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Fatelatch (from my new band, //F6//)

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#1 Fatelatch (from my new band, //F6//) on 2009-04-06, 18:27

They capture your hearts
You think they’re just kind
But then they poke at your mind
And it all starts
When they squabble for gold of any type
For fruit and young minds that are ripe
When they lie that something’s wrong
And take away your rights
And then
The devilfuckface comes
And he says

Don’t fight their fight
But embrace the battle
Take the reins from the Man
Get on the saddle
Your fate is yours
Choose it right, cause that’ll
Lock it in

Go against their odds,
And kick and punch and shout
Just don’t get slaughtered in your own slaughterhouse
But then logic kicks you in the shins
You see your wrongs
And it all sinks in.

If you’ll try to fight
They’ll win the battle
Then they’ll kick you in the mud
And say you’re cattle
It may be your fate
But they’ve taken your soul
They’ll lock it in

It doesn’t matter if it’s right
They have more power
Like the scum on the milk
that turned it sour
and when you finally lose your fight
you’ll probably find out their right
it’s happened
again and again

but you turn out the light
they’ll rob your house tonight
then they’ll kill your wife
and blame it on the ghetto
your fate is ruled
by the false and the cruel
they’ll lock it in

Is there anyone who’s not screwed up?
I wanna see you closeup
Help me out
Take them down
Stab their pride
And push them to the ground

Find your kin
To save yourself from within
Point out the bad guy’s sins
If they’ll listen
Get with them to work it out
And if their heads up in the clouds
Tell them to come down
Lock their fate

L'arc en ciel
=O a song from your band, eh? not bad ^^
do you have it recorded?

pretty sweet...what kind of music does you band play?

N@m!n3-Ång3| wrote:=O a song from your band, eh? not bad ^^
do you have it recorded?
no, we're very early in making up songs. so far, we only have 4, and Fatelatch doesn't even have a tune yet
@Tora-chan wrote:pretty sweet...what kind of music does you band play?
alternative/punk rock

L'arc en ciel
well your lyricism is certainly on a good way.....i guess tunes are a lot harder to fabricate

Work on your spelling and you'll be a lot more better.

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