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Naruto is coming to an end

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#1 Naruto is coming to an end on 2015-01-19, 10:26


Yes I'm sure most of you that watch the anime and manga (which is finally finished) is coming to an end very soon. crying;

Although it's ending there will be a spin off or a rereaction of the series featuring Naruto's new child, and what it appears to be Saruka and sasuke daughter. Anyone else have more info on this? I'm kinda abstract about it all really . D;

#2 Re: Naruto is coming to an end on 2015-01-20, 15:01

I feel bad, Naruto was my first manga. I began to read it about eight years ago, I went to Cybercafés every day till I reached the last chapter available on that moment. I waited 1 week till next chapter and that was painful, then I searched for another manga to fill the void between Naruto's chapters, so I met my new love, One Piece, the best manga I ever read. So without Naruto I wouldn't be reading One Piece today, and for that I will always be grateful with this manga.
Also I enjoyed this manga SO MUCH until the end of the Pain's arc. The quality dropped a lot, it was painful to read sometimes, but now that is finally ending I can't help feeling sad, I grew up with this manga, It was with me so many moments of my life (goods and bads), so it is like lose a part of me.
I won't predict the end, but I'm gonna say thanks for all the happiness you gave to me, thanks for helping me with my sadness many times. The beginning was beautiful, so I hope the same for the end.

Thanks Naruto, thanks Kishimoto, thanks Mangastream!

#3 Re: Naruto is coming to an end on 2015-01-23, 14:41

It was expected, but the fact that they keep adding fillers to delay the ending is supper annoying. I'm guessing it show be over by this november!

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