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Broken China (Blog Fragment)

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#1 Broken China (Blog Fragment) on 2009-08-10, 00:58

Monday, August 3, 2009
Broken China

I stared at the bottom of the table in silence. Also staring, was an obscure, opaque, decently beautied woman. Hair busied in several different directions, make up from emptied eyes dripping from my cheeks to my stomach. Lips, sewn shut. Frame, leaning into an image of a pretty picture slowly fading into the smudges of the marble table.

I felt my heart ripping itself out of its bed of veins. Churning, roaring, knowing only sound. The sunlight penetrated the vulnerable spots on my neck and on the left side of my face. Exposing my fear, dripping posture, faltered elegance..showing new innocence. I tried to press my eye lids together, in hopes that he wouldn't examine this mess of a soul. The Earth sat still beneath my feet, blanketed in a shaggy warmth of royal carpet. Now scarred with a memory of my body lain beneath his on the rigid spirals tightly sewn on the material circling with my imprint on this dirty floor.

I had been ravaged.
I am a fool to not have accepted it.

I danced with the dragon, sworn a kiss to what I thought to an angel, and received a half winged demon pushing skin against skin. The air had been thick with the sounds of our chuckling and chorus of panting into a hollow night. Heated mid summer aroma packed our skin not only a few feet away from the dining room table. My mind raced with thoughts of, "Let him wait, or let him go." Yet my body raged with fanged, half bitten responses such as, "Let him take, or let him run." My senses foamed over with sporadic, gradual, long strikes of direct ecstasy. I pressed my heart into his while the same beat of him was pressed beyond my stomach.

I whispered..
"You ask, and you shall receive."

The dusted pink of his lips cracked into a smile and replied with, "Even if you are God, my dear woman, you are still only nothing but that if you let anyone who prays to take you."

I felt a stone drop beneath my chest. A cold, dark fragment of faithful understanding. I still felt the limbs of my body lay exposed under this new creature. Dress hiked above my thighs, stocking's destroyed, jewelry strewn, corset and chastity fastenings to my bosom left...obsolete. My skin prickled with the remnants of his lips pressed to them, muscles massaged against their counterparts, reproductive organs aching from being touched.

Within short hours, I felt his body rise with the sounds of armor clinging, jewels intertwining, leather scratching, breaths gasping into dimming afternoon sunshine. The pressure of his bones leaving mine felt anything less than similar from a child being picked from its cradle. It soothes itself into bliss when held, it screams in ache and demand upon rejection.

I damn myself to combine masochism with knowing.

The spiced scent of his collected valuables returned to him when he arrived at the table minutes later, hours that felt like fluttering eternities. He fancied himself a luke warm cup of tea from in front of him, and drunk deeply before relaxing his esophagus and staring over at me.

I was a star of a strewn woman, on the uncaring, endless material of sky on carpeted floor.

"Anything more than this..isn't going to work."


#2 Re: Broken China (Blog Fragment) on 2009-08-10, 11:08

very cool story sir, i like the ending and the way you write is amazing.


#3 Re: Broken China (Blog Fragment) on 2009-08-10, 11:55

Muchas gracias, chico.

anyone else?


#4 Re: Broken China (Blog Fragment) on 2009-09-07, 17:35

keep updating, I'm liking this

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