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√ How did Kairi get to Destiny Islands?

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So I was randomly just thinking about KH, (like usual lol) and I remembered that it was said that Traverse Town is the world everyone gets transported to if they need refuge. Leon, Yuffie and Aerith all got there because their world got destroyed, along with Sora and some more characters later on. Shouldn't Kairi have gotten transported to TT as well when Radiant Garden fell to Darkness? That leads me to think someone rescued Kairi and dropped her off there somehow. Thoughts?

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Master Aqua casted a magic spell on Kairi back on BBS that would make the light inside Kairi leads to another light when being in trouble. That's why she went to Destiny Islands instead of Traverse Town.

Riku ended up in Hollow Bastion, emergency rescuing isn't an exact science.

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