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Kingdom Hearts: Remnant from the Past

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Memory Master


Two men in an organization cloaks with their hoods up were at the dark coastline. One of the men looked to be in his late 20's or early 30's, while the other looked to be about 15. The older man walked looked at the younger one and asked, "What are you seeking now? You know you are more of a nobody than what you want to believe." The younger one lowered his head in shame.

Chapter 1 - Awakening:

Everything was dark, like sleep. As he opened his eyes the light from the room nearly blinded him like he had not seen the light in years. He noticed he was in a memory pod, then his memories came floating back.


Their was panic in the streets as many keyblade weilders were scrambling to fight the armies of the unbirths. The town was on fire and bodies layed in the streets. Jamie was in shock at the events happening before him, he wanted to fight but he did'nt have much experience, he had only become an apprentince of the keblade a couple of months ago. Suddenly Jamie's master put her hand on his shoulder. She took his hand and said, "You apprentinces may be our only hope, now come on!!!"

She took Jamie to a corridor of darkness, "Jamie listen to me, once you get to my mansion I want you to go to the basement and then seal it off. Put yourself in a memory pod and sleep but do not activate the memory mechanism in the pod!" Jamie shook his head, "No! Master Lean I wont leave you and the others to die!" Lean shook her head and grabbed Jamie's throat, "Forgive me...my apprentince." The lack of oxygen caused him to loose conciousness. Lean took her young apprentince to the old mansion and placed him in a memory pod where he would sleep and be protected from Master Xehanort and the unbirths.

She sealed off the basement of the old mansion and returned to the world of the Keyblade Masters to continue the battle with Master Xehanort and his army of unbirths.

Back to the Present:

The memory pod opened and Jamie stepped out and summoned his keyblade. His keyblade was called "Into the Night" the blade was silver with a crescent moon shape at the end of the blade with a spike coming from the center of the blade, the blade also had a dark grey chain that wrapped around the blade. Since he was an apprentince Jamie had no keychain for his keyblade.

Jamie had ear length black hair, blue eyes, a pale complexion and a small scar on his cheek that was given to him in a training session with Master Xehanort before he betrayed the other weilders. He wore a grey hoodie with blue jeans, he also had a necklace that had a bronze heart on it. The bronze heart on his necklace represented that he was the lowest rank of apprentince.

Jamie believed he had only been asleep for a short time, "I have to find my master." He whispered to himself.


Notes From the Author:

1. I know this is a short chapter but don't expect every chapter too be sure.
2. If your're confused about anything, don't worry. This chapter will make more sense later. Just remember that Jamie is a keyblade apprentince who was put to sleep inside a memory pod by his master during the time of BBS. Jamie is of course our main character here and his story really kicks off in the next chapter when he leaves the old mansion in Twilight Town.
3. This story will get better as it progresses.

Narora Senoku
i like the keyblade he uses! ^_^ it sounds cool. and Jamie sounds like Sasuke a bit! :D this is a good chapter please contiue! ^^

Memory Master

Chapter 2 - Heartless and Nobodies:

Jamie unsealed the basement from the inside. The floor in the library dissapeared allowing him to leave the mansion. When he got to the mansion's foyer, he was surprised at how run down the place looked. This was the home of his master, why would his master allow her home to get so filthy? He checked every inch of the mansion. Even the white room where he slept. It was in that room that he found a picture of himself with three other apprentinces. Terra, Aqua, and Ven were very nice to him when he first became a keyblade weilder, before they were sent to look for Master Xehanort.

Jamie sighed and said, "Where could my master be? I wish I could use dark corridors but my master never taught me how to use them. Well no reason to stay here, I might as well look around town and see if she is there." Jamie left the mansion but when he got to the gate he was attacked by a small black creature with yellow eyes, it kinda looked like an ant. Jamie defended himself with his keyblade and killed the creature. Jamie was confused, "Was that an unbirth? No, it could'nt have been. That thing looked nothing like an unbirth. What's going on here?"

Jamie continued through the forest and into the town but suddenly he fell to his knees, "Why do I feel so weak?" Jamie looked pale and he felt like he was burning up. A shop keeper saw Jamie and ran over to help. She helped Jamie into her shop and sat him in a chair, then she brought him some sea salt ice cream. Jamie loved the taste of sea salt ice cream, it was his favorite thing to eat. He looked up at the shop keeper who was a girl only a little older than him. He smiled and said, "Thanks." She smiled back and sat next to him, "No problem, kid. You must have had a pretty bad fever, you were burning up pretty bad. Just relaxe for a bit. Besides I don't mind having a cute guy in here for awhile." Jamie smiled and blushed.

Suddenly a group of creatures that looked as though they were in white jump suites barged into the shop. Jamie summoned his keyblade and killed the creatures. A dark thorn grabbed the shop keeper girl and pulled out her heart. Jamie was shocked and followed the thorn outside where a giant black creature with a large hole in his chest resembling a heart stood. The creature swallowed the girls heart. Jamie summoned all his strength and used his limit to kill the monster quickly.

The girls heart was freed and returned to her body. When the shop keeper girl awoke she found Jamie laying outside unconsious. She quickly brought him inside her shop and managed to get him to a bed. She would need to watch over him till he started to feel better.


Two hooded organization XIII members were in Castle Oblivion's basement. One of the members said, "Something interesting has happened. A keyblade weilder has appeared on the scene." The other member nodded and said, "He could be very useful or very dangerous. Either way, he will not ruin our plans. We should attempt to use this keyblade weilder to our advantage." The other member nodded and said, "We can use him along with the 'other' one."


Lovely story, just remember the comman errors with the periods.

Your stories/poems are nice, very entertaining, I bet you can go as far as you like with them.

Memory Master

Chapter 3 - The Adventure Begins:

Jamie slowly awoke to see the shop keeper girl watching him. She smiled and said, "I hope you're feeling better. Dinner is almost ready, I hope you like soup." Jamie nodded and said, "Sure, that sounds good." Jamie got out of the bed and followed the girl downstairs. Jamie took seat at the table the girl handed him a bowl of soup, it looked to be beef and vegetable stew. He took a bite, "Wow! This is realy good! By the way, I never got your name." The girl smiled and said, "My name is Eria and your's?" Jamie replied, "It's Jamie."

Suddenly the roof was blown of the house, a huge dark storm was raging outside. Jamie summoned his keyblade when he noticed the large group of heartless coming at him. Jamie destroyed all of them but more heartless showed up. Jamie looked up and saw the clock tower at the train station. He grabbed Eria's hand and ran for the clock tower.

Jesse was shocked to see many heartless surrounding the top of the clock tower, that's when a huge darkside heartless appeared before him. Jamie told Eria to hide somewhere, which she did but was hesitate to do so because she was worried about Jamie. Jamie nodded and said, "Okay, I guess I should use that move my master taught me. PUSH LIGHT!!!" Suddenly a huge burst of light shot out of the keyblde and hit the darkside in the head, the darkside fell to it's knees givng Jamie a chance to attack it's head.

He slashed and stab the creature's head till the monster faded back into the darkness. Jamie sighed and looked at the clock tower. He stuck his keyblade into the air and shouted, "ANTI GRAVITY!!!" He floated up to the top of the clock tower and killed all the heartless. He saw from the inside of the clock tower glowed a bright light, "Is that a keyhole?" Jamie pointed his keyblade at it and a beam of light shot into the keyhole and sealed it, suddenly the storm stopped and the heartless dissapeared.

Jamie sat down on the tower and sighed. He sat there for a few minutes and thought, "Where are the unbirths? What are these new creatures? Where is my master? Why has'nt she found me yet?" That's when Jamie thought of something scary, "What if she's in trouble? I have to get out of here but how I don't have a gummi ship?" Suddenly a bright light flashed and a gummi ship appeared before Jamie. Jamie was confused, he looked around to see where the ship might have come from but could'nt figure it out. He shook his head and said, "Well might as well use it." Jamie looked down to see Eria lookin for him, "Hey Eria, I have to go now but I promise i'll come back! Thanks for all your help!" Eria nodded and said, "Umm...okay!" She whispered to herself, "What a strange boy. Oh well he probably has alot to do." Jamie got into the gummi ship and lifted off, he left Twilight Town and made it into space, "Now to find my master."


Xigbar and Xaldin were walking into the Organization's throne room with a new member. This new member had pink hair. Xaldin looked at Xemnas and said, "Sir, this is the eleventh member of the organization, we just found him." Xemnas looked at the new member and asked, "What is your name?" The pinked haired man replied, "My name is Marluxia"

nice chapter keep it up.

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