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Is Days Really a Bad Game?

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Is Days Really a Bad Game?

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#1 Is Days Really a Bad Game? on 2013-04-03, 09:52

it was interesting getting some people's perspective on my first topic about Riku's Keyblade.

This time I want to take a look at 358/2 Days. This time the question I have is, is it really that bad a game? in terms of games in general, do people find it to be a bad game? or just in terms of KH games?

Yes the graphics aren't too good, and it has a repetitive nature to it, but I really liked it for the most part. Don't get me wrong, it's not nearly as good as most of the others, but it's not terrible. I said most of the games because compared to RE:Coded, it's completely brilliant. Half the time in that game it didn't feel like I was playing KH, the data and techno look to it made it really out of place. also unlike that game Days needs to be played to understand stuff. the only important parts of RE:coded were the end and secret video. This is more of an emotional journey, everything building up and all that happens to Roxas were what fueled him to leave and continue the series. had he not left we never know if Riku would have caught him, thus KH2 would have been completely different, as they still would have their key to obtaining as many hearts as possible. probably even double with Sora doing it at the same time.

I find it to be fun and interesting how the different keyblades change up the way Roxas attacks. The panel system is neat and really makes you think how to equip yourself, and only beat by to Chain of Memories, it's clever and very tough how it makes you equip yourself. although most "new" enemies are rehashed from previous games' enemies, there are a few new and cool looking ones such as the Ruler of the Sky.

It defiantly answered a lot of questions such as, "Why did Roxas leave the Organization in the first place?" and "Why was Axel surprised that Roxas took out 2 keyblades in his battle in KH2?" lol. I really liked how each world had alot of places to explore. Agrabah had the general 4 areas in the town, then the desert ruins and new areas of the Cave of wonders. And a big plus, it was a step forward with Neverland having actual land and outside Skull Rock

And I can't forget mission mode! that was a brilliant feature that the developers REALY used their heads on. They knew if there was going to be a game focusing on Roxas' time in the Organization, they would have to make them playable somehow. And it shows they ut effort into it. giving them all a number of weapons, and their own abilities and stats.

Plus I absolutely love Xion's end. That was one of, if not the deepest moment in KH so far. Roxas' closest friend, the first person "she" talked to, basically dies in his arms.

Overall it's not that bad of a game it has it's moments, they put alot of effort into it, and it's actually important to the series. I think it's a good game

#2 Re: Is Days Really a Bad Game? on 2013-04-07, 22:26

Site Manager
I have mixed feelings about Days... I like the game as a whole. Was it the strongest? Hell no. I thought Re: Coded was stronger story wise and that is sad. Days made me start to care a little about the characters just to take them away, or I already knew that X amount of the Org. was going to die, so the story meant nothing to me in a few ways. I also thought the game became incredibly unbalanced in quite a few of the challenge modes. I was good enough to beat the toughest monsters but my attacks hardly ever did anything or the bosses were so OP that I could never win. Other than that I thought it was decent. The story itself was good, just couldn't really let myself care about the characters I knew would not exist any longer. I also felt that playing as the rest of the organization members was incredibly unsatisfying. They were either too weak or too dang slow. Plus I didn't like the fighting mechanic in any of the hand held games to be honest. It never felt like the characters were hitting the heartless. In KH1 and 2 I realize they had way more to work with as far as game size but still it bothered me that it felt almost unfinished with the sound effects being great to lack luster and the combat was too flimsey

over all it was well, okay

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#3 Re: Is Days Really a Bad Game? on 2013-04-10, 04:50

I thought it was a great game, not to mention how everyone complained about not being able to play as roxas for alittle while longer than expected, it gave me a good feel to the game how days showed how nobodies had some type of feeling and the story behind roxas, axel and xion's friendship. Although the story plot was a bit confusing and short, still I don't think such nonsense and turn it out into being a bad game, some may like it, others may not.


#4 Re: Is Days Really a Bad Game? on 2013-04-10, 11:23

Site Staff
Some things, yes I would've changed about the game, but other than that like the others have spoken, it was fairly fine and well thought out. The story plot was good, could've been longer and in depth as far as how Roxas relationship was with the ORGANZATION XII.

#5 Re: Is Days Really a Bad Game? on 2013-05-02, 21:58

Lord Terra
Days was really a contridiction from what I thought it was actually or would be about. It turned out to be an ok game tbh, unlike coded which I hated the most, because the game was so short and the secret story was pretty much TAV, (nothing special) which really was a blower.

#6 Re: Is Days Really a Bad Game? on 2013-08-20, 22:31

Site Staff
I don't think it was bad, it did give us insight on how the other organization members treated Roxas and how saïx gave orders to eliminate traitors, so it had it's ups and downs.

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