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2009 Square-Enix (Games)

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#1 2009 Square-Enix (Games) on 2009-01-11, 23:03

With us well into the 2009 we thought we’d spend some time reminding everyone about all the great titles scheduled for the rest of the year. This could possibly be one of the best years for Square Enix fans so read on for a full breakdown of the games to look out for.

Final Fantasy XIII (PS3 and Xbox 360)

First on our list has to be Final Fantasy XIII, a game belonging to one of the most popular RPG game franchises on the planet. Our personal opinion of the last FF offering (Final Fantasy XII) was not only a little dissapointing but the combat system was what can we say, “A Complete Mess”.

Despite Final Fantasy XII performing so averagely, it seems Final Fantasy XIII is going to be a big step forward both in terms of graphics and gameplay dynamics. It’s certainly the game to look out for in 2009 and with the creators of Kingdom Hearts also involved in the development process we’re hoping it’s going to offer something special for all of us fans.


#2 Re: 2009 Square-Enix (Games) on 2009-01-12, 16:57

Site Staff
Here are some facts on the game as well.

Command Stock: Players selection which action they'd like to from a cluster of five "Action" slots.
Cost: Each of these five actions has a number attached to it and denote the number of slots a particular action requires.
Enhanced ATB (Active Time Battle): This refers to the bar under Lightning's name (the one with "444"). Players can perform various actions before it is empty. Commands with higher "Cost" drain the ATB bar faster.
Symbol Encounter: Enemies appear on the game's map. There is no battle screen transition.
Chain & Bonus: Found at the screen's top right. "Chain" refers to the number of consecutive hits inflicted. It's not clear what "Bonus" refers to, but Famitsu thinks it's related to Final Fantasy VII's Limit Break.
Enemy HP: The HP and names of your foes are displayed — unlike previous games.

#3 Re: 2009 Square-Enix (Games) on 2009-01-12, 17:07

Cool, thanks for the update.


#4 Re: 2009 Square-Enix (Games) on 2009-01-12, 20:27

Very interesting Reisen, I never knew this about SE games, other than the fact than KH.


#5 Re: 2009 Square-Enix (Games) on 2009-01-12, 21:24

@Sora wrote:Cool, thanks for the update.
Yes, also I think this game might be at jump festa this year. I think we will have to wait and see some sneak previews.

RCX wrote:Very interesting Reisen, I never knew this about SE games, other than the fact than KH.
That's our Reisen. =]


#6 Re: 2009 Square-Enix (Games) on 2009-01-14, 16:48

I can't wait, unil it comes out. I think SE will be satified with everything.

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