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Favorite Plays

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#1 Favorite Plays on 2009-07-29, 20:01

Anyone here have a favorite play that they like to attend to or performing arts?

I visit my schools chour every often, but I'm not with there group, I just like there songs.


#2 Re: Favorite Plays on 2012-01-06, 12:38

I don't know if this is meant to be like when you go and see the plays or performing arts, or that you're part of the group that does them. I'll tell about both then. n.n

Currently, I haven't got any "real" hobbies, but back at elementary school, I used to attend to the child choir that they held at the nearby church. I went there with my sister for few years, but as she grew up, I was left alone there (most of the kids were like three or four years older than me), so I started skipping parctises and meetings. Eventually I quitted.

Few years ago I used to sepnd my time on one play that two girls from our school tried to put together. And the only reason why I went there in the first place was that I used to have a crush on this one person, but eventually she quitted there and I did too, since I'm not too good with much people around me. I could've died on the stage, lol.

But yeah, if I would have the guts and the time, I would go and try the theater again and join some choir. Video game choirs are maybe the most epic thing on earth.

But for the part when I've seen plays is when our class has been taken to see one. If I remember right, I've seen about three or four plays in my lifetime, and they've all been good. We once went to see this one play about some dude trying to chase his love around the world when I was back at elementary school, and about five years ago me and my class saw the Chicago -musical, but it was translated to Finnish. Then few plays that some of the guys in my current school have been part of, but I've never really went to the theater with my friends or by myself to see one show.

I should though, there's usually many great plays at the theatre house here where I live.

#3 Re: Favorite Plays on 2012-01-06, 19:32

L'arc en ciel
L'arc en ciel
Jeez, I have such an urgency to talk about musicals, lol.
Any plays that I can remember off the top of my head that I've seen with my class (back in middle school, lol) have to be those based on Edgar Allen Poe books (like the Tell-Tale Heart). Creepy, but fascinating at the same time....kinda that morbid curiosity thing going on.

My school is VERY artsy, and I'm no longer in theater myself but I occasionally go see the high school productions. Our most recent (and most famous) was the musical Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson. We even got some good local reviews- kinda made me want to go back to theater, too ><

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