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The CoW is inside Sora

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#1 The CoW is inside Sora on 2009-12-17, 21:06

No, think about it. And I don't care if this was brought up.

The "other friend" is in the CoW. Explains Sora-Ven relations assuming he is the "other friend".
Explains why Axel changed so much in CO - he met Sora (also arguably why Sora didn't go around changing the multiverse - he needed CO?).
Explains why they can never find it - they're looking for a room, not a person.
Explains why Namine was born in CO if you wanna go CoW-CO relations - Sora sent her there at birth.
And this could yet tie in with Terra giving Riku the Keyblade - either to protect or break Sora should the need arise.
And wouldn't it be utterly fun if Sora and Roxas's Destatis actually took place inside the Chamber?

Some more bits and pieces of logic:
Seeing how the CoW being inside Sora would explain his Ven-relations, this leads to the logical conclusion that however the CoW ended up inside Sora, it happened during/after BBS, otherwise Ven couldn't have been "inside" it.
Let's assume for a minute Roxas and Sora aren't the only ones to go through a Destati - then what if that's the reason why aside from Sora, Riku and Mickey, there aren't any more wielders?
You become a Wielder by going through a Destati in the CoW. Only post BBS, that Chamber was sealed up or otherwise unreachable inside Sora!

#2 Re: The CoW is inside Sora on 2009-12-17, 21:09

I don't know. Seems kinda far-fetched to me.
I mean it does make sense, but we have evidence of one room existing which wgere Aqua's armour is, but we have no evidence to say it's actually a person.

I also would like to believe Nomura isn't going to make it as technical as that. I love the theory, but I just dislike so many strange details in one fame. It makes my head hurt.


#3 Re: The CoW is inside Sora on 2009-12-17, 23:02

Site Staff
OWWW it makes my head spin. I dont think Nomura would do that eather..

#4 Re: The CoW is inside Sora on 2009-12-18, 20:10

Site Staff
s far-fetched as it sounds, it seems like it would fit. . . I think.

So Ven's request to be erased; going by this theory, would the CoW be involved?

Oh, and Xigbar quote:

"That is what he is seeking, that room, which was not made by Xemnas. Perhaps that is where the other. . . 'friend' is."

#5 Re: The CoW is inside Sora on 2009-12-20, 09:40

Site Manager
@xion, wrote:
"That is what he is seeking, that room, which was not made by Xemnas. Perhaps that is where the other. . . 'friend' is."

Yes, but I believe he said something else along though lines as well.

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