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Never Forgotten- A KH FANFIC

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#1 Never Forgotten- A KH FANFIC on 2009-06-11, 13:19

Lady Mega

Something tragic has happend in the world of Kingdom Hearts......
ALL THIS IS MADE UP BY ME(characters i dont own):

Kairi watched as they lowered his coffin into the hole. His grave.
The love of her life, killed by the orgonisation(sorry spelt that wrong).
Replica Riku....that son of a......
She gazed down at the coffin and whispered
"Oh Sora....."
"Kairi?" asked a voice.
Kairi turned to see Riku, but she couldn't speak.
Not after what the replica did.
"Would you like to say any words about him?"
Kairi felt a peice of paper in her pocket and pulled it out.
She passed it to Riku, not saying anything. Her heart was breaking, emotions mixng inside of her.
Riku turned to the others, while opening the peice of folded paper.
"What does it say Riku?" asked a voice, belonging to a teary-eyed Leon

"This is the last thing I will write before I die, if you are reading this the time has come- Kairi stay strong for me. Riku and the others will look after you" Riku read.
Kairi put a hand over her mouth and started crying.
After a few minutes, she took her hand away from her mouth and said.
"He told me to not look at it, to save it for his funeral" she said.
Kairi wiped tears from her eyes
"Everybody knows school is hell,
But in my world we don't have school.
We don't go to school.
We just go to war.
Fighting the darkness is what I do,
With my friends.
Trying to restore light,
Fighting the darkness.
My world has evil,
But I know my duty,
To destroy the darkness,
Reach the light.
Save the world.
But there are loads of worlds where I am, Where I live, Where I fight.
Haven't you realised who I am?
I am The Keyblade Master" Riku read.

Kairi burst into tears and knelt beside the hole.
"Sora, why'd you have to go?" she sobbed.
"Kairi, I'll always love you. But someday we'll meet again. Up in the skies above"
Leon knelt beside Kairi.
"He died, defeating the darkness Kairi, he defeated all the heartless."
"But Replica Riku is still alive!" she screamed.
"Sora will never be forgotten" Leon said.
They started covering the grave.
"No!" Kairi screamed, clawing at the dirt.
She needed him.
What was she going to do without him?

#2 Re: Never Forgotten- A KH FANFIC on 2009-06-12, 10:53

gfx team
Nice story, the only thing tat needs to be worked on is your quation errors.

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