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Secret Ending to BBS?

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#1 Secret Ending to BBS? on 2009-02-20, 18:23


So, how many people think there will be a secret ending at the end of BBS ala Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2? I personally doubt it, but still think it would cool. I know that KH3 has not been confirmed, but thats never stopped them in the past.

I'd make a poll, but I don't know how.

#2 Re: Secret Ending to BBS? on 2009-02-22, 08:52

I doubt it...
BBS takes place in the past, after all. So it would be strange if there was a secret ending about the future games.
We can just wait and see. :3

Hah, it would be pretty stupid, if BBS had a secret ending about KH1. xD


#3 Re: Secret Ending to BBS? on 2009-02-22, 20:20

KH3 won't be here in another 3 years. I agree with you on an extint.


#4 Re: Secret Ending to BBS? on 2009-02-26, 09:14

:arrgh: I agree with Xen. Just some flawless era's, but that might be true, if BBS happen that way.

#5 Re: Secret Ending to BBS? on 2009-02-28, 16:57

I don't think there would be. pretty pointless b/c BBS takes place before the other games. If there was a secret ending, wouldn't it be about the games that were already released? thats what I would think.

but ya know we could be wrong. there could be a secret ending about something that will happen to a future game (meaning a future game after the ones that have been released)

#6 Re: Secret Ending to BBS? on 2009-03-06, 09:19

If that's true, then I'll wait for it.

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