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Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories CodeBreaker codes

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Narora Senoku
Narora Senoku
EXP- amount of exp you get with each pick up.
2022a2e4 08028000
200a0000 2013????
200a0004 0808a8ba
200a0008 8c620314

chang the ???? with numbers for your amount of EXP

EX) 5000 = 5000 EXP
0010 = 0010 EXP
270F = 9999 EXP
and so on.

Enable code
f0100238 002f117b

inf hp
20224d48 00000000

max cp
2060d2a4 0000????
same ???? as EXP
EX) 270F = 9999 CP

when I get more i'll post. all codes not mine. codes by: lovemetal1, Adnan_j, Wesker1983, Leonar1991.


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