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Golden Book KHSF Contest & Tournaments

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I am honored to be able to open and manage this event. The surprise is missing - not anymore - this was, and I have brought with it a little introduction. Hoping that you want to light.
We have recently been in contact with what might be called "history." History is a great thing: it's past, an old part of life, and without it there would be this. It is true that sometimes it might seem like a bad thing: we take as an example the man, who along its path of life is increasingly getting older and so, they refer in old photos, can surely remember those who might, for him, were beautiful time, but probably also tell you "damn. Who gives me back my youth? ". As if a man looks in the mirror every day sees no change, even if the weather continues to spend part of him stealing. At the same time looking to the past and see what everyone was able to build behind it is a satisfaction, is excited. Your Story Through the new section we have provided a jolt to your memories and at the same time you have opened, like a book, telling your story and not virtual. Many stories grew and spans of virtual data speak to people who have been marked by something like a friendship, or even an entire forum. Others do not talk about it, maybe they failed, may not have been very marked indelibly, however, the very first time you've opened this forum, the Forum Kingdom Hearts, you've changed. It is a comma, yes, but you have changed, look at the number of visits for example. There are other people who have taken part in more serious changes are important. But it does not matter. Somehow we think this is appreciated, that every single action, starting from these small events, to recall. To make the serious part of all this is Your Story. On the other hand, however, is how is born the KHF Golden Book. From the speech might have seemed something bigger, perhaps it is. Maybe it will not be today, who are the winners of the sotware # 41, and will not be tomorrow, you will - alas - losers. But when will that day you will look behind and say "this is my story" and then immediately go back on the words, and say "no, this is the story of the KHF, and I've been a part."
It depends on when you are ready to go, so they can build more memories and at the same time you can look behind the trail route, and it depends if you're ready to do so.
I just know that if you're here, I can leave a phrase that will turn you into something, maybe you will condition:

And who knows:
start again to travel is not that difficult,
or maybe my journey has already begun.
There are many worlds,
but all share the same sky -
one sky,
one destiny.

Kingdom Hearts has taught me. I know it's under the same sky that we are building memories, I know that the KHF our sky would be in common. I know that if you're here, it is thanks to Kingdom Hearts.


Few days left before completing this class,
In fact, we will begin to fill it once had a winner for the next sotware.

# 41 sotware Hope

Here, on the contrary, we will retain all the old and important victories, carefully selected and as updated by the staff.

KHSF graph of the first tournament (03/14/2009): Kairi
Games of KHSF (12/05/2009): VeraFire
Best set of the forum (11/24/2009): These (Noye)
Best Romantic work (12/04/2009): Dantevil
Photography Contest (12/23/2009): Sorina Xseo
Christmas Graphics Contest (1/02/2010) Those (Noye)
Improvised Contest 2009 (01/03/2010) VeraFire
Drawing Contest (01/06/2010): †. Cibia-chan. †
Photography Contest (3/01/2010): Sox
Contest best improvised dedication (4/09/2010): Light Master
# 1 stow: Plasmos
# 2 sotw: Niyin
# 3 sotw: Hime.
# 5 sotw: Leon
# 6 sotw: Ristuka
# 7 sotw: VeraFire
# 8 sotw: hym,
# 9 sotw: Inaki
# 10 sotw: Inaki
# 11 sotw: Mid
# 12 sotw: Hime
# 13 sotw: Tif '
# 14 sotw: Leon
# 15 sotw: Tif '
# 16 sotw: Hime
# 17 sotw: Noye
# 18 sotw: Dante90g
# 19 sotw: Another
# 20 sotw: JK '
# 21 sotw: Devilgame
# 22 sotw: † † Xehanort57
# 23 sotw: Dante90g
# 24 sotw: Mid
# 25 sotw: Xarcòm
# 26 sotw: Dante90g
# 27 sotw: Devilgame
# 28 sotw: Scylla
# 29 sotw: lithium;
# 30 sotw: lithium;
# 31 sotw: Xarcòm
# 32 sotw: Paci
# 33 sotw: Devilgame
# 34 sotw: lithium;
# 35 sotw: Devilgame
# 36 sotw: Gray
# 37 sotw: Cancelled / / /
# 38 sotw: Devilgame
# 39 sotw: Noye
# 40 sotw: Devilgame

# 1 IOTW: hym,
# 2 IOTW: Axel,
# 3 IOTW: Tif '
# 4 IOTW: Dantevil
# 5 IOTW: Devilgame
# 6 IOTW: Ritsuka
# 7 IOTW: Sox
# 8 IOTW: Tif '
# 9 IOTW: Xehanort57
# 10 IOTW: Cancelled / / /
# 11 IOTW: Cancelled / / /
# 12 IOTW: Aslan
# 13 IOTW: Lithium;
# 14 IOTW: FXE
# 15 IOTW: Frex;
# 16 IOTW: Devilgame
# 17 IOTW: Kyon
# 18 IOTW: Nooberto
# 19 IOTW: Xarcòm
# 20 IOTW: Matzu
# 21 IOTW: Xarcòm
# 22 IOTW: Cancelled / / /
# 23 IOTW: Maicha

We should have another golden book like this, only an updated one.

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