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KH 358/2 Days Site Update

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#1 KH 358/2 Days Site Update on 2009-01-12, 17:26

If you didn't know,Square-enix has finally updated the new site called: KH 358/2 Days. So I will give a brief article on the following. Note, if you want to see the offical website click here. [URL="http://www.square-enix.co.jp/kingdom/days/"]KH 358/2 Days, click.[/URL]Also Nomura has covered the event's as the follow:

Secret Profile (KH2FM)

Xemnas: "A new you"

A boy with no memories seeks out a purpose
to why he was born.

Xemnas: "You are a new Person"

The Mysterious man appears infront of the boy, wishing
for a destiny.

Roxas: "A scatter Dream, who am I"

Roxas awakens inside his room in Twilight Town.
For the past few days, he's been having mysterious dreams.

Roxas spends his last days with Hayner, Pence and Olette in Twilight Town
on the Train.

Axel: "The wielder chosen by the Keyblade."

Axel, a member of Organization XIII,
appears before Roxas.
He approaches him,
incessantly trying to make Roxas remember something,
but he is unable to remember anything.

Roxas: "Am I feeling Sora...?"

As such things continue,
Roxas comes to have doubt about his own existence.

Roxas: "What will happen to me after this?"

And so Roxas is lead to arrive at the mansion,
where he would come to know the truth about his existence...

Axel Story:

Axel: "So... Are you already Marluxia's puppet?"


A member of Organization XIII,
Axel is the life of the Organization.
He often goes to Castle Oblivion,
a place controlled by the Organization.

There he comes to meet the Keyblade
wielder Sora and his fellow companions.

Axel: "If Sora disappears,
it could be dangerous for the Organization's plans too."

The plans of Marluxia,
the person in charge of Castle Oblivion,
were thwarted by Sora and (co.).

Axel alone returns from Castle Oblivion
to the other Organization members,
having harvested some kind of feelings from Sora.

Axel: "The wielder chosen by the Keyblade."


Axel left Organization XIII to recapture his close friend Roxas,
so he entered into the virtual Twilight Town and
urged Roxas to recall his memories.

Axel: "I'll meet you in the next life."
Roxas memories suddenly reappears while the short union died away.

Okay, as we all know, the site(KH 358/2 Days) has numerous amounts of
videos, that also explain these events.
In the near future Jump Festa of 09 is coming, and we are going to cover the deatils on the three KINGDOM HEARTS console.

  • Birth by Sleep
  • Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
  • Kingdom Hearts Coded


#2 Re: KH 358/2 Days Site Update on 2009-01-12, 20:16

I hope Nomura updates a little bit more on the scenes, there getting confusing. Also thanks again for the updates. lawlz


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