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Riku's blindfold

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#1 Riku's blindfold on 2009-02-11, 06:03

There have been a lot of theories online but they all seem as failures mostly. After watchin some scenes of the game I got to think that Riku carryed the blindfold becouse otherwise he would release Ansem. that's why the King is suprised to see Ansem in the forest scene, becouse he was in the body of riku. You can see it pretty clearly after playing trough the Re: Chains of Memories game, KH2 and watching the revealed scenes on youtube or KHinsider. Not noticing this would be like not noticing a fat kid in a dark room with a neon sign above his head that would say I'm here(shhhh...)

#2 Re: Riku's blindfold on 2009-02-13, 21:39


The blindfold was to help Riku, because his eyes couldn't lie. So incase they were, he would but the blindfold on.

#3 Re: Riku's blindfold on 2009-02-17, 06:54

Yes also, he knew that it would protect riku as well, for the best.


#4 Re: Riku's blindfold on 2009-02-21, 18:26


I always wondered how he still managed to see things? Or am i completely missing the point of being blind folded?

#5 Re: Riku's blindfold on 2009-03-12, 19:07

The king was shocked because he didn't know who that was until riku put the blind fold over him after the fact.


#6 Re: Riku's blindfold on 2009-08-30, 09:35

I think blindness of Riku will be explained in KH 3...


#7 Re: Riku's blindfold on 2009-09-07, 20:25

Kairi_Star wrote:The blindfold was to help Riku, because his eyes couldn't lie. So incase they were, he would but the blindfold on.
also he used it for power that is why he turned into xehanort in final mixs because his eyes couldnt be disceived.

#8 Re: Riku's blindfold on 2009-09-07, 21:21

Riku was blind folded to hide his secret but the king found out so he's been living a secret for a while.

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