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school problems

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#1 school problems on 2009-10-04, 08:58

So I've been dealing with some problems at school. It seems like whenever I sit down and eat next to someone, they tend to move. ;( I know I don't stink, or have a bad attitude, I'm really friendly, but this is hurting me the most. I'm thinking about dropping out because I cant take it anymore.

What do you all think?


#2 Re: school problems on 2009-10-04, 17:36

dropping out isn't the answer. if they're not talking to you, try talking to them. theres gotta be someone in your school who'd like to talk to you =) just walk up to them and start a convo or add your input to their convo. or you can just walk up and ask to sit with them. dont' be afraid to approach someone =)

#3 Re: school problems on 2009-10-04, 22:13

or just bring some food to bride them or money haha dont drop out because you'll be dumb.


#4 Re: school problems on 2009-10-07, 22:39

Narora Senoku
@ Star: that's good info.

@ Sora: ...... real encoroging.

@ Silentaura: i'd listen to Star. took the words right out of my mouth. i can't help much but agre, cuz i just got a Black eye from my cuz in skool.

but this is off of topic, but ya, try to talke to them. and if they are just not talking back, then be a loner. i am (don't know why i was punched) and they will talk to you. just put in some "hi"s here and there.

thats all i can give for now.


#5 Re: school problems on 2009-10-13, 07:10

oooooorrrrr i can stay at your home and go at your school so we can ssit together :P!!! lol m8 dont give a shit about anyone...before august i was listening everybody and i was in bad mood everyday...but now i dont care about others and i speak to anyone i want to do company...dont scare or stuck...if you see an interesting person go and ask him: hi, whats your hobbies??? and if you 2 have same hobbies then it will go on...its easy! but the guys that they sit next to you maybe they was in bad mood or they dont want at this time something new...


#6 Re: school problems on 2009-10-13, 12:25

Everyone just basicly spoke my mind. Dont sit next to someone and be quiet. It tends to creep people out for some strange reason lol ;).
Dropping out of school is the worst possible idea in the history of epicly bad ideas. You do that and you grow up to be a redneck hillbilly bc you wont be able to get a job.
The advice I have for you is be friendly, be talkative, and stay in school kid.
Wishing you the best of luck for the future.

#7 Re: school problems on 2009-10-13, 12:39

or you can start be a nerd and then you will have all the nerds as your friends :P

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