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Kingdom Hearts: Piano Collection Performance - Info

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Square Enix, large firm Japanese video games known for the wonderful series "Final Fantasy" has found its success by its charismatic characters, its breathtaking scenarios, but also thanks to the beauty of his music. SE is starting to bring back the piano music once again, with better surroundings.

On 27 May 2009 came out in Japan on "Kingdom Hearts Piano Collections", announced a few months ago, this OST is really a jewel. Composed by Yoko Shimomura, the songs of this album are actually played by: Takehiko Yamada, Hiroyuki Nakayama and Miwa Sato

An album like "Kingdom Hearts Piano Collections" to be called now: "Fan: Kingdom Hearts Piano Collections (The word" Fan "has been added to the differential of the official) already exists, the tracklist is different although some tracks appear on both albums.

I recall that the "Fan: Kingdom Hearts Piano Collection" was launched by Josh Barron in January 2005. This is a draft fan, these songs have never been published by Square-Enix and are therefore unofficial. This grouping of fan cover is not complete, only eight titles on the tracklist of ambitious 15 tracks are finished, the seven remaining tracks will serve as demo.
Now that the original was released, he joins the family of OST of Square Enix.

Obviously, there is also the OST of Kingdom Hearts as well as Kingdom Hearts II OST those officials are in fact the original music of video games, there was no question of the piano track remastered. But do not worry, Square Enix hear once more our wishes (at least those of the Japanese ...)

For your pleasure, I managed to buy "Kingdom Hearts Piano Collections", it is high time now to describe this set of cover:

Original Kingdom Hearts (Piano Cover)

The first thing you think when seeing this cover is ... WHAT IS THE CONNECTION WITH KH? answer: None ....

This cover is actually independent of KH in the world, since it's covers, Square Enix did not want this album is just limited to KH fans, he wanted this album is also for lovers of piano and music in general. So, no need to know Kingdom Hearts to enjoy this album. At least, this is only my opinion.

The kit consists of a cup of coffee is identified key pianos are drawn on the foam. A string along the under-cutting and quality control on a kind of table in dark wood. Further above, the white dust decorates the table, this set leaves room for a glass containing a candle (?)

Let then "Tracklist:


01 - Dearly Beloved
02 - Traverse Town
03 - Hand in Hand
04 - Missing You ~ Namine
05 - 1st Mov. : Sora - Allegro con brio
06 - 2nd Mov. : Kairi - Andante sostenuto
07 - 3rd Mov. : Riku - Scherzo e Intermezzo
08 - Finale: Working Together - Allegro vivace
09 - 13th Side
10 - Roxas
11 - The Other Promise
12 - Concert Paraphrase on "Dearly Beloved"

12 tracks for 45 minutes (actual time: 44:44) happiness!

We begin in order with "Dearly Beloved", which is the menu music playing, but this time if version Piano. No great difference in this respect compared to that played by fans in the Fan: Kingdom Hearts Piano Collection "but the level of talent during this Takehiko Yamada cover is felt and the emotion is stronger. After this magnificent piece, we are soon surrounded by "Traverse Town" which I recall, the 1st world to visit in KH. This piece is also present in the "Fan: Kingdom Hearts Piano Collection", it has nothing to envy of his sister, saying that the pianist is one level above and is also more complete.

"Hand in Hand" is actually the last music we hear at the end of Kingdom Hearts, where Sora and his group chasing Pluto to leave room for Chain of memories but the song in this album is much more Complete and taking played a skilfully by Hiroyuki Nakayama, this can not cover us as nostalgic. "Namine ~ Missing You" is none other than the theme of Namine. Remember! when you hold your hands in the GBA and a music envoutante started to give way to a small blonde girl who draw in a white room, you wondered who it could be. This wonderful music is now taking piano for our greatest happiness in its entirety.

We turn next to the four movements of the Sonata which is this album, "1st Mov.: Sora - Allegro con brio", the "2nd Mov.: Kairi - Andante sostenuto, the" 3rd Mov.: Riku - Scherzo e Intermezzo "and" Finale: Working Together - Allegro vivace. These four movements are played by Miwa Sato is simply the main theme of the three heroes of Kingdom Hearts: Sora, Kairi and Riku in a far more comprehensive and all that, in piano version. The Finale is just the theme of combat KH II is also more complete and more punch.

"13th Side", as you probably understand, this is the theme of the Organization XIII. This theme appears in Kingdom Hearts II when the organization first appears in the eyes of Sora, (Do not forget that Sora has no memories of Castle Oblivion and members of this order), this music n ' not appear in CoM. The music in the game was also played on the piano with background noise behind, it was also present in the DTS, but unfortunately it was short (only 1:22!) Here, Kingdom Hearts Piano Collection takes us within the organization in 4:16 in a great and original, at once so close but so far the version of the game is worth noted that the theme of struggle of the organization "The 13th struggle" is "compiled "with this piece.

Sora, Kairi, Riku, Namine .. theme appears in the tracklist .. it is obvious that I Roxas also a small place in this album, here is the 10th track, "Roxas! Let yourself be guided by this theme to the already wonderful base .. in this album, the true potential of this song is revealed to our great delight, complete, original, true to the music playing, this piece leaves expressing the character's emotions through the piano.

The penultimate track "The Other Promise", one of the most beautiful tracks of this album, both hypnotizing and intense .. this music is still as much excitement. Hiroyuki Nakayama gave the impression of playing with his soul in this piece, there is a real intensity as the other tracks did not necessarily. This piece could be likened to a storm, calm at first, it is a real hurricane in the middle claquent notes and the emotion is intense until the track ends brilliantly.

To finish in style, here is a track inspired by Dearly Beloved: "Concert Paraphrase on" Dearly Beloved ". This is another version of" Dearly Beloved "or musician emphasis on music, in short, is musical orgasm.


"Kingdom Hearts Piano Collections" is not just a remake, it's a wonderful album that retains the originality of the music from Kingdom Hearts while making them distinct. This is not a pale copy of the piano is a completely different version. The emotions remain the same, the music is deeper and more complete. The titles are wonderfully well-chosen (although I would have liked to see included Friends in my heart), things change, for example, the umpteenth remake of "One winged angel". In short, "Kingdom Hearts Piano Collections" is a marvel for all lovers of piano and Kingdom Hearts, jouissif musically, this album will be happy! We just have to wait for its release in Europe (One can dream right?). The only downside to this album, too short! and since its release similar to that of Opus DS 358 / 2 days, I was expecting some new titles ... at least no new music contained in 358 / 2 days?

Square-Enix (Kingdom Hearts) Piano Collection -click-

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