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The Sims 3

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#1 The Sims 3 on 2009-03-02, 11:27


anyone here a major Sims fan? although I haven't played it for a while, I am (now I wanna play it...)

anyway, the Sims 3 is coming out very soon! This game is brand new, with awesome new features and ways to interact with other Sims in your neighborhood.

Creating your own Sims characters is more creative now. You can basically create any Sim possible with the new features and options given. Also, there are more activities for your Sims to engage in, including actually leaving your Sims home to go jogging, and visit your town's plaza. There are no limits to where your Sims can go now; no limits on where they can walk and who they can talk to. there are also many other great features in the upcoming game.

here's the main site : http://thesims3.ea.com/view/pages/home.jsp?languageCode=en

#2 Re: The Sims 3 on 2009-03-02, 12:37

Hey I remember this thread. Yep I'm a huge fan, of them.

I need the code for lots of money.


#3 Re: The Sims 3 on 2009-03-02, 13:51

yeah I posted it on the old site, but since its gone now (and the release date is coming up) I thought I'd post it again lol

yeahh I need that too once I get the game.

did the code in the Sims2 game for twins ever work for you? cause I tried it and it didn't work

the code is:


my friend told me it but I couldn't remember if it was typed in during pregnancy or while the sims are...ya know...doing it lmao

#4 Re: The Sims 3 on 2009-03-06, 09:12


It's such a goreous game.

#5 Re: The Sims 3 on 2009-05-30, 09:43

The sims is pretty good, it teaches you how to save money and live with various types of races, how to build a family and everything.


#6 Re: The Sims 3 on 2009-06-03, 22:16

The Sims, ahh gotta love them <3

I'm not sure if I'll get it or not, but it seems like loads of fun.

#7 Re: The Sims 3 on 2009-06-04, 21:31

just saw the commercial for it the other day haha looks awesome. will I get it? idk I want to but idk if I'll have time to play it... sadly lol

anyone planning on getting it??

#8 Re: The Sims 3 on 2010-01-12, 18:34

sims 3 expansion is very good and optimistic... i was using 2 codes in sims 2...

Motherlode (for money) with a little trick... i was writing Motherloder, then it was wrong and then i was press the up arrow and enter a lot of times... and the other cheat was Boolprops Testingcheatsenabled true in the "Create a sims" ... then you can do a lot of things with that like these:

put your cursor in the hygiene bar for example and then hold right click and move it right so your hygiene can full without do a bath... XD, you can put more clothes, hairs etc!!!

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