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Theory on Ven

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#1 Theory on Ven on 2009-02-17, 06:35

My first REAL thoery. It will be about Ven and Xehanort. Some people may think this is ridiculous.

Lets talk about the trailer. Where Ven and Xehanort meet at the Olympus Colliseum. "Seems that you're losing it, however, you havent lost it permanently. In order to obtain it, give up." Now, I say, that what Xehanort is talking about, that Ven is "losing" his Ability to wield a Keyblade. So, in order to Ven to obtain it is, the power of Darkness. That will explain a hell lot about the Dark Soldier, being Xehanorts "servant", Xehanort could use the power of Darkness on the Dark Soldier, thus allowing him to use the Keyblade (Like how Maleficent/Xehanort's Heartless gave Riku the power to wield an "artificial" Keyblade, and that... splendid armour. Dark Soldier and Riku's armour look pretty damn similiar, doesnt it?). Speaking about Ven's "artificial" Keyblade, it looks pretty awkward?

At the wasteland 2nd scene. Dark Soldier attacks Ven. This might sound ridiculous, but since Xehanort is the bad guy, I would say that Xehanort has now betrayed Ven, probably because he's the youngest, thus weak. "Those that submit to Darkness are not qualified to wield a Keyblade. Already, that man is a monster infused with Darkness. Use your power to defeat the darkness and correct my mistake!" Xehanort could be talking to Terra, obviously lying about "Submit to Darkness not qualified" crap, and telling him to "kill" or "erase" (Whatever) Ven, and correct his mistake about making Ven wield the Keyblade. But, Terra refuses because obviously, Ven is Terra's friend.

At the beach. Ven is with Aqua or Terra (I dont really care). "Erase me". He probably says this before he met Xehanort at Olympus Colliseum, when he is "losing" his Keyblade powers. He says this because he is pretty much worthless without a Keyblade. But, Aqua/Terra refuses, because, he is their friend. Simple as that.

Now, Terra refuses to "kill" Ven. So, they all meet up for teh epic battle "KH2:FM+ Secret Ending". I say Xehanort is not relying on Terra anymore, and is planning to "kill" Ven himself. He grabs him in the head, and as Terra runs up, the Dark Soldier already takes care of him. Now, watch this part carefully. Before he gets frozen, black flames come out. This is probably what made me start this theory. Xehanort is probably taking his Keyblade powers away (The power of Darkness), and then killing him. Unfortunatly, Xehanort didnt double check, and assume that Ven is dead by being frozen. When he falls, his "Keyblade" breaks. A Keyblade couldnt even break through rocks? Well, Ven lost his Keyblade Powers, so, yeah, the Keyblade breaks. I have no idea why Xehanort then created Kingdom Hearts. Sorry.

Lets return to the very start of the trailer. Terra and Ven are talking. Terra says that Ven rescued him once. I think that Ven rescued him, by sacrificing his Keyblade powers to save Terra? Not sure about that one.

Wasteland First Scene, Xehanort is talking to Terra. He says that he has been waiting for him. Waiting for him... to become a Keyblade Master? Well Terra did say he didnt care about Master, and he has a friend. He asks Xehanort what has he done to his heart. Well, infusing it with Darkness. This talk would have occured after Olympus Colliseum scene and Wasteland Second scene. Ignore waiting for him to become Keyblade Master. More like Waiting for him to kill Ven.

I think I covered up pretty much everything. Know someone will find a hole in it.


#2 Re: Theory on Ven on 2009-02-20, 18:06


#3 Re: Theory on Ven on 2009-02-22, 08:58

That wasn't very nice, ansemalltheway. x)
Anyway, I think that Keyblade Wielder's powers obtaining -thing is pretty far-fetched.


#4 Re: Theory on Ven on 2009-02-22, 14:27


Interesting theory. Looks like you've put alot of thought into this.

#5 Re: Theory on Ven on 2009-02-22, 14:37

ansemalltheway wrote:EPIC FAILED.

Hun, don't spam.

Sora obviously put a lot of work into this, and all you can say is epic fail?

Think about his feelings, don't instantly try and crush them.

If you think this theory was bad, explain WHY you think it was bad.

Actually, I have to say that this is a really good theory.

Maybe the best Ven theory yet.


#6 Re: Theory on Ven on 2009-02-22, 14:51


I agree, thanks Xaale.

Also the theory is nice, but the last is not what really happen. It's the reverse way/

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