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Kingdom Hearts: Act Zero

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#1 Kingdom Hearts: Act Zero on 2010-01-16, 14:23

Site Staff
And I'm back with another fic xD
I prefer to skip the presentation and go straight to the facts, I will only say that this fic is part of my trilogy on the Wars of the Keyblade, but being a spin-off will be possible for all to follow it without problems.
Nothing more to add, then: happy reading!



A fairy tale, it happened that a boy named Sora, in a stormy night, he received mystical weapon intended to put an end to the eternal war between Light and Darkness.
But this story, which explains the origin of Kingdom Hearts and all that happened later, begins two hundred years earlier. This story is another beginning ...

Tired, almost out of breath in the lungs, the boy barely grabbed the little shiny object in front of him, buried in the sand.
Without a bit 'of water, the desert was very deadly.
The young man stood still, lying on the sand, watching with her hazel eyes watching the little golden receptacle.
- A ... Lamp - recognized the blond. Then naively thought - Maybe ... is water! --
He brought the opening of the mouth, hoping that any liquid coming into the mouth but immediately spat out the sand that came out.
Sand, dry powder gold. Nothing more.
Tightened his grip around the metal, almost to crush him.
One who had instructed his clan, Ragnarok, no longer existed. Betrayed and humiliated by people he believed in, screamed with rage, he tried to unburden himself bringing out the anger from his heart, but got rid of even a fraction of all that hatred that had invaded. Of all that darkness.
He no longer even have the strength to cry.
Pierced by fatigue, and by now resigned to death, Ragnarok dropped his arms on the soft ground.
Hands opened desperate and the lamp fell away, rubbing the sand.
It was then that happened.
The boy stood watching with weary eyes the lamp that had suddenly started to vibrate and to rise slowly in the air.
A cloud of smoke came out of it, giving shape to the silhouette of a person.
Several explosions followed the appearance and fireworks lit up the blue skin of the individual.
"FREE" said the Genie spreading his arms and stretching.
Ragnarok go he felt a powerful arm around the neck, as if they were old friends.
"And you have to be the Fortunello of this century, eh?"
Just understand what was happening, the blond was out of breath.
"Hey man, all right?" He asked again, looking with his big hand on the boy's face. "Well, you have a good wax. At all. "
Ragnarok bent knees, leaning only with arms.
Then, with what little breath he had left, the young man began: "Who ... Who are you? "
"Who am I?" Asked the other in turn, almost indignantly. "I am the Genie of the Lamp unique and inimitable! Cosmic powers in tiny living spaces, tells you nothing? "
Ragnarok shook his head, confused. Devil, now could not even die in peace?
Genie picked up from the ground and the boy, giving him a pat on the back, the blond felt back in force. No longer felt the thirst, hunger or fatigue.
"I consider him as your first wish, okay?" Asked the big man blue. "So, what are the other two?"
Physically she was better, he thought Ragnarok. But the sense of loneliness and disappointment, those were left.
He raised his eyes and barely, with a new light in his eyes, replied: "I want death."
"Well, uh, I do not think this can do. You know, we have rules e. .. "said Genio.
But before he could continue, the young man said: "What a pitiful powers.
Genie glared at Ragnarok, that ignoring continued: "In that case, I want you to damn them. Everyone, from first to last, because I realized that in this world you can not trust anyone. "
Male ... curse everyone? "
"Yes, all. I want you to create a weapon, a key to my revenge. One for each person. "
"E. .." began genius who understood what a man before him. He swallowed and then asked: "And the third?"
Ragnarok smiled maliciously.
"I want you to give me so much power to control the world and his heart ... I want the power of a god! "

#2 Re: Kingdom Hearts: Act Zero on 2010-01-16, 18:08

...... I am surprised ° ç °
A key for each? From the impression that the choice of a carrier is more a curse than a privilege. Not bad, indeed, you could revolutionize not just some mechanical narrative on the game * _ *!
LOL, you want to describe the keyblade's wars since time began * CCC *?
I like: *
As for style, I see that from the first trilogy there is a sharp departure for one thing: the confusion.
Now it's as if you had calmed, and the ideas presented clearly and Rodin.


#3 Re: Kingdom Hearts: Act Zero on 2010-01-19, 12:31

Pretty nice story/poem moogle, stick around i like your writing style. xDDD


#4 Re: Kingdom Hearts: Act Zero on 2010-02-14, 12:39

Lord Terra
It's pretty cool, and new at that, you have talent, so stick around and keep posting. :3

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