getting food poisoning at McDonald's. Never again will I order fries. The grease must have been old and the fries were atleast to days old. The health service should check every month to see if their restaurant is clean and unsanitary.

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I've never had a bad experience with a fast food restarunt that made me ill, I don't anyone should experience it. But if it were me, i'd cut the usage of using grease down, people don't knw it but that's what make ppl really sick and they don't even know it.

L'arc en ciel
I agree with plasmos, but I also have had a semi-bad experience with Krystals. By what I've heard, that place may take the lead for the most unhealthy ><

I remember my hamburger wasn't fully cooked at Wendy's but that was ages ago. But I still eat there I just ask for them to fully cook it well done.

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