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New Birth By Sleep Scan

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#1 New Birth By Sleep Scan on 2009-10-18, 21:07

Site Manager
A new scan from this month's jump has surfaced, which features Terra, Aqua, Ven and their master in a new world from KINGDOM HEARTS Birth By Sleep. The scan is available for view below. Translations are below, from what I at least got from FF-Reunion.

Apparently there was an accident in the world, and ordered apprentices to departure , saying that "the threat is approaching the princess of light". One by one, three apprentices connected by hard bond leave the hometown praying for the safety of each other. The command technique used by the action battle is obtained and can be promoted by various methods. The power-up of the command is possible even if stopping on the way from the adventure, and playing by board game "Command board". The dice is shaken, it advances on the board, and it aims at the goal while straightening at the board point. The event is somewhat generated in a special panel.

Source: http://www.ff-reunion.net/


#2 Re: New Birth By Sleep Scan on 2009-10-20, 17:42

Awesome! I like this Keyblade master's appearance. I bet he's epic. Also, i noticed that his name is stated in the scan.

Master Erakusu.

It's not really Erakusu though. Anyone who knows the katakana rules knows this. It's like..Rokusasu(Roxas). So yeah...Elax maybe?


#3 Re: New Birth By Sleep Scan on 2009-10-21, 12:27

Site Staff
That's pretty interesting, a samirai look XDD

#4 Re: New Birth By Sleep Scan on 2009-10-22, 13:49

Site Staff
He's suppose the one who means everything about KH. also am i the only who knows that he has a keychain?

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