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Lingering Setiment?

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#1 Lingering Setiment? on 2009-02-05, 21:52

I know that the Lingering Setiment was not canon but what if it was actually an example of an unbirth? I'm not saying that the battle actually occurs in the KH's canon, but that the designers made the lingering setiment an unbirth as a hint. Because what the Lingering Setiment was created for was to give hints, so what if the LS was a hint itself to the unbirths?


#2 Re: Lingering Setiment? on 2009-02-15, 08:20

No, the Lingering Setiment are the ORG members that Sora defeated, and they came back as ghost or w/e. You can re fight them whenever. I don't think it has anything to do with Unbirths at all.


#3 Re: Lingering Setiment? on 2009-02-15, 10:16

Yeah you got it wrong missy. There ghost or previous battles that Sora fought.

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