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Unbirths and Keyblades

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#1 Unbirths and Keyblades on 2009-06-10, 20:10

Memory Master
I found something interesting in this Nomura Interview: www.kingdomhearts3.net/another-report/pages-28-29/#ar

He speaks of an "Inner Key" and how this "Inner Key" is the part of the key that chooses it's weilder.

This got me thinking. The keyblade is intelligent. It can choose it's own weilder and that requires intelligence. So in a way the keyblade is similar to a living being.

Now BBS will probably tell us tons about the keyblade. What if BBS also goes into how a keyblade is born? What if the "Inner Key" is involved in the birth/creation of a keyblade? Now if this is true then taking away the "Inner Key" would be taking away what caused said keyblade to be born.

So what if unbirths are "Inner Keys" corrupted by darkness or something? If so then the unbirths are given their name because they are created through a process that takes away the "Inner Key" which gives the keyblade it's birth.


#2 Re: Unbirths and Keyblades on 2009-06-12, 10:48

I thought keyblade chooses it's wielder by the stronger heart. Meaning, it could be a good or bad guy, as long as there hearts were strong enough to wield one.


#3 Re: Unbirths and Keyblades on 2009-06-13, 09:52

I've always wondered how the keyblade was made into being. Hopefully, BBS will tell us more about it.

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