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Joke Weapons & More Multiplayer Characters Confirmed

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This image the other day was hosted on GameFaqs'.I shot where Saix is holding a Banana for a weapon. So far there isn't much info yet to howw many items can obtained inside the game.

Here are the listings as followed.

Xigbar - Hair Dryers
Xaldin - Brooms
Vexen - Pot Lid
Lexaeus - Squeaky Hammer
Zexion - Sandwich
Saïx - Banana
Axel - Pizzas
Demyx - Tennis Racket
Luxord - CDs
Marluxia - Ladle
Larxene - Dragonfly Hairclips
Roxas, Xion - Umbrella

Source: KHInsider

gfx team
Nice update, and lol I hope you can play with a banana with you use Saix, that looks sorta fun. :Wisle:


That seems, interesting.. But fun.

I wonder if they'll have access to extra 'real' weapons, such as other keychains for Roxas etc..


Site Staff
Demxy with a tennis racket, eeeek! omg, I need to play this.

soo..Marluxia will have a giant ladle?? lmfao jk jk that was bad.

seems pretty amusing haha banana! want to play with banana! haha

awesome update as always Lux ^^

Cool, can't wait to play Marluxia in Multi player mode.

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