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Xemnas Trailer

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#1 Xemnas Trailer on 2009-04-21, 06:05

Y was Xemnas in Hollow Bastion?Was he ther 2 test Sora ..?I 4got..

YouTube - Kingdom Hearts Final Mix: Xemnas Cutscenes *English Dub*

#2 Re: Xemnas Trailer on 2009-04-21, 06:09

Right he was only testing sora's strenght because he knew that he would meet him again some day.

#3 Re: Xemnas Trailer on 2009-04-25, 12:47


Actually, we don't really know that :\ especially in light of the nature of how you get there (End of the World, turn around, go through a lot, then through mysterious portal? It's not like Xemnas really seem to have planned it or anything), as well as all the additional things that give Xemnas more than enough reasons to be there regardless of Sora

#4 Re: Xemnas Trailer on 2009-04-25, 13:16

Site Staff
yup and testing the keyblades power too

#5 Re: Xemnas Trailer on 2009-04-25, 13:23

@Kairi wrote:A It's not like Xemnas really seem to have planned it or anything.
"I've been to see him" sounds a bit planned.

It's not like it was, "Ho shit, guess what, I ran in to him."


#6 Re: Xemnas Trailer on 2009-04-25, 16:57

That's what I thought, he was testing him, and it was for them to have met. :...:

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