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~ Art by Xen ~

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#26 Re: ~ Art by Xen ~ on 2009-10-25, 14:22

Wow, thats alot of shading Xen, i like the last one. Who is it?


#27 Re: ~ Art by Xen ~ on 2009-10-25, 14:31

Reiseün, wrote:Wow enjoying the first one a lot. I should make it into an avatar. Like the way you coloured it as well.

Oh please, go ahead! Would really love to see what an avatar would look like. C:
Thanks! <3

N@m!n3-Ång3| wrote:oh wow, that last one is really nice. lol, i think you have enough shading this time

Thank yews! :D YAYYYYY, I'm learning! 83

@Roxas wrote:Wow, thats alot of shading Xen, i like the last one. Who is it?

It's Yagami Light from Death Note ( you should really watch that anime, it's EPIC :o ). Thanks to you too!~


#28 Re: ~ Art by Xen ~ on 2009-10-31, 14:50

Very pretty, I like the colorig as well. Very talented.

#29 Re: ~ Art by Xen ~ on 2009-11-01, 08:54

Thankies. x3 I'm really glad you like my art~


#30 Re: ~ Art by Xen ~ on 2009-11-01, 09:44

Site Manager
@Xen wrote:I promised new art, and that you shall now get! :D

Axel and my friend's OC character. Really liked how the whole thing came out, though I pretty much rushed the cloaks and their coloring... :sweatdrop: (buthey, I finished this at 3am... Bear with me. xD)

So, enjoy~
Gah, I love this one so much, I want to keep it. haha droolyah

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#31 Re: ~ Art by Xen ~ on 2009-12-14, 23:40

cool art, i also saw you deviant art page it's cool. :)

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