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Greatest disappointment in KH2?

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#1 Greatest disappointment in KH2? on 2009-02-18, 05:59

My greatest disapointment would either be the loss of the "platformer" element, or the world "Space Paranoids".

I mean, really? No tanks? No (forget what they're called. It's those weird-shaped floating things the MCP uses)? Not even Bit? And I had such high hopes for the Light Cycle....


#2 Re: Greatest disappointment in KH2? on 2009-02-18, 21:31

When all of ORGXIII fell to sora. That was just pitiful, really. It was sad. They should have jumped him all at once.


#3 Re: Greatest disappointment in KH2? on 2009-02-22, 04:19

Some of the Magic Spells missing, for example "Stop" and "Gravity".
Also, the lack of puzzles. If you think about KH1, there was lots of puzzles to solve, for example in Hollow Bastion. You had to open the secret entrance in the library, you had to find all the pieces to open the door to the lift stop, and get the Treasure chests down from the floating surfaces.

The ending was pretty expected and "lame".
And overall the game was a bit too easy.

But still, I like it more than KH1. :3


#4 Re: Greatest disappointment in KH2? on 2009-02-22, 14:09


Yes, the ending was horrible. I was expecting Sora to go through another adventure.

#5 Re: Greatest disappointment in KH2? on 2009-02-22, 14:22


The game was too easy, I was sad that i couldnt go in the castle of Hollow Bastio ( i love tha place).

Space paranoids just annoyed me full stop.Tron was one of the most irrating characters i have ever seen on any KH game.

#6 Re: Greatest disappointment in KH2? on 2009-02-22, 16:14

Bleeding Soul
Simple. The final fight against Xemnas. He was harder before the final fight.

I mean, when you're playin' with a controler that didn't register the main button most of the time at a low level with Oblivion equipped, somethin's wrong. And the fight with Sephiroth was easier! In the first I died in half a second. The second, I died after like 5 minutes. Pitiful.

#7 Re: Greatest disappointment in KH2? on 2009-02-22, 16:52

It was a challenging game in general, but not as challenging compared to the first game. I really liked KHII so I wasn't overall disappointed by it. just needed to be a little more challenging.

EDIT: hated Atlantica. that made me mad! lol

#8 Re: Greatest disappointment in KH2? on 2009-02-26, 17:03

My disappointment was having to quit playing as Roxas XD
But I knew it would come to that eventually lol.

Really, though, Atlantica *hated it* was disappointing.

#9 Re: Greatest disappointment in KH2? on 2009-08-30, 09:27

I think the final battle would be better if donald and goofy stay back and help someone else and Riku come to help you. But the battle must be more difficult than it is now! And i agree with stardust, Atlantica is the most idio world and boring

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