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Otaku Punishers

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#1 Otaku Punishers on 2009-02-22, 17:57

Bleeding Soul
Otaku Punishers

Chaper One
Don't Anger Lane

Tim had heard rummors of an interesting group deep into California that were supposed to have been performing unique rituals. Being as into the Occult as he was, Tim decided to pay for a plane ticket from the capital of Tennessee into the nearest town in the large state. By the time that he had arrived he had heard many new stories about the cult and how they burned books as a means to show that only one person should be educated. He hadn't realized that this would have included manga so he didn't think anything bad when he got strange looks from many of the people in the streets. He had almost given up on trying to find the location of the group when his copy of Love Hina was snatched from his hands by a man that looked scared. Being the Otaku that he is, Tim chased down the man with a muderous intent.

He finally found the man just as he was vanishing into a door in a dark alley and chases after him. But instead of finding the man with his manga, he found a group of people of various shapes and sizes dressed in blood red robes with their heads hidden by cloaks standing behind a large bonfire as a single man stood atop a stone platform yelling out as if preaching. Deciding to be cautious, Tim quickly hides behind one of the many black drapes and takes a closer look at the fire. What he saw horrified him beyond anything else in the world and activated his courage. He jumps out from behind the drapes and yells out to the people, "WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU BURN ALL THAT MANGA?!?!" The leader on the platform halts his sermon and just smiles to the young man of only seventeen. "You should be join us, my friend. Liberate your mind from this garbage that we are fed to keep us tame and contempt!" The man then climbs down as the simple human he is and looks to Tim. "What do you say, young man? Are you going to join or do we have to kill you for discovering our secret?"

Tim just smiles and bites hard onto this right thumb which draws a little bit of blood. He quickly runs through a series of hand seals that he learned from the anime and manga Naruto and says, "What do I say? I say," he slams the bloody hand onto the pavement and yels out, "SUMMONING JUTSU!!" Seals spread around his hand and emit a burst of black smoke. Many of the others in the area caugh from the sudden smokescreen but then blink in amazement as they realize that another young man has appeared.

The new person leans against the wall and crosses his arms as he looks to his friend Tim. "You needed me for something? You're gonna have to wait to borrow my copy of Burst Angel." Tim just shakes his head in the negative and points to the fire. "Look." Lane looks to the fire and notices several manga being burned by the amber flames. He pushes his glasses up the bridge of his nose and says, "Who's doing this, Tim?" Tim braces himself against the wall and points to the people draped in crimson robes. "They are the ones burning our manga." Lane's eyes turn pure red with rage as he lowers his arms and gets ready to charge. He feels his rage building and adds the power to his legs. He lets out a deafening scream and vanishes with pure speed alone.

In an instant a line of ten people suddenly errupt into a mass of blood and gore just seconds after Lane appears behind them. Tim jumps high into the air and pulls out a group of five trident shaped kunai and throws them into the crowd. He finally throws one to Lane and yells out, "Go Minato on their asses!" Lane just smiles as he uses the American named teleportation jutsu called Flying Thunder God and teleports between each kunai two times, each time slashing through two people. He finally appears infront of Tim who sticks two poles into the ground on either side of Lane. "Time to use your Limit Break, Lane!" Lane grips both poles and deatatches his jaw. The bone drops to the floor of his six feet frame and stretches his cheeks to form a miniature black hole in his mouth. Tim moves into the path of the forming vaccum and holds out a sutra that forms a barrier around him. The people try to run from the monster of sorts but quickly get pulled into the vaccum while Tim knocks away the children so that they may live. He finally catches the man that started the cult and says, "Oh no. You get a very special death." Lane then closes his mouth just in time to smother a small explosion.

"He's mine, Tim." Tim smiles as he tosses the man at Lane and decides just to watch. Lane grips the man's head and smiles maliciously. "Anyone that decides to fuck with anime and manga deserve to die." He then grips the man by the throat and squeezes with all of his might. The air passage closes and fuses together from the force to deny the man of air and covers the two in blood. Lane then grips the man's ears and swiftly rips them off. He finally puts his thumbs to the man's eyes and pushes them deep into the man's brain, killing him instantly. Lane finally drops the body onto the ground just as the doors burst open and several government officals storm in but stop when they see the carnage.

"What the hell happened here?!"

Lane just leans against the wall as Tim says, "They angered Lane. And they paid the price."

#2 Re: Otaku Punishers on 2009-02-22, 18:01

In an instant a line of ten people suddenly errupt into a mass of blood and gore just seconds after Lane appears behind them.

I liked that line, and I knew there would be blood in here somewhere. I liked the story. No era's or anything. Nice dude.


#3 Re: Otaku Punishers on 2009-02-22, 18:04


WOOO naruto!!

heheh ninja for life <333

love the description.

#4 Re: Otaku Punishers on 2009-02-26, 14:04

Bleeding Soul
Oh, just wait until the next two chapters. The next one, the entire group goes up against Satan himself. Now, off to type it up!

#5 Re: Otaku Punishers on 2009-02-26, 15:29

Bleeding Soul
Chapter Two
Who said Hell was bad?

On their way home after three days at the local anime convention, the large group of friends which consisted of Lane, Tim, James, Brandon, Andy and Randy, decided to do something that they haven't done if a long time. Lane could only smirk at the thought, seeing as how he never smiled, and expertly switched out the cd with a mix of random songs. He presses the skip forward button enough times and turns the volume to the maximum of fifty. The windows rattle from the bass until the group gets the idea to put them roll all of them down.

About ten minutes later Lane rolls up the power windows and secretly puts on the window lock. He tells the group that he got cold and continues to drive. Half a second later Tim, who is sitting in the middle of the back seat, makes a sour face and tells Brandon to roll his window down. As soon as the young man realizes that the window lock has been turned on, Lane couldn't help but burst into laughter at the sudden cries of pain and fear of death rings into his ears from the deadly gas that just escaped from his rear. He then rolls down all of the windows again after he calms himself down a little and changes the song onto "Barbie Girl" by the group known simply as Aqua. Everyone smiles as the vocals start up with normal talking but suddenly burst into song.

"Oh fuck yea!" exclaims Tim.

With that being taken as the cue, the entire group suddenly starts to head-bang to the old song. This does however come with something dire. Lane accidently slams his forehead onto the steering wheel and quickly loses control of the car going down the interstate. He tries his best to regain control over the vehicle that carries the lives of him and his friends but finds it impossible. As a result the group plow into the tank of a tanker truck carrying nothing but fuel. The resulting explosion incinerates the group and even sends surrounding cars flying in all directions.

After what felt like hours, Lane wakes up to find that the temperature is relatively higher than what he remembered. For the moment his eyes stung from something finding its way into them but relaxes when it slowly returns to him. Once it does he wishes that he had remained blind as the new area was not the interstate, but a cave of some sort that ran with fire as if it were water. Now officially panicked he looked around him but calmed once more when he noticed that every passenger in his vehicle were standing around him. He quickly takes the outstretched hand from Tim and asks where they are.

James steps forward and scratches his head before saying, "I'm pretty certain we died. This must be Hell."

Lane only blinks at what he was told but pops his neck and says, "Sounds fun."

At that moment a spiral of fire forms before them all and shows signs of shadows from within. Just as quickly as it appeared, the fire vanishes and reveals a man with blood red scales and white hair. He looks at the group of five that stand before him and smiles.

"Welcome to Hell boys! I've heard quite a bit about you. Now, what can I ge..." He pauses in mid-sentence and quickly counts the boys standing before him and says, "Okay, where's the last one? I've got an order for six souls but I only see five."

At that moment Lane walks up behind the man of red and says, "That could be a problem. I hope you don't get fired."

The rest of the group burst into laughter at the sight of Satan jumping from the sudden appearance of the sixth soul. The man yells at Lane to stand with the others so that he may explain the rules of Hell. Lane just shrugs and stands next to Tim as a yawn escapes his mouth.

"Think you could hurry this up? I've been wantin' to watch some of my hentai."

Satan glares at Lane but decides to ignore the comment for the time being and says, "There's only a few things to memorize. For starters, you will be eternally tortured by my demons. But to make things interesting, you may fight back with your own powers. But I promise that if you manage to get through all levels with your imagination, you won't be able to defeat me and you shall be my bitches."

The group look from one to the other as five get the same idea at once. Brandon steps forward and says, "How about we make this even more interesting? We give you one soul now and if we beat you, we get Hell."

Satan thinks about this for a bit and nods with a smile on his face. "Just give me the person now and it's a deal." With those words the group pushes Andy into the arms of Satan who vanishes in the same fire he appeared in. Several seconds later the screams of Andy ring out from the center of Hell for all to hear which send the group into extreme laughter.

Once the group finishes, they all stand in a line and put their hands behind their backs. Tim looks to the others and yells out, "Are you ready? It's Morphing Time!"

In a flash of light the group appear in perfect shape dressed in the exact same type of costumes as the first season of Power Rangers. Tim, the one dressed in green pulls out the the dagger on his hip and spins it around on his finger. "Okay, who's what color?"

After a bit of silence followed by some murmuring it appears that Tim is now the Green Ranger, Lane the Red Ranger, Brandon the Blue Ranger, Randy the Black Ranger and James as the Pink Ranger. Everyone stare at James but suddenly decide not to touch that subject again.

Lane stands before them and leans against a pillar and says, "Okay, where's the first demon? It might be a tough battle."

"Right here!" A loud squeaky voice calls to them from below and starts to dance around while laughing at the multiple colors. Lane just blinks at the sight and says, "Can I take care of this guy? I want to get rid of this quickly."

Everyone nods which gives the signal for Lane to flick the small demon into a pit of lava followed by squeaky screams.

"For Hell, that was pretty pathetic?" Everyone nods and walk off while destroying any and every demon that appears before them. It takes them five years to defeat every single demon in Hell and they are all rewarded with the final battle against Satan.

Once they get to the target, they notice Andy on the ground with a rather large pineapple shoved into his rear. Satan yawns when he sees the group but blinks when they all get rid of the costumes.

"So, you finally showed up. Good, I was getting bored of waiting. Now, shall we begin?"

Lane just smiles as the entire group closes their eyes at the same time and stand there, ready for an attack. Satan pops his knuckles and charges at the group but stops when Lane holds up his hand. "Hold it, dude! Who said that we would fight?! We're doin' things our own way!"

Satan sighs but waves his hand at the group to signal for them to start. Everyone just smile and hold out their arms as they each gain a Duel Disk much like the ones used Yugi and friends in the later episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh!. They then motion for Satan to have his own disk and even deck to appear which ended up containing all three of the Egyptian God Cards.

Over an hour later group stands victorious over the single round of the battle as Satan continuously had all of his summons foiled by some effect or another. Tim pats Lane on the shoulder to signify the next stage of the battle. The young man just smiles as he pulls out a can of Grizzly Straight tobacco from his back pocket and slides a single wad into his mouth. "Now, where should I start? Hmm, if I want to talk about anime, I should start with one of the most basic things that I know, the name of every Pokemon from Kanto and Johto."

Satan gulps as even he knows what that could spell out for him and tries his best to drown out every word that pours out of Lane's mouth. After what felt like a lifetime Lane smiles and says, "That's all I know about anime." He finally walks back to the group and leaves Satan speaking in the language of Mudkips thanks to a video lasting over nine minutes of two mudkips saying the same thing over and over.

An hour later Satan stands up and says to the group, "I need to use the bathroom. Be back in a bit." He quickly runs to the room behind him and doesn't even realize that one of the group was missing. He quickly closes the door just as Randy appears next to the group with a giant smile on his face while telling Lane to get ready.

Half a second later a booming sound erupts from the toilet and sends Satan running out with his pants around his ankles. Lane picks his target and charges at the man with the intent to kill. He stops suddenly and smiles as he kicks Satan in the shin with a pair of steel-toed boots. He quickly makes his way back to the group and turns to face Satan.

"Gah! Dammit! You kicked me in the shin! Why would you do that?! First you beat me mercilessly in that stupid card game and then that guy tells me everything he knew about anime followed by the cheery bomb in the toilet! Why would you do that?!"

Lane just smiles and says, "We actually went pretty easy on you. We all had the same cards, Tim's a bigger Otaku than I am and know more than me, we had some dynamite on hand too and the kick was just for fun."

Everyone burst out laughing as they give a verbal playback of what all had happened until Satan stands up and says, "I give up! I can't beat you! You can have Hell! I say fuck this shit! I'm going back to God!" With those words Satan vanishes where he stands leaving Hell under the control of the group of five. From that moment they each changed everything about Hell and turned it into a Utopia of Otaku.

#6 Re: Otaku Punishers on 2009-02-26, 16:38

Welcome to hell boys? Hmm very catchy.


#7 Re: Otaku Punishers on 2009-06-19, 00:21

Wait so did he die in the end, or did he just disappear from the story?. Still, good story.

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