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"Oops" Moments

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#1 "Oops" Moments on 2010-01-11, 23:20

We've all had them: games we would be working on for hours, days, and weeks nonstop to beat. And I'm sure everyone here has had a moment (or more) when somehow the game you've been working on constantly somehow gets DELETED! Share some of your worst moments and how the game suddenly disappears and you have to start all the way from the beginning. (This can be for any game)

The other day I was playing 358/2 and after about an hour, I beat Xion in all four stages. I was in TWTNW fighting off the neoshadows when all of the sudden my game just turns off! I failed to realize that my DS was on low battery -__- so I have to do the whole battle all over again. Can't wait. /sarcasm.

#2 Re: "Oops" Moments on 2010-01-12, 05:51

i was playing kh 2 for about 12 hours cauze i was writing a walkthrough and i was after beasts castle and then i was pull to hard my controler and i got off the power cable... then i realize that i didnt any save... XD and one more time i remember i had a save at kh 1 and missing only one dalmatian... my memory got stuck and i did a format so memory card clears... then i lost all my save that i worked so hard!!! oh damn iremember my days when i was spending a lot of hours in metal gear ...


#3 Re: "Oops" Moments on 2010-01-12, 06:18

I was playing Halo 3 on the x-box 360, and I was soo close to the final stage on level 5 where you go into the tunnels and kill 6 monsters. Out of nowhere my game just froze and the system said "please turn off your system for safety purposives,


#4 Re: "Oops" Moments on 2010-01-12, 17:47

On the final level on Kingdom Hearts Chains of Memories GBA and the light on my GBA was red then it just cut off on me. But I didn't save it since the second level because I was so into the game. I was very mad. >.<

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