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Has this ever happen to anyone?

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#1 Has this ever happen to anyone? on 2009-05-08, 11:36

Whilst playing my new Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain Of Memories, I was at Halloween Town and I was fighting some heartless, then the music stopped, then after the fight I opened a door to go to the next room and it stopped overall. Also when I was at Neverland. I was oing to summon cloud, but all it did was circle around sora when he is going to summon anything, you know, when he says "Give me strength!".So, has this ever happend to anyone else? :(

#2 Re: Has this ever happen to anyone? on 2009-05-08, 11:39


It's probably a glitch. Are you playing it on a PS2 or a PS3? Usually it glitches a lot if you play it on a PS3. I had a glitch in KH1 where every time a summoned Bambi it either hopped away or jumped over the side of a cliff. lol It was suicidal. No joke!

#3 Re: Has this ever happen to anyone? on 2009-05-08, 11:53

Halloween Town the music stopped during a battle until I entered a new room. It's just a glitch though, no need to worry unless your game stops playing. :Tears:

#4 Re: Has this ever happen to anyone? on 2009-05-09, 20:58

Yes it had to be a glitch, that never happen to me before. Usually it'll stop then restart the song over again. Maybe it's your Disc that's doing it. :Tears:


#5 Re: Has this ever happen to anyone? on 2009-05-18, 21:42

Site Staff
DX I hope it's not a glitch then you may need to take it back. The game never did it to me.

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