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Tai Yasue discuss future Development of Kingdom Hearts 3: More Coming in 2015

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http://i59.tinypic.com/2ykfbps.pngKH3#5a48814Gamer has recently conducted an interview with numerous of Japanese Game Developers on their future thoughts of 2014 consoles, gaming and more. Kingdom Hearts Co-Director Tai Yasue so happened to be one of these developers. Tai Yusue spoke little upon Kingdom Hearts 3, nothing prior or any hints about the game, but more in general media attractions. He also comments on the change to the Unreal Engine 4, stating that the team structure has been established and development is now moving forward.He also mentioned the new shader, the Kingdom Shader, that was talked about by Tetsuya Nomura back at E3 2013.

Tai Yasue (Square Enix Member)

Known for: Kingdom Hearts series

“Now that we’ve worked out Unreal Engine 4 as our development environment, as well as the general structure of the team and fresh new look for the game and its accompanying shader, development of Kingdom Hearts III is moving forward as we now focus on making things like new Attractions and Keyblade transformations. We’re hoping to be able to show our fans the fruits of these labors step by step during 2015, so stay on the lookout for more information!”

Source : GEMATSU

Phew, this is so stunning, can't wait for what they'll present us in 2015. :D
Hopefully, there'll be a new huge trailer, which reveals some things like new Transformations and Attractions.

"Step by step" - sounds like they are hopeful of the progress they will make this year ^^ I really hope we get at least something before E3 comes around...that 6 month wait from January can be torture.

@Balthier wrote:"Step by step" - sounds like they are hopeful of the progress they will make this year ^^ I really hope we get at least something before E3 comes around...that 6 month wait from January can be torture.

ugh tell me about it. I do hope Nomura does plan on announcing something at, atleast E3 next time.

Meh... I like that they are making progress but this is Square. They promised more info concerning XV in 2013 and they were radio-silent for a year. "Hope" doesn't help much. We'll see it when we see it.

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It's also the company that made up for last year's silence after E3 by releasing many trailers, gameplay videos, and development pictures, as well as interviews, promising two demos, and started English localisation. And this has been in the last 3-4 months.

What I'm hoping for is this same response with the development of Kingdom Hearts 3. I need Nomura to be more open in his interviews, I need someone to livestream every few months around the time of big events, and a demo to get fan feedback for development of the game wouldn't hurt (since it'd help us all understand how these Attraction summons work). I need the same Square that's been on a media blitz these last 4 months with FFXV to do the same with Kingdom Hearts 3.

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