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Killzone 2

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#1 Killzone 2 on 2009-04-30, 16:56

Yep, this is it, since theres no other killzone 2 thread. I am actually pretty pumped for this game. Defininitely a goty contender after playing the beta, and heres and interesting video someone put up. I already pre ordered at gamestop and will be playing the demo the first day available. YouTube - Xbox review of KILLZONE 2 beta

YouTube - Xbox review of KILLZONE 2 beta

#2 Re: Killzone 2 on 2009-04-30, 16:57

I never liked gametrailers for reviews. They at times don't seem to know what they are saying. They called the story cliche, but half of the games out there have cliche stories. Hell Gears and Halo both have cliche stories, but both got better scores. KZ2 puts not only beautiful graphics, but great game play and sound and everything in between. So I just hope someone can explain to me why Halo 3 gets a 9.8 and KZ2 gets only a 9.2?


#3 Re: Killzone 2 on 2009-04-30, 16:58

I'm thinking the game won't do so good, and even though other console magazines are reviewing and previewing it, it may be overhyped and teased. Looks no different than the first, except for improved graphics and airships.

I would buy this game if they add a Helghast Story (but it may come as DLC)

#4 Re: Killzone 2 on 2009-04-30, 17:02

I'm still debating on whether I should get the game or not, it's pretty late to get a shitty game.


#5 Re: Killzone 2 on 2009-05-01, 12:22

Am I the only one that notice that the graphics on the game is pretty Kick A. Dude the game had 4 stars in compact.

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